Judge Jeanine: Hillary Has A Lot To Be Crying About (Video)

In her opening statement, Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro expounded on Hillary Clinton’s latest schizophrenic  deceptions over her improper and illegal use of a private email server to conduct business as Secretary of State, including insecure transmission of classified material.

“You’re now under federal investigation by probably one of the sophisticated, experienced, honorable Directors of the FBI in American history, Jim Comey,” Pirro said – as if speaking directly to Hillary.

This was one of Pirro’s best opening statements in awhile. She closed it by mocking Clinton’s pathetic ploy to appear softer and more sympathetic to voters by shedding tears in a recent interview.

“Hey Hillary. This is just you and me talking, here. I know you’re sad. But Hillary – you got a lot to be crying about.”

Pirro had on a an unintentionally hilarious liberal talk show host named Coco Soodek to shill for Hill. The Clinton camp got their money’s worth, Saturday night, because good ol’ Coco really delivered for the team.

There were fireworks right off the bat when Coco chastised Pirro for calling Hillary, Hillary. She is MADAM SECRETARY, dammit. “The fact that you talk about her like she’s some crazed, self-involved dilettante is just insulting…this woman has given THIRTY YEARS of her life!!!” Coco bellowed.


It got even funnier from there. Coco looked and sounded like everyone’s most uncharitable stereotype of what a crazed, liberal feminazi looks and sounds like.

Ann Coulter was on next to respond as only Ann Coulter can.


MORE bad news for Hillary. Contrary to previous reports, her email server apparently wasn’t “wiped clean”. Meaning all those yoga class emails etc (emphasis on etc) are going to soon be in the public domain.

Washington Examiner: Tech company: Clinton ‘server wasn’t wiped’

Platte River Networks, the company that managed Hillary Clinton’s private email server, says the server “wasn’t wiped,” making tens of thousands of deleted emails potentially recoverable, reported the Washington Post.

“Platte River has no knowledge of the server being wiped,” company spokesman Andy Boian said. “All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped.”

While a Clinton campaign spokesperson declined to comment on this to the Post, Clinton’s campaign has repeatedly refused to answer whether the server was wiped. The candidate herself made a joke of the issue when asked by a reporter about it in Las Vegas last month. “Like what, with a cloth?” Clinton asked. “I don’t know how it works digitally at all.”

2 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: Hillary Has A Lot To Be Crying About (Video)

  1. I was waiting for the Judge to ask the hack Coco, why Hillary never complied with the Congressional subpoena and turn over the server or worse yet “wipe” it {and I’m not talking about with a cloth}.

    Everyone will recognize that the crisis has hit DEFCON 5, when they play the “Bubba Card”. It will be the sure sign of desperation. She’s already resorted to the “crying jig”, which took her much longer the last time.

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