My husband sent me this funny Star-Wars send-up thinking it was an official Ted Cruz campaign video.

Alas, it is not. It’s by Cruz supporter named Joel Gilbert.

A writer at the Rolling Stone actually found it kind of entertaining:

“It is a dark time for the Republic. A deceptive and radical donkey has seized the capital and shredded the constitution,” the opening crawl of The Constitution Strikes Back reads. “A powerful rebel must arise to unite the elephants and save the nation.”

We won’t spoil the whole thing for you, but we will say it involves a Constitution-powered lightsaber that “Cruz'” may or may not use to ward off RINOs and a donkey-riding President Obama drunk on executive power.

More Silly Season news:

Hugh Hewitt: Ann Coulter Doubles Down On Ted Cruz’ Ineligibility For The Presidency

The Resurgent: These Attacks on Nikki Haley are Bat Crap Crazytown

2 thoughts on “THE CONSTITUTION STRIKES BACK: “The Cruz-ade”

  1. I had the same position as Ann regarding “Natural Born” and it’s original intent. The original intent of our Founding Document has been bastardized over the years. I believe the original intent required a birth within the boundaries of the U.S. and of two Citizen Parents. I think there are solid arguments on both sides and it needs to be defined. I still support Ted Cruz though, unless it’s determined that he is ineligible.

    I also agree with Ann on the Congress being able to “change or redefine” the intent of the U.S. Constitution. They can’t do it. There is only one way to change or redefine that document and that’s by procedure.

    I have been telling friends and family about Nikki Haley {Lindsey Graham in a skirt } long before the Confederate Flag controversy {which has never been resolved to date, despite her assurances}. She ran and was supported by the Tea Party and once in office, never held the line. She has been rolled by both sides since taking office.

    If Conservatives think Nikki Graham’s SOTU rebuttal was bad, they should listen to the rebuttal given to the Latino media which promised “Amnesty” down the road. So now the gopE are playing the same game as Marco Dondi {Rubio} speaking with forked tongue or out of both sides of their mouth.

    We are all being played for chumps by the establishment.


  2. Seems as though most of the GOPe is speaking both with a forked tongue AND out of both sides of their mouth(s). And most of them are seemingly 2-headed monsters, giving them the opportunity to speak out of both sides of BOTH mouths…


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