Oikan Ayns Bethlehem

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here’s the O’Reilly Consort’s gorgeous and inimitable version of the She is singing in Manx Gaelic hymn Oikan Ayns Bethlehem:

Lyrics in both Gaelic and English:


Nish lhisagh shin yn feailley shoh
Y reayll lesh creeaghyn glen
Ayns cooinaghtyn jeh Yeesey Chreest
Oikan ayns Bethlehem

Daag Eh cooyrtn sollys E Ayr
Goaill er yn dooghys ain
Ruggit jeh Moidyn ghlen gyn chron
Oikan ayns Bethlehem

Eisht ainleyn Niau ren boggey ghoaill
Haink lesh ny naightyn hooin
Ginsh jeh Saualtagh ruggiy jiu
Oikan ayns Bethlehem

Nagh mooar yn insblid as y ghraih
V’ayns Yeesey Chreest yn Eayn
Tra ghow Eh er cummey Harvaant
Oikan ayns Bethlehem

Ard gloyr da Jee ‘syn yrjid heose
Ta reill ayns maynrys beayn
Aigney mie Yee nish soilhit dooin
Oikan ayns Bethlehem


Now ought we this festival

To keep with pure hearts
In memory of Jesus Christ
An infant in Bethlehem

He left the bright Courts of His Father
Taking on our human form
Born of the pure Virgin
An infant in Bethlehem

Then the angels of Heaven rejoiced
And came to us with the tidings
Telling of the Saviour born today
An infant in Bethlehem

How great the humility and the love
Which was in Jesus Christ the Lamb
When He took the form of His Servant
An infant in Bethlehem

Great glory to God in the highest
Who rules in eternal happiness
The mind of God is now made clear to us
An infant in Bethlehem




7 thoughts on “Oikan Ayns Bethlehem

  1. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, ND, and thank you for the wonderful year-round present of your blog. May the coming year be the best of your life.

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  2. With any luck, the following scenario will play out:

    The Repubs vote for their nominee and get him/her on the first ballot w/o a bloodbath. The nominee gets the rest of the nominees to rally ’round, and even the RNC decides to support him/her.

    Meanwhile, Hillarious is coronated at the donkey national convention, and starts a vicious campaign against the Repub.

    Suddenly, Mr. Comey’s report is finished, but the current administration refuses to release it. Then, on schedule, chunks of it are surrepticiously released to the public. Seeing the writing on the wall (and wanting the public to see him in the best possible light for his legacy), Zero not only releases the full report but also orders Lynch to indict Hillarious. This should happen in early October. The jackass DNC, in panic mode, withdraws Hillarious as the nominee and offers Bernie in her stead as the donkey nominee. (Zero’s action, BTW, is also payback for Hillarious’ various activities to undercut both Zero’s first run for the presidency, her stint as SoS and her deviations from supporting many of his final-year executive orders.)

    With only a month to mount a socialist campaign, not only is the DNC crushed but veto-proof majorities in both houses of Congress are gained, mostly with solid TEA-partiers, so Chucky Cheesy can’t stop legislation on a whim and a pout, and the new president has to toe the conservative line.

    No, that won’t stop weasels like Mitch from trying to continue politics as usual, but it would certainly give him, Ryan, and all the rest the RINOs pause to consider where the Republican party is headed. As a side benefit, it would be at least another twenty years before the Repub establshment thought they could trample on us little people.

    I can dream, can’t I?


  3. Carlos, first off it is gratifying to find someone who refers to Barack Obama in my preferred parlance: Zero. Beyond that, if one is going to dream, they might as well dream big, I say.

    Nicedeb, thanks for your blog-work, and I hope 2016 is good to you. BTW, the site is gorgeous.

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  4. @Maypo: Yes, I agree, dreaming big is a wonder. If I were to dream really big, I would dream the Second Coming. Then it wouldn’t matter what all the liars, thieves and scoundrels in DC (or anywhere else) did ’cause I’d be home.

    But ’til then, it’s our duty as Christians, and Americans, to preserve this wonderful experiment and do everything possible to exault the freedoms we have. The latest edition of “Imprimus” from Hillsdale has a great take on property rights that should be read by every citizen. Meantime, keep up the good fight against he who who destroy everything this country has brought about, taking it down to his name: Zero.


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