Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama’s “Kindergarten Version of Warfare”


Fox News Insider: Ralph Peters: The time for a no-fly zone in Syria has come and gone:

Peters said it’s now too late to declare a no-fly zone over Syria, unless the United States is prepared for a violent confrontation with Russia.

He said the U.S. military could “sweep the Russians out of the skies” if they were allowed by Obama, but at this point, the administration “has blown it.”

“Putin would immediately militarily challenge [a no-fly zone] and then we either have such strict rules of engagement that we lose aircraft or Obama simply backs down preemptively. I’m not advocating a military confrontation with Russia. … Putin is well on the way to enforcing his will,” said Peters.

He said that Obama’s airstrikes against ISIS made some difference, but likened them to a “kindergarten version of warfare where everyone gets a prize.”

“For Obama ‘win’ is a dirty word. For Putin, it’s all or nothing, there’s no compromise. There’s no ‘every child gets a prize.’ There’s a winner and there’s a loser.”

Peters noted that long ago, Obama was a community organizer and those communities in Chicago are a “mess right now.” He said Obama has tried to “organize the international community” with similarly bad results.

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