Saturday Movie Matinee: It Feels Good to Be a Clinton

Ted Cruz: It Feels Good to Be a Clinton:

Whoever on his campaign came up with this is a genius and deserves a bonus.

Fox News: Clinton not asked about foundation investigation at debate:

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John Batchelor: Day of the Demagogues:

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Machete-Wielding Man Violently Slashes 4 – FBI & Police Investigating As Possible Terror Act:

Face of a dying Nation: Rape Defense of European women – Politically Correct Fiction vs. Reality:

Following the exploding number of rapes in Europe due to the massive influx of migrants and in response to the large-scale sex attacks in Germany, Finnish Police have released an absurd rape defense instruction video telling women to simply say “no” with an extended arm to stop an attacker. No, unfortunately this is not parody and the advice is so awful that I felt compelled to show how the reality of rapes in Europe looks like. Much stronger immigrants, usually traveling in groups, would at best ridicule such an attempt to stop rape. Extending an arm and saying words will do absolutely nothing.

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