Live: IRS Chief Kosinen Misconduct Hearing

The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing this morning to examine the allegations of misconduct against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and decide whether he deserves to be impeached.

Lawmakers on the committee summoned Koskinen to answer accusations from the House Oversight panel that he failed to preserve documents Congress requested, and didn’t tell the full truth about Lois Lerner’s erased backup tapes, but the IRS chief will not be appearing at the hearing.

The IRS issued the following statement:

“When the committee announced this hearing, he was returning from China after meeting with tax administrators of 43 nations,” the statement reads. “The committee’s quick timetable left him without the time to fully prepare for Tuesday’s hearing. In addition, he also has been preparing for a previous commitment to appear before a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on Wednesday.”



3 thoughts on “Live: IRS Chief Kosinen Misconduct Hearing

  1. “Gosh, I can’t show up because you didn’t give me enough time to prepare my lies, I mean excuses, I mean reasons, for failing to be entirely forthwith previously in this, the most transparent administration EVUH!”

    And the damned fool who runs the committee (who happens to be first a politician and second a Repub and lastly an American) will issue a grave statement about how naughty Koskinen is and he really, really needs to comply with the “request” to appear, and nothing, absolutely NOTHING will ever come of Koskinen flipping off the committee.

    Politics as usual…


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