Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama’s Half-Baked Syrian Strategy

Fox News: Peters: Putin is Humiliating Obama, He Wants to Humiliate the U.S. & Our Military:

Peters says there’s a very real possibility that Putin could have one of our planes shot down, and Obama would do nothing in response.

Fox News Special Report: Is Obama giving up on America’s influence in the Mideast?

WFB: Flashback: Rubio proves prescient on Russia and Syria at CNN debate:

WFB: Trump Booed for Calling Marco Rubio a ‘Clown’:

Obama:  Russia facing a ‘quogmire’ in Syria:

We can add quagmire to the list of words (like Pock-ee-ston, Tolly-bon) Obama insists on mispronouncing because he thinks it makes him sound sophisticated.

His whole presidency has been a quogmire.

Daily Express: Calais gripped by chaos as FIVE HUNDRED migrants make two violent bids to reach Britain:

Migrants swarm lorry as they try to enter Channel Tunnel:

Pat Condell: The Invasion of Europe:

PJ Media, Trifecta: Even Steven Spielberg Couldn’t Make Hillary More Likable!

PJ Media: Father of Shooting Victim Confirms: Oregon Gunman Targeted Christians:

Colin Flaherty: Another Dead Cop. Another Black Person Pulls the Trigger. In South Carolina:

Daily Caller: Woman blinds herself she wanted to be disabled:

She has “identified” as a blind person since she was six years old. Finally she found a “sympathetic psychologist” who agreed to pour drain cleaner in her eyes.

“I really feel this is the way I was supposed to be born, that I should have been blind from birth,” she told Barcroft.

I suppose you need a palette cleanser after that, so here are some puppies playing in the leaves:

Henry V – Speech – Eve of Saint Crispin’s Day: