Reeko’s Picks and Prognostications

Once again, my friend in DC weighs in on the state of the 2016 presidential horse race:

As most polls predicted, and I agreed, that Trump would get the GOP nomination, my further prediction was that he will pick either Cruz or Perry as VP, but that would eventually come around only after a brief pause to lick one’s wounds. At the very least, my guess is that Trump’s VP will be a Texan or somebody from another large electoral state to give him the lock on at least 45 states in the electoral. What that means is: no Gingrich, no Ryan, nor even Kasich, no Walker, or certainly not JEB! would be on the Trump short list. Although I did think for a while that it could be Rubio, now, not so much. Trump pretty much has Florida in the bag. So for what its worth, I still think it will be a Texan.

Have u seen Trump’s SCOTUS nominee list? I’m sure you have. IMO, for no other reason that list alone should
make all true conservatives vote for the Trump ticket. Remember, #neverHillary means Never Hillary Matters!

Now for a little fun. Here are my latest predictions:

1. Trump will win at least 45 states in November. Actually thought it would be 47 or 48, but a lot of very big hitters
from as long ago as the Reagan administration’s Art Laffer and Pat Buchanan are now saying at least 45, so I will go with that number also.

2. Hill/Bill will have a medical “problem” soon.

3. Another shocker, re: above number 2, … but so will Bernie. 😉

4. Trump will also win in November with the most votes of any candidate in US history. It will be that historic.

5. Three major world events are happening this summer: first, the GOP convention followed almost immediately by the DNC convention, then a few weeks later the Rio Olympics. The GOP convention will be orchestrated and run by the premiere folks who Trump has used in the past to run major events like beauty pageants, sporting events, etc. only this time, the ratings will be through the roof – for all the good reasons. We are talking about the one major media/celebrity event of the century, and it will be so spectacular and over-the-top that from coast-to-coast and in flyover mid-America, from North to South from East to West and all over the world even, there will be a Trump media-bomb like no other in history. To say that it will be a big production isn’t strong enough… it will be yuuuge. Do not doubt that.

6. The second major event will be the disaster at the DNC convention in Philadelphia immediately after the GOP convention concludes. It will be Occupy Wall Street plus 1968 Chicago, times ten. The Clintonistas will want their revenge by then, and so will the Bernouts. Nobody has a clue who the DNC will actually put forward as the nominee to take on the mega-Trumpasaurus, but he/she will do so very reluctantly… knowing full well that they will fade into history as just another trivia factoid that nobody will remember. Yes, the DNC will come undone and the Democratic Party will implode on its own bloated ideological obesity, just as I predicted in my previous opinion piece.

7. The news legacy media will be reeling from the DNC disaster, and will be desperate to switch focus to anything
 – literally anything – other than the US presidential race. Ergo, no matter how bad the weather, infectious pandemics, crime, corruption, etc, at the Rio Olympics, it will be THE only story we will be seeing or hearing about for three weeks. Maybe longer if they can get the body count up. And no, that’s not a mis-type. Rio 2016 won’t be about the medal count. It will be about the body count. And I ain’t talking about the lurid media cronies in their exclusive reporting beachside, counting all the scantily clad Girls From Ipanema. No, unfortunately I’m talking about dead bodies.

8. And the worst prediction is the only thing that isn’t part of my political preview, yet remains the one thing that hovers over all humanity like a modern day bubonic plague: nuclear/bio/chemical/jihadic terrorism. It will happen. Soon. I don’t think it will be in the US, but could be. More likely it will be in a foreign port with US and allied-flagged vessels nearby. Rio 2016? No thanks. I ain’t buying that ticket.


4 thoughts on “Reeko’s Picks and Prognostications

  1. I think as time goes on there is a very good chance of a Trump landslide. Hillary is imploding as each day passes. She’ll never drop out on her own. I’m still thinking the Comey primary is going to do her in. The DOJ may not indict her but the Comey Report is going to finish her for good. Then a President Trump will pursue her if uhbama doesn’t give her executive clemancy on the way out.

    Forget about any VP coming from Texas, that ain’t gonna happen, especially when it comes to Cruz. Too much blood has been spilt there. There was a time when it could’ve worked, but not now.

    Trump needs to build his bona fides in the legislative process and foreign affairs. The one and only candidate out there that fits that bill is Newt. If he is anything he is a thinker and knows the Congress and legislative process like the back of his hand. Literally.

    Corker: a sawed off POS who should go back to school and learn the US Constitution. The most responsible person for the PPA in Congress. Needs to learn “who” approves the Treaty process. A weasel and a half.

    Cricso: The most self absorbed individual I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t do anything without it benefiting him. Signed gun control legislation in Jursee, took the Federal Exchange, responsible for electing Corey Booker because of his own ego, his lib appointments to NJ Courts. Two Tony Soprano’s on one ticket from the northeast will never fly.

    Rubio: There is a reason he isn’t running for re-election to the Senate. He wouldn’t get re-elected. He betrayed the Tea Party and has a history in the state of playing both sides. Move on to your next career. Never forget the Gang of Eight and his forked tongue on Univision.

    Kasich: A policy/money wonk. Best fitted for the USPO. Tried the same union reforms in Ohio and had his head handed to him. Bypassed the legislative process and took the Federal Exchange over the objections of his own party. Another rule by “fiat” guy, no thanks had enough already from the last 8 years. If he were that popular we would’ve had a President Romney in 2012. Won 1 state in primary……really?

    Now that’s not to say they wouldn’t fit in elsewhere in the administration, but they are no help in the VP slot. Newt is the only one that fits the need.


  2. hmmm… very well thought out and said Geo!
    IMO, Trump needs Texas’ electoral votes, and a southern border state also.
    what do u think of Perry as VP? he still is very popular in Texas.


  3. I like Rick Perry personally, unfortunately for him he had that moment during the debates in 2012 where he looked like he had a stroke when he got confused and couldn’t finish his answer. I don’t think he would be that big of a asset this time around for Trump. Especially the way he started out this cycle bashing Trump then eventually (process of elimination) endorsing him. Texas is about the only reliable, solid Republican state for pols any more. They really have a deep bench.

    Thrump really needs a solid, experienced individual who knows D.C. in and out with the legislative process and knows foreign affairs also. I have other more preferred people who I would like to see on hos ticket, but Newt is the only one (I’ve concluded) who fills those needs that Trump really needs, or else he’ll get brutalized with the process by the establishment, including the repubics.


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