Saturday Movie Matinee: Rubio Slams Trump

3 Times Marco Rubio Destroys Donald Trump in Republican Debate Texas, Houston:

Marco: Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote For Con Artists | Marco Rubio for President:

SEE ALSO: PJ Media: Marco Rubio Launches

AmericanFutureFund: Trump University: Bob Tells His Story:

Trump University December 2008 newspaper ad: “We’ll help you by teaching you how to profit from the $700 billion bailout”

PJTV: Will Donald Trump Help Attract People of Color to Conservatism?

SEE ALSO: Rich Lowery, National Review: The Coming Anti-Trump Onslaught

Fox NewsAre politics at play in the probe over Hillary’s e-mails?

PJTV: Story Time: Bill Reads a Hillary Clinton Children’s Book!

Former Transgender Exposes Trans Movement! Walt Heyer | Louder With Crowder:

PJTV: #TwitterSux | Twitter is Kicking Off Conservatives:

Colin Flaherty: HOAX IN ALBANY: Black Students Are Perpetrators — NOT VICTIMS — of violence and epithets:

Hear The Lies: Albany Hoax — FINALLY – FULL VIDEO AND AUDIO AND 911 CALLS!:


PJ Media: UAlbany Students Facing Assault Charges after Reporting Fake Hate Crime

Colin Flaherty, American Thinker: The Great Racial Hoax of Albany

Colin Flaherty: Black People Pick on Wrong Homeless Guy — Former NFL Player Chris Brymer:

Palette Cleanser, and reminder that even in bad neighborhoods, most people are decent:

Miracle: Driver Survives Huge Car Fire Thanks To Good Samaritans And A Bible Is The Only Item:

Ben Shapiro on indoctrination of America’s youth in universities:


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