#AllLivesMatter As Played Out on a Florida Street

A harrowing mini-drama featuring a diverse cast played out on a Polk County Florida street over the weekend.

A cop and an unarmed black man were seen scuffling in the street. Was a great injustice taking place? According to the media narrative, cops routinely target black males for beat-downs for no reason what-so-ever. This black man might have been fighting white oppression.

A black man, a Hispanic man and a white man come upon the scene. What do these passersby do in this situation? Whose side do they take?

Watch the exciting video to find out:

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatter #HispanicLivesMatter  #BlueLivesMatter #AsianLivesMatter #GayLivesMatter #StraightLivesMatter #TeachersLivesMatter #DisabledLivesMatter #SeniorLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

78% of Likely U.S. Voters say all lives matter. That includes 2/3 of all blacks. Only 11% prefer the term “black lives matter.” The same percentage of Americans (perhaps not coincidentally) believe that Communism is preferable to capitalism.

Now can the #BlackLivesMatter “movement” please slink off the public stage and into the dustbin of history where it belongs?

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