Obama’s Immoral Welfare Regime as Explained By a Radio Talk Show Caller

Joe, a self-employed construction worker from Caret Virginia, called into the Mark Levin Show Wednesday to “bust the myth” about the minimum wage.

Joe was bitter because he has always worked hard and played by the rules, while illegal immigrants and welfare cheats make their living off of the American taxpayer.

He said that the first thing a head of the household with two kids making minimum wage does, is head over to the Social Security Administration.

“You get $400 a month in food-stamps,” he began. “That comes from me. He doesn’t earn it. It’s free. Then he goes and he gets a Section 8 house. Instead of paying $1,100 a month like I have to pay, he gets $900 paid by the government, tax free. Then he gets temporary cash assistance. He has 2 kids in school – that’s $300 a month as long as they’re in school. Then he gets another $1,000 a month in free Medicare (Medicaid) because he, his wife, his family get free insurance that I get to pay for, but he gets it for free. I guarantee his kids have ADHD so his kids get free Adderall that he and his wife can go out and sell.”

Joe said he knows construction workers who go to the doctor claiming to have a backache (when they’re not hurt) so they can get the Oxycodin which he says is worth $1 per milligram on the street. He added “that’s worth another $700 to $1,000 a month in cash.”

“That’s why we have a heroin epidemic,” Joe explained. “Because doctors are hooked on the Medicare just like the people are.”

He continued, “then at the end of the year they get an unearned income tax credit worth $2,500 per family member.”

He said it is impossible to get workers to come in and work for a decent wage when it’s more profitable to stay home and do nothing.

“These people don’t want to earn over a certain amount because they’ll lose subsidies,” Levin summed up.

Joe said he joined the military at age 16, served his country, broke his back twice and still managed to work his way up without ever taking a dime from the government. But it wasn’t easy. At one point he had to hitchhike to work. “Nobody helped me,” Joe seethed. Not that he would have accepted assistance from the government because that’s not how he says he was raised.

“I hate my government,” he added. “I’m angry.”

Joe said that it’s nearly impossible for businesses to make a profit today with all of the taxes and regulations they have to pay. “I’m out now,” he concluded. “I said to hell with it.”

Most conservatives support a “safety net” for people who temporarily fall on hard times or for whatever reason can’t (not won’t) help themselves. But cradle to grave dependency on government is not only unsustainable, it’s deeply immoral. It’s so very very wrong — not just because it adds to the debt and hurts the economy. It also hurts the people it is intended to help, turning them  into adult children with no shame, no work ethic and no sense of responsibility. The worst become violent street predators who wreak havoc on the peace and tranquility of peaceful communities.

What kind of person is proud of living his/her life totally dependent on government?

Meet “Lucy,” the 32 year old Welfare queen who called into a radio talk show in Austin Texas, a few years ago. Remember Lucy?

She gets $550.00 for rent $425.00 for food stamps, $150.00 for electric, free cell phone, $100.00 for water, and even Christmas presents for her three kids. “Why should I work?” she asked.  She’s married, but her husband rarely works. “He doesn’t really see the need for it”, she said.

“…To all you workers out there preaching morality about those of us who live on welfare… can you really blame us? I get to sit around all day, visit my friends, smoke weed.. and we are still gonna get paid, on time every month…”

She said “taxpayers are the fools.”

For the past seven plus years everything bad about the welfare system has skyrocketed.  (Of course, everything bad skyrockets under Obama.)


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