Saturday Movie Matinee: The Media Attempts to Take Down Ben Carson

The following video will be enraging to those of us who watched 2008 go by without an adequate vetting of Barack Hussein Obama. So much low hanging fruit – his commie grandparents, Frank Marshall Davis, the Marxist club at Occidental,  his drug use, Socialist conferences at Columbia, his close friendship with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, his Islamist friends and sympathies – etc, etc, etc….

They talked about Rev. Wright for about three weeks and dropped it like a lead balloon after Obama gave a “brilliant” (actually an aggravatingly dumb and pretentious) speech on race.

They refused to look into his friendship with Ayers. Refused to investigate any of the disturbing rumors coming out of Chicago – rumors that I suspect will become common knowledge after Obama leaves office and someone decides to write a tell-all.

Instead we’re focusing on whether or not someone from West Point offered Ben Carson a scholarship 50 years ago. This is the “scandal” the media gets exited about.

My God.

OAN: Ben Carson Press Conference:

Hugh Hewitt Talking Media Bias With Don Lemon On CNN Tonight:

Wherein Hewitt says Carson won the day.

Why this is happening:

PJ Media: Dr. Ben Carson Leading GOP Polls:


David French, NRO: Sorry, Media, You Won’t
Destroy Ben Carson

Susan Goldberg, PJ Media: Dr. Ben Carson Is a Prophet. Are We Listening?

Michael Van Der Galien, PJ Media: Conservatives Need to Rally Around Ben Carson

Bill Whittle, PJTV Afterburner: The Game Changer: Ted Cruz Demolished the Mainstream Media!

Speaking of things the media should be questioning…

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The Daily Mail: The moment Yale students encircled and shouted down professor who told them to just ‘look away’ if they were offended by Halloween costumes:

This video shows the moment dozens of students encircled a Yale University official and screamed at him for sending an email telling them to ignore people dressed in offensive Halloween costumes.

Nicholas Christakis, the master of Silliman College at Yale, was surrounded after telling students to allow others to exercise free speech by wearing what they wanted on Halloween.

He was shouted down on Thursday as he tried to explain why he believed students should be able to wear what they want, with one young woman yelling at him and telling him to ‘shut the f*** up’.

Black on White Murder in SmallTown USA: Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Random?

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