Saturday Movie Matinee: Hillary ‘100 Percent Confident’ That FBI Email Probe Will Fizzle

PJ Media: Hillary ‘100 Percent Confident’ That FBI Email Probe Will Fizzle:

Toward the end of her lightly watched MSNBC-hosted debate in New Hampshire against Bernie Sanders last night, Hillary Clinton addressed the email scandal, saying she’s certain the issue will not derail her campaign.

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(Alternative title: Pharma-Boy’s most Punchable Faces)

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Colin Flaherty: Hate Crime Hoax? Witness intimidation and threat of violence from a San Diego Charger?

Colin Flaherty: Diary of a Bogus Hate Crime in Albany — first videos released!

Colin Flaherty: UAlbany Black Students Lie About White Racist Attack on bus


WNYT News 13: Hillary Clinton weighs in on alleged UAlbany bus attack:

Clinton tweeted Thursday morning,” There’s no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus.”

WNYT News 13: Video of UAlbany incident raises new questions about racism claims:

“It was very confusing, very difficult to tell what was going on, but we haven’t heard, at least I haven’t heard, any racial slurs,” admitted Center for Law and Justice Executive Director Alice Green.

She and Albany Common Council President Carolyn McLaughlin were just two of those invited to the district attorney’s office to view the half a dozen or more videos.

They say the 1 a.m. CDTA bus video is clear, but the bus is so crowded it’s hard to tell what’s happening in the only seconds long fight. However, they saw no group of white people around the alleged victims.

“I didn’t see, for instance, any white male attack anybody,” noted Green.

When asked if she saw any men hitting women, she and McLaughlin both said it looked like the men were trying to pull people apart.

The three victims emerged Monday as 500 gathered on campus to support them. Social media lit up immediately after the incident with accusations and threats. That’s why the district attorney says he invited these community leaders.

ATT: News 13: I think it’s okay at this point to stop calling the 3 hoaxters, “victims.”

Also readers – don’t confuse the Center for Law and Justice with Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). These are two very different animals – the former is liberal, Afro-centric, SJW outfit and the latter is a politically conservative, Christian-based social activism organization.