Former Trump Operative Bails: Regrets ‘Helping to Create This Monster’


Donald Trump began his campaign as a “protest candidate” without any real intention of becoming president, a former Trump strategist alleges.

In a shocking column published Monday on the XOJane blog, Stephanie Cegielski, the former communications director for the pro- Trump “Make America Great Again” Super PAC, said, “I don’t think even Trump thought he would get this far. And I don’t even know that he wanted to, which is perhaps the scariest prospect of all.”

She claims that when she was hired, “the goal was to get The Donald to poll in double digits and come in second in delegate count.” Trump never intended to be the candidate, Cegieslki stressed. “But his pride is too out of control to stop him now.”

Eventually, Cegielski came to the conclusion that Trump “does not know policy, nor does he have the humility to admit what he does not know,” another frightening prospect.

Now she’s taking full responsibility for “helping create this monster” with an appeal to voters to reevaluate their choice:

Via XO Jane:

My support for Trump began probably like yours did. Similar to so many other Americans, I was tired of the rhetoric in Washington. Negativity and stubbornness were at an all-time high, and the presidential prospects didn’t look promising.

In 2015, I fell in love with the idea of the protest candidate who was not bought by corporations. A man who sat in a Manhattan high-rise he had built, making waves as a straight talker with a business background, full of successes and failures, who wanted America to return to greatness.

I was sold.

Last summer, I signed on as the Communications Director of the Make America Great Again Super PAC.

It was still early in the Trump campaign, and we hit the ground running. His biggest competitor had more than $100 million in a Super PAC. The Jeb Bush deep pockets looked to be the biggest obstacle we faced. We seemed to be up against a steep challenge, especially since a big part of the appeal of a Trump candidacy was not being influenced by PAC money.

After the first debate, I was more anxious than ever to support Trump. The exchange with Megyn Kelly was like manna from heaven for a communications director. She appeared like yet another reporter trying to kick out the guest who wasn’t invited to the party. At the time, I felt excited for the change to the debate he could bring. I began realizing the man really resonates with the masses and would bring people to the process who had never participated before.

That was inspiring to me.

It wasn’t long before every day I awoke to a buzzing phone and a shaking head because Trump had said something politically incorrect the night before. I have been around politics long enough to know that the other side will pounce on any and every opportunity to smear a candidate.

But something surprising and absolutely unexpected happened. Every other candidate misestimated the anger and outrage of the “silent majority” of Americans who are not a part of the liberal elite. So with each statement came a jump in the polls. Just when I thought we were finished, The Donald gained more popularity.

I don’t think even Trump thought he would get this far. And I don’t even know that he wanted to, which is perhaps the scariest prospect of all.

He certainly was never prepared or equipped to go all the way to the White House, but his ego has now taken over the driver’s seat, and nothing else matters. The Donald does not fail. The Donald does not have any weakness. The Donald is his own biggest enemy.

Cegielski goes on to slam Trump for not taking foreign policy seriously. Instead of taking the time to learn about the complexities of the issues, the GOP front-runner displays “ridiculous, cartoonish, almost childish arrogance” by saying “he alone” can solve the problems.

“Superhero powers where ‘I alone can solve’ problems are not real.” she said. “They do not exist for Batman, for Superman, for Wrestlemania and definitely not for Donald Trump.”

Cegielski argues that “the biggest gift” a Trump supporter can give the candidate is to “stop supporting him.”

He doesn’t want the White House. He just wants to be able to say that he could have run the White House. He’s achieved that already and then some. If there is any question, take it from someone who was recruited to help the candidate succeed, and initially very much wanted him to do so.

The hard truth is: Trump only cares about Trump.

And if you are one of the disaffected voters — one of the silent majority like me — who wanted a candidate who could be your voice, I want to speak directly to you as one of his biggest advocates and supporters.

He is not that voice. He is not your voice. He is only Trump’s voice.

Trump is about Trump. Not one of his many wives. Not one of his many “pieces of ass.” He is, at heart, a self-preservationist.

Cegielski concludes by saying that even though Trump claims to be the best at pretty much everything, there is only one thing he is actually the best at: “He is the best at looking out for Donald Trump — at all costs.”
The Trump campaign fired back with the following statement:
“She knows nothing about Mr. Trump or the campaign and her disingenuous and factually inaccurate statements in no way resemble any shred of truth,” a spokeswoman said. “This is yet another desperate person looking for their fifteen minutes.”



8 thoughts on “Former Trump Operative Bails: Regrets ‘Helping to Create This Monster’

  1. I’m so glad to hear about people like this young lady “see the light” and finally realize who the “real Trump” is!
    I knew it right from the start and will share this post with others, hoping that it will be passed around and help to wake others up and shake them out of their dazed and ignorant Trump stupor!

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  2. Sounds, to me, like Ms “Ciegigi-mouth-piece” has been “paid off” by someone, or something. Now, I hate to be “argumentative”; but IF you bother to do any “real” research on Trump, you will realize he IS “the last, best chance” America has of surviving the other-worldly political/social bullshit that is taking over otherwise normal/rational people! We need a NON-politicized person in the oval office and he IS it.


  3. @madmemere: If you really believe the Donald is our last best hope, more power to you, but of all the lying liars running for the office of “leader of the free world” he is the most dangerous because one has no track record of accomplishment to compare what he says today to what he did yesterday with.

    I do know, however, that what he says today (“Build the fence! And I’ll make the Mexican government pay for it!” or “I’m the best deal-maker in history!” or “I’m a solid Christian!” or any of several dozen other “I’m the greatest!” comments) doesn’t line up anywhere close to the reality of what has been a sadly excessive-possession life, and I wouldn’t trust a sound from his mouth any more than I would one from either Hillarious or from a fool self-avowed socialist like Bernie. In fact, there may not in reality be a whit’s bit of difference between what Bernie would try to do and what Trump would try.

    Get a life, get a brain, and evaluate with intelligence instead of with an angered heart, and hope and pray our nation, foolish enough to elect an empty-suited metro to the position twice isn’t still so foolish as to elect another empty-/ill suited suit to the office, or allow him to force the country to elect a criminal like Hillarious.

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  4. Ya lost another one o’ mine, ND. I’m beginning to suspect it has to do with my old clunker, not your site.

    And it was a gooder, too!

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  5. This woman tried to start a SuperPAC and was told to cease and desist by Trump’s lawyers. She has never been a Trump supporter. She is a dishonest individual.


  6. Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. This is a dark time in American history. Trump is a very real threat to our republic. It is impossible to believe it has all come to this. A ranting demagogue and egomaniacal fool, emotionally unstable and hate filled, Trump is so easily seen through, yet his followers seem to be denial, oblivious, gullible, or actually enthusiastic in their support for the ugliness of Trumpism.


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