Saturday Movie Matinee: Black Violence In Schools

It’s a huge problem:

Colin Flaherty: Black violence in schools. More and more and more and more.

Colin Flaherty: Black violence in schools. Even unions cannot ignore it any more:

Colin Flaherty: New one on me: Black violence in schools turns over new leaf:

Colin FlahertyBlack violence Under Reported in Schools. Thus, it does not exist:

Colin Flaherty: Black mob violence in school. This time Fitchburg, aka Madison. Issues?

Asian students sick of being attacked by racist black teens:

Black on White Violence in School:

Language warning:

Student Slams Principal to The Ground in Massive Brawl at Florin High School – California:

Students Fight Cops! [4 Officers Injured]

Now watch this video – which is the only one the media seems interested in –

A student resource officer was asked to remove a defiant, non-compliant girl who was caught using her cell phone during class.  She had already been asked to leave by the teacher and an administrator, and refused.

A longer video shows Fields asking the student if she’ll leave, she refuses, he reaches down and says, “I’m going to get you up,” she appears to resist, then the officer escalates his use of force:

The problem there, wasn’t the officer.

Colin Flaherty: Black Bullies Kill White Autistic Kid: Special comments from Marlin Newburn:

See also: 

USA Today: Students walk out to support fired S.C. deputy:

The students walked out of classes at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C., around 10 a.m. and gathered in the atrium to express their views on the firing of Deputy Ben Fields.

Some in the crowd — which included both black and white students — wore T-shirts reading “Free Fields” or “#BringBackFields.”

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The Wall Street Journal excerpts a speech by FBI Director James B. Comey: “ Something deeply disturbing is happening all across America

Megyn Kelly: White House Breaks With FBI’s Comey Over Remarks On Crime Spikes, Policing:

And now, something uplifting:

CBS: Marlins Man: Who is that guy always behind home plate?