The Council Has Spoken!! Our Watcher’s Council Results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” – Charles de Montesquieu

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” – CS Lewis

“Supposition all our lives shall be stuck full of eyes; For treason is but trusted like the fox, Who, ne’er so tame, so cherished and locked up, Will have a wild trick of his ancestors.” -William Shakespeare

This week’s winning essay,Joshuapundit’s JoshuapunditThe Tale Of The Swine . It’s just a little fable – and a warning – I found very apropos given what we’re hearing from certain people these days. Here’s a slice:

Once there was a tribe of wild pigs who lived in a remote area of the woods.

As anyone who’s spent time around pigs will tell you, they are by no means the most unintelligent of animals, and these pigs had learned to adapt quite well to their circumstances. They had fashioned dens and had gradually learned to piece together a tribal law that allowed them to work as a group when necessary to ensure an adequate if not over generous food supply, care for their young and defend themselves against any natural predators. In their little corner of the woods, they were pretty much the dominant species, and were reasonably content.

One day, a pig named Andy went missing. The others searched for him throughout their part of the forest, but they were unable to find him no matter where they looked. Andy’s fate became a major topic of conversation among the pigs. It was totally unheard of for one of them to simply disappear like that.

The pigs didn’t quite keep track of time beyond the seasons, but still by their reckoning it was some time before, to their astonishment, Andy reappeared as the leaves were turning color.

The pigs were ecstatic to see their lost tribe member returned to them..and even better, in what appeared to be rip roaring good health.

Most of the wild pigs tended to lose some weight as the weather started to turn colder and food became scarce and harder to find, but Andy was sleek, fat and obviously had been living, if you’ll pardon the expression, high on the hog. His bristles and hooves were clean, his eyes shone brightly and he was as happy as a pig in – well, you know. And much to the other pig’s surprise, he had a pretty red collar around his neck, something none of them had ever seen before.

“Wherever have you been Andy?” the other pigs asked. “We looked everywhere for you.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to tell you”, said Andy. “I’ve discovered something wonderful.”

“You know, I was chasing down some berries I smelt over by the oak trees over by our eastern border, you know the place. Well I ended up going a little past our bounds and what bad luck! I wasn’t paying attention and got my left rear trotter lodged in a tree root.”

“I tried and tried, but I couldn’t get free and I thought I might die there. But then the most marvelous thing happened. A man heard my squealing, came through the underbrush and set me free.”

Now, the pigs had heard of men before, but only in their pig legends that dated long before they had moved to their present remote home. Some pigs wondered if they even existed. And now, here was Andy telling them he’d actually seen one!

“I was still injured, so the man took me back with him to an amazing place called a Farm. I couldn’t believe what I saw there. There are fields loaded with food and grain, and all kinds of different animals living there in peace and plenty. I lived in a large, warm den called a barn, with straw for my bed and the very best of food.No sleeping out of doors for this pig! And do you know what I had this morning? Apples! And corn mash! You can’t believe how good it tastes compared to the berries, roots and acorns we live on here – and free, every day, without me having to go out and find it.”

“The man – I call him my Dear Farmer – gave me this red collar and made me his pet. He knew I came from a tribe of wild pigs in the area somewhere, and I overheard him say to one of the other men that he was going to let me go near where he found me to see if I would be able to lead him to the other pigs. He wants us all to come live there on the Farm, can you believe it?”

Needless to say, the other pigs were astounded. And as they began discussing this on their own, various differences emerged between them on what they should do.

More at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was the one and only Sarah Palin with What The President Didn’t See From Alaska submitted by Joshuapundit. The governor hasn’t lost her touch in the least, and reading this will make you reflect how different the state of America and the world would be right now if she were in the Oval Office instead of the creature whom now inhabits it.

Here are this week’s full results:

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Remembering 9/11


Nature’s tribute to 9/11

As Obama continues in his effort to turn 9/11 into a “Day of Service,” most of us mark the day by remembering.

An amateur video was posted in 2010 by a New Yorker who watched the horror unfold from a building across town. It begins shortly after the first plane hit and finishes after the first building comes down.

At the beginning, the stunned voices in the video are pretty sure it’s impossible to bring the buildings down. “They’re too tall,” one guy says. After the second plane hit, their speculations about terrorism turned to horrified certainty.

“Ohhhhhh!!! That’s terrorists, bro!”

Americans all across the nation were simultaneously coming to same sickening conclusion.

My own memory of September 11, 2001 as events unfolded – as the mother of 5 kids ages 1 – 11 living in a suburb of Kansas City, Mo:

I was in the dining room making bead bracelets with my 3 and 6 year old girls when my husband flew up the stairs from his office.

“Something’s happening!” he exclaimed as he clicked on the small black and white TV we had sitting on our kitchen counter at the time. Every channel had an image of the first tower burning and stunned news hosts speculating about what happened, describing the rescue efforts, etc. We watched 9/11 unfold on a tiny TV like this one:

old tv3

We were too mesmerized by the images we were seeing on the screen to move to the bedroom or upstairs where we had bigger color TVs.

You know the rest. Another plane hit the other tower removing all doubts about whether it was an accident or terrorist attack.Then came the sickening footage of people jumping from windows. I remember the news hosts talking about how many people worked in the buildings – a horrific number like 50,000. When the first tower came down, it was all I could think about – all those people! Then the second building came down and I buried my face in my hands. Can this really be happening?

Then came word of another plane hitting the Pentagon.

America was under attack. At this point my husband and I were wondering if we should take our other two kids out of school. That’s what our next door neighbor did. We decided not to panic and left our kids in school.

When I heard about the plane that when down in Pennsylvania, I knew without being told that the passengers had fought back. Somehow they had heard what had happened to the other planes, and they weren’t going to let themselves be turned into a giant missile. That was one of few positive (albeit grim) notes from the day. The other positives were the countless stories of heroism in New York City, “America’s Mayor” Giuliani, and the fact that (almost) all Americans were united at least temporarily.

My 11 year old son, Matthew, wrote a letter to President Bush following his address to the Joint Session of Congress on 9/20/2001. My husband, Matt and I had sat on the edge of the bed watching the address live on the TV in our bedroom.

He wrote that he was proud of Mr. Bush and glad he was our president during this trying time. I only know this because I steamed open the letter after it had been sealed so I could see what he wrote, and then resealed it before mailing it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The secret service probably never let the president open the tampered with letter.


The Guardian: 9/11 in Numbers: 

Year the World Trade Centre was built: 1970

Number of companies housed in the WTC: 430

Number working in World Trade Centre on average working day prior to 11 September: 50,000

Average number of daily visitors: 140,000

Number killed in attack on New York, in the Twin Towers and in aircraft that crashed into them: 2,823

Distance, in miles, from which the burning towers were visible: 20

Maximum heat of fires, in degrees fahrenheit, at World Trade Center site: 2,300

Number of days underground fires at World Trade Centre continued to burn: 69

Number of days that workers dug up debris at Ground Zero, searching for body parts: 230

Number of body parts collected: 19,500

Number of bodies discovered intact: 291

Number of victims identified by New York medical examiner: 1,102

Number of death certificates issued without a body at request of victims’ families:1,616

Number of people still classified as missing from the World Trade Centre that day:105


A reminder of what it was like when we had a president who loved America:


Pamela Geller has been keeping tabs on all the threats out there for 9/11/2015:

LOOK at these 9/11 Muslim Threats on Social Media

I have been posting an unceasing string of threats and warnings by many Muslims on Twitter in the past month alone. The only thing more terrifying is that those of us who call attention to this savagery are the “haters” and the “bigots,” but the ideology behind this carnage and oppression is revered and respected.

One credible threat was thwarted: Florida ‘online troll’ charged in alleged plot to bomb 9/11 memorial event in Kansas City:

A Florida man described as an “online troll” who posted as an ISIS supporter living in Australia was arrested Thursday and accused of trying to plan a bomb attack on a Sept. 11 memorial event in Kansas City this weekend.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said that Joshua Ryne Goldberg, 20, was arrested and charged with distributing information relating to explosives, destructive devices and weapons of mass destruction. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

A criminal complaint says Goldberg, of Orange Park, about 15 miles south of Jacksonville, began communicating online with an FBI informant in July and gave that person information on how to build a bomb with a pressure cooker, nails and rat poison. Instructions on how to build such devices have been widely publicized by Islamic terror groups, including Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s digital magazine “Inspire,” which released its most recent issue this week.

And here, via my friend Glen Shulfer, is a tribute he wrote for the victims of the 9/11/2012 terror attack, (and Fast and Furious): Requiem for Benghazi ~ by Glen Shulfer:


Andrea Peyser, New York Post: America is being bullied into sympathizing with 9/11 attackers:

In the days and weeks following Sept. 11, 2001, we were a nation united in agony. We bore a common resolve to defeat the forces of evil that hit us, and hit us hard. “Never again!’’ we cried in unison. I remember walking down a New York City street, debris still swirling in the air from the destroyed World Trade Center, and seeing women and even men hugging heroic cops, firefighters and other first responders.

Now, one is just as likely to see a man or woman in uniform spit upon or cursed at by the very people whose lives they protect every day.

We have transformed into a fractured society, paralyzed by leftist propaganda and lock-step political correctness. Many Americans, from those studying on university campuses to a baseball analyst for ESPN, are being bullied into submission or brainwashed into believing that our enemies are nothing more than misunderstood souls, justified in mass slaughter because of this nation’s imperialist policies.

And this disgraceful display makes me sick.

Who can forget this “disgraceful display” in Oakland, CA on  9/12/2001.

Yes, that’s Van Jones at the end who would go on to work in the Obama administration as his “Green Czar” less than 10 years later.

“It’s the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders.”
– “We’ve got something stronger than bombs, we have solidarity. That dream of revolutionary change is stronger than bombs.”

If you’re wondering how we could have “fundamentally transformed” into a fractured society, paralyzed by leftist propaganda,” in less than 15 years after such a profoundly transformative event, look no further than the community organizer who currently pollutes our White House.

It makes me sick, too.