The Coming Implosion of the Democratic Party

Guest post by “Reeko”:

The biggest ka-boom you will hear this year is not going to be the giant belch from the collective mouths of the political potentates at this year’s much anticipated, gut-wrenching, arm twisting, free-for-all donnybrook this July at the GOP convention in Cleveland. No, that political pyrotechnic display will be, in my humble opinion, lame in comparison to the giant histrionics of mass dementia that is about to happen in our national body politic. What could top the record media event of the year so far you ask? This: that the DNC will cease to exist as we know it.

You read that right, the Democratic Party will soon be over. And as with any never-ending frat house party that went way too long, the aftermath will be a throbbing headache of epic proportions. Let the hangover remedies begin. But the victory laps that we conservatives should be running at such a fortuitous occasion as the demise of the Democrats as a political party, will be muted. One would think that conservatives would give shouts of hallelujah with joyous rapture not seen since the “I Like Ike” days of 1952, which oh by-the-way, electorally clobbered the Dems 442 to 89, and which ended one of the longest reigns of a Democrat-controlled federal government in our modern history. No, most of us will not gloat. Much.

The main reason the Democrats will come undone is summed up in one name: Clinton. Bill and Hillary killed the Democratic Party. Sure, there will be plenty of blame to go around, but make no mistake about it, the current Whitehouse office holder had nothing to do with the shenanigans of the Clinton machine. In fact, there is plenty of evidence both casual and confirmed to indicate that the two families, both the Obamas and the Clintons, quite literally loathe each other. More importantly, the friction that fuels that mutual hatred extends to each one’s loyal ideologues and sycophants. It is my belief that, the growing phenomenon of a Bernie Sanders faction slicing and dicing the Democratic Party to pieces by giving its true progressive ideological adherents their just desserts in the form of a doddering old Jewish socialismo, was no accident. Somebody is goading them on… and whoever it is, they hate Hillary Clinton.

I personally have been saying for many years that Hillary will never be the DNC presidential nominee. It was more than a hunch. There are way too many folks who despise her, and have done so as far back as Little Rock. However, the media and even the GOP elites are so wedded to the idea of another Clinton in an election that their eager coronation of her as the nominee is starting to sour in their minds also. An indicted nominee would not be good, but whether there is or there isn’t legal actions against her doesn’t matter anymore. The damage is done, and the inevitability of her nomination is now tainted. Aw, too bad.

If I may make one more prediction… it would be that in order for the Clintonistas to save face, whenever they see the numbers and realize that there would be open rebellion if they try to steal the delegates from Bernie, no matter if there is or isn’t an indictment, she will be allowed to bow out with “honor” if she does it for the right reason. And yes, I put the word “honor” in sneer quotes just because it is a Clinton and neither one of them would even know what the word meant. However, if hubby Bill suddenly had some type of medical reason to need his loving and adoring little wifey home to take care of him, now then, who could possibly blame the darling stay-at-home granma giving up a huge political prize to take care of an ailing but adorable granpa? Its all about optics… well, that and keeping the true believers in the new Democrat-Socialist Party USA, or whatever the hell they will call themselves. The “Not Republican Party” appears to be already taken. Just ask any Libertarian.

Reeko Forsazh

(Cue Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”)


Nice Deb here:

For the record, I have been saying since at least 2008 that the Democrat party should rebrand itself as Social Dems, or Democrat Socialists because that’s what they were/are, even though the American people weren’t ready to hear it. Now, with the overwhelming (and frankly disturbing) popularity of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, it’s clear that a large chunk of the U.S. populous is ready and willing to embrace full-blown socialism.

If Bernie (or another surprise candidate) wins in November, (I agree it won’t be Hillary) conservatives should expect open persecution and prosecution, as we have already seen with the IRS targeting scandal, the anti-Walker witch hunts in Wisconsin, “bake the cake or else” fascism, and now the new climate change denier inquisition led by  New York Attorney General Eric “Torquemada” Schneiderman.

Commies are and always have been power-mad totalitarian freaks bent on forcing their will on others. We will be in the wilderness for a long time if socialism is allowed to win in 2016.

13 thoughts on “The Coming Implosion of the Democratic Party

  1. I don’t believe that Hillary is electable either, but she has a uncanny ability to “be any thing you want her to be”. Just give her five minutes. The Bern has let her off the ropes too many times in this dem primary by refusing to hold her accountable for the emails and Benghazi. He probably knows the limits of the party establishment if he were to try and push it.

    As I see it both parties are on a parallel destructive course because of their party elites. The dems still have a significant number of people in the party still looking to jump on the gravy train and open their collective pockets for the hand out, regardless of the consequences. The party has played into and fed their needs and wants.

    The repubics face the same revolt for some of the same reasons as the dems, but their problem runs much deeper. While the dems placate to their base, the repubics have ignored with impunity their base. The corruption and special interest favors for both parties is way out of control. They have not held this POS potus accountable for anything and have only assisted in the destruction, for the last 7+ years. We all know why.

    Welcome DonALL Thump.

    If I were you, I’d keep a copy of the republican party epitaph real handy along with the Fat Lady in the batter up position ready to do a encore. The gop will be finished and gone just like the WHIG party. If they walk out of the convention with someone who has not been apart of the primary process.

    Consider it a 2fer. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch, both of them. I am totally looking forward to both occurances.

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