Krauthammer: EmailGate Now ‘Worse than What Snowden Did’

The Fox News’ Special Report panel reacted Tuesday evening to new revelations from the Intel IG that  several dozen of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s personal server were  “above top secret” classification.

According to the reporting of Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge, Clinton’s personal server contained intelligence from the U.S. Special Access Programs, also known as SAP.

The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson called the new revelations a “smoking gun” and a “pivot point” for Hillary’s campaign.

He pointed out that the intel community believes that Clinton’s server – with at least dozens of highly classified data points, was penetrated by foreign intelligence services.

“If this were a member of the uniformed military who had done this, or a CIA operation’s officer, they’d be in jail,” Carlson said.

Mara Liasson, whose first instinct was to defend Clinton, found herself agreeing that this looks exceedingly bad for her. “If it’s true, it’s extremely serious,” she conceded.

Weak tea, but we’ll take it, Mara.

Krauthammer said, “what people have to understand is that there is nothing higher, more secret than an SAP. From some people I have talked to, this is worse than what Snowden did because he didn’t have access to SAP.”

He explained that the reason the material is so sensitive is because “if it’s compromised, people die.”

Charles continued,  “it also means that operations that have been embedded for years and years get destroyed and cannot be reconstituted. This is very serious. Petraeus, as was mentioned earlier, he pled guilty because precisely this kind of information he shared. And I don’t see, given the fact that he is the inspector general of the intelligence community who was writing this officially to the intelligence committee heads in Congress that there is any way to contradict this. It is not a news story. This is an investigative story. And now it’s in the hands of the FBI. It’s hard to imagine that the Department of Justice will ignore this or wave it away.”


PJ Media: Is Hillary Clinton ‘Too Big To Jail?’

The SAP in question was so sensitive, “McCullough and some of his aides had to receive clearance to be read in on it before viewing the sworn declaration about the Clinton emails,” an intelligence official  told NBC News. Think about that.

As former NSA analyst John Schindler said on Twitter, “normals go to prison for this.” Ten days ago, Schindler wrote in a bombshell piece, “Hillary’s EmailGate Goes Nuclear,” at the New York Observer that one particular email to Mrs. Clinton from her long-time hatchet man Sidney Blumenthal on June 8, 2011, regarding Sudan had “explosive material in it.”

Remarkably, the report emailed to Hillary by “sbwhoeop,” which was Mr. Blumenthal’s email handle, explains how Sudan’s government devised a clandestine plan, in coordination with two rebel generals, to secure control of oil reserves in the disputed region of Abyei. This is juicy, front-page stuff, straight out of an action movie, about a region of Africa that’s of high interest to the American and many other governments, and the report is astonishingly detailed.

Look, guys, I know it would be funny as hell for Hillary to be indicted, but we really should be hoping that this shitshow drags on until at least the end of summer. The nightmare scenario for us is for Biden and Liz Warren to come riding on a white horse to save the party at the Democrat convention in August. Don’t ask me why, but the left thinks Fauxchauntas is a “rock star.” And everyone loves the amiable dunce, Uncle Joe.

Anyway, as pathetic as things are looking for Republicans, at least we don’t have a 74 year old Commie who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, and a ridiculously corrupt, money-grubbing crone on the verge of being indicted, running on our side. As things stand right now, a Rebub could actually win in November. But things could change drastically, so be careful what you wish for.



7 thoughts on “Krauthammer: EmailGate Now ‘Worse than What Snowden Did’

  1. ……and lest we not forget Mikey Bloomers who could well finance his own campaign, unlike the other dynamic duo.

    But there is still plenty of time for the reubics to blow this thing to smithereens. Especially if Thump keeps his foot on Ted’s throat, it’ll be deja vu all over again.


  2. It’s a complete shit-show on both sides right now. But things could magically fall into place for
    Democrats later this year. That’s the doomsday scenario for us – especially if Trump is our nominee, because let’s face it – he’s a clown. The Dems and MSM (but I repeat myself) will unite against him and make him look like a loudmouth ignoramus (which won’t be difficult because that is exactly what he is.)


  3. He’s looking more and more inevitible, in fact he could make a serious run up with Iowa and NH only the start. Here in SC he is sitting with a substanal lead with a hardcore Bush core here. In Floida he is beating a former Governor and sitting Senator by double digits.

    Anyone else especially Cruz (who I like) will come under the same attack by the msm and won’t have the meams (money) like Thump would to fight it.

    I was sh○○cked with the Sarah endorsement, I thought she would’ve gone Cruz.

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  4. It’s true enough that our nominee – whomever it is – will be attacked by the Dem media complex. But — we want them to at least have to work at it. Trump will hand them a never-ending supply of ammo. And even the moron Biden would eat his lunch in a debate.


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