Video: Egyptian TV host Goes On Epic Anti-Obama Rant

It is safe to say Egyptian TV host Ahmed Moussa is not a fan of Barack Obama.

In response to the December 2 San Bernardino terror attack, Moussa said that he suspected that Obama was “connected to the terrorists who carried out the attack,” and added: “They should take Obama and stick him on an impalement rod. This is what they would do in a respectful country.” Moussa’s rant aired on the Egyptian Sada Al-Balad TV channel on December 5.

Via Memri TV:

Muslims throughout the Middle East, but especially Iraq and Syria –  blame Obama for the rise of ISIS.

Egyptians have a special disdain for this president because of that – and because of his administration’s support for the reviled Muslim Brotherhood, which they threw out on their asses in June of 2013.

Obama’s ambassador to Egypt, Ann Patterson was especially reviled for her support for ousted terrorists.

annpatterson-egypt.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.j3ejQsLUh_ (1)

If one follows the Egyptian media, however, one discovers that the reasons Egyptians dislike Patterson are many and unambiguous.

Last week, for example, El Fagr reported that, during their most recent phone conversation, Patterson demanded that Egypt’s recently appointed Supreme Commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces, General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, release all Muslim Brotherhood members currently being held for questioning: “And when Sisi rejected this order, the American ambassador began threatening him that Egypt will turn into another Syria and live through a civil war, to which Sisi responded violently: ‘Neither you nor your country can overcome Egypt and its people.'”

Earlier, Patterson was reported as “trying to communicate with General Sisi, demanding dialogue with the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, and concessions to them,” to which Sisi reportedly retorted: “Stop meddling in our affairs… the Egyptian people are capable of looking after their own welfare.”

These are just the latest samplings from Egypt concerning the ambassador’s attempts to reinstate the Brotherhood to power. The day before the fundamentalist Salafi “Nour” party withdrew from negotiations with Egypt’s interim government, Al Nahar reported that Patterson had “incited them [the Salafi Nour Party] to tamper with the political scene and the road map and to threaten to withdraw from political participation if Dr. Muhammad Baradei becomes elected as Prime Minister…”

There is also widespread belief that Patterson’s “meddling” in Egypt’s affairs is not limited to General Sisi and the Egyptian media. Several of Egypt’s revolutionary forces, including Tamarod, which played a pivotal role in the June 2013 revolution, are preparing to stage aprotest in front of the U.S. embassy in Cairo “calling for the ejection of ambassador Anne Patterson.”

Naturally, Obama was so pleased with her work in Egypt, she was promoted to be the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

3 thoughts on “Video: Egyptian TV host Goes On Epic Anti-Obama Rant

  1. ISIS Military Leadership, US Trained

    Army Lt. General William Jerry Boykin (Retired) claims that folks with at least sympathies towards the Muslim Brotherhood now hold top security clearances.

    Boykin says that Republicans should have listened to Rep. Michele Bachmann who correctly claimed that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    General Boykin further says that politicians on both sides of the aisle are scared to investigate because they fear being branded as “intolerant. The result, continued infiltration by radical Islam.

    General Boykin was one of the original members of the Army’s Delta Force and later served as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, says that people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood now hold important positions:

    “… in every major federal agency.”

    Intelligence Official on ISIS:

    ‘If the Public Knew the Truth, Obama Would be Impeached’


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