Ducks, Trump, Cruz, and Beaver Dams

duck dynasty

Via Reeko:

Duck Commanders Willie and Phil Robertson have each endorsed one of the two GOP front-runners for President. Willie supports Trump and patriarch Phil has chosen Cruz. This is as delicious a political gumbo that I could ever think of tasting. This father and son team epitomizes the friendly and close political nature of our current two front-runners. Never any need for rancor – we are all in the same family, politically, and the future of our country is in the balance. Only one of the candidates will win, and most likely will win it all. Cruz himself just said that. No, really. He just said that if Trump wins Iowa, he will probably win it all. No kidding.

Willie and Phil understand that very well. Since they were forced to give up on their local favorite, Governor Bobby Jindal, both of the Duck Commanders know that there aren’t any better choices for President than either Trump or Cruz. We should all be that confident. They both are profoundly excellent choices, and both Robertsons give amazingly accurate reasons for their prospective choice. It does warm the heart, eh?

A persistent meme of mine that I’ve used since Trump entered the race, has been that of a recurring theme used since Episode One of the A&E hit show “Duck Dynasty” and continued through all the seasons including now. That meme is: blowing up beaver dams. For those not familiar with DD, the Robertsons are avid duck hunters and in fact have built their multi-million dollar empire on duck calls and other paraphernalia. They even have vast amounts of hunting land in lower Arkansas and Northern Louisiana which Phil simply calls “The Land” when telling whenever he is going out in it. On their “Land” the Robertsons and their Duckmen have a never-ending battle with beavers. To put it mildly, they HATE beavers. The invading rodents destroy waterways, trees, vegetation, and dam-up the natural flow of water which is so critical to duck flyways and habitat. The solution to beaver dams is, of course, the judicial use of dynamite. Lots of dynamite. Sometimes, just to practice blowing beaver dams up, they blow up other things as well. Like old trucks. Barns. Logjams, even if they just happen to not be a beaver’s fault. It is highly entertaining.

Sometimes, when the “natural flow” of our nation’s politics has become so dammed up as to not be able to tell the Republican Elites from the Democrats or the Socialists, then maybe its time for some judicial use of political dynamite. Trump OR Cruz could light that fuse. I’ll vote for that. Ka-boom! 😉

— Reeko Forsazh

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