Project Veritas Catches MD Dep Atty Gen Acting Like A Sleeze and Giving Away State Secrets

I’m not usually interested in the sex lives of public figures, and tend to demur when these types of stories pop up – but  the sickening left-wing pig-pile on pro-lifers and gun rights advocates in the wake of the Planned Parenthood shooting has left me not feeling very charitable.

So if Maryland’s married Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignargian doesn’t like having his dirty laundry spread around by me, he can thank Governor Hickenlooper,  CBS, NBC, and ABC, and all the other disgraceful Democrats who have jumped on this vicious pro-abort propaganda bandwagon.

Via Project Veritas:

An undercover female journalist from Project Veritas recently attended a national conference for state attorney generals in New York City. While there, she met Maryland Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah, who attempted to lure the journalist to his hotel room. Vignargian, who is married, proceeded to disclose confidential information to the journalist, presumably in order to impress her.

 The confidential information he disclosed has implications in a major Environmental Protection Agency case which has at least 44 states involved in the complex issue. This case “will determine the fate of President Obama’s signature climate change policy,” according to E & E News.

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