Heroes of Benghazi: “13 hours. Nobody comes”

On the Kelly File Monday night, Megyn Kelly spoke to three of the heroes who saved dozens of Americans during the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead.

Via Fox News Insider:

In a powerful “Kelly File” exclusive, Mark “Oz” Geist, Kris “Tanto” Paronto and John “Tig” Tiegen reflected on the 2012 attack and reacted to Michael Bay’s much-anticipated film.

Paronto said that the movie left him drained, because it brought him right back to the besieged American diplomatic compound and nearby CIA annex.

“It was a part of me that I relived on the screen, and I realized how much I’d been missing,” Paronto said. “It’s amazing being with your brothers and fighting … being there and being with them and having the faith that you’re going to defeat all the obstacles.”

Tiegen told Megyn that he was surprised during the attack that they were given a “stand-down” order and offered no help, even after Amb. Chris Stevens had been missing for hours.

“13 hours. Nobody comes. That’s the big deal,” Tanto added.

Megyn noted that Hillary Clinton and the White House have relied on Congressional investigations that concluded there was no “stand-down” order given at the annex.

Paronto said it’s “just silly” and Tiegen pointed out that investigators believed everything else the men testified about.



 13 Hours, The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi premieres January 15.

You can support the Tanto’s Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation here.



13 thoughts on “Heroes of Benghazi: “13 hours. Nobody comes”

  1. Of course there was no “stand-down” order! Those who control media content can create whatever scenario they prefer for any situation, and this situation calls for naming those willing to fight as “liars.”

    Strange, though, that two years afterwards it is disclosed (on a Friday night “dump” I believe) that military help could have, in fact, been sent in. The story all along was that no military was available to get to Benghazi in time, and now they discover that it was?

    Is it any wonder nearly 70% of the voting public doesn’t trust the Obama architect of foreign policy? What does that say aboult the other 30% who will take at face value the words of a congenital liar?

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  2. I saw the interview last night and you could see how the replay and the discussion of the situation affected Tanto, he was close to completely losing it. The story about “having no body available to send”, has always been Boolchit. We have Special Forces readily available and deployable anywhere in the world.

    Joe DeGenova was on Laura Ingraham’s show this morning. He expects a announcement of a indictment against Hillary within the next 60 days. According to Joe, there are investigators from the FBI and Intelligence Agencies ready to go to the wall and push this to the end and demand a prosecution with the Attorney General. He also stated that documents were recovered from the infamous hard drive. He said the evidence of the compromise of classified material is overwhelming.

    Call me delusional, but I believe there are just too many holes to plug on this and Lynch isn’t going to have too many options here. Grab the popcorn and some refreshments, this should get real interesting, soon!

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  7. This could be the chosen path of “The One” in destroying Hillarious for having had the timerity to not only challenge him in 2008 but to actually cast aspersions upon him, his record and his race. (Fortunately for her, she’s a jackass to begin with so the RAAACIIIIIST! card wasn’t played too loudly, and has been forgotten by most racist donkeys by now.)

    But one thing is certain: Loretta Lynch ain’t gonna do a thing except sit on her thumbs and stink them up until Zero tells her differently…


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