Trump’s VP Pick — A Prediction

Ted Cruz

Via Reeko, who is pretty sure he knows who it’s going to be:

Mike Pence brings nothing to the Trump ticket. Virtually nobody outside of Indiana knows who he is. From all accounts he is a wonderful Governor and might’ve made in other circumstances, a wonderful dream ticket. but not 2016. Donald Trump already won the Indiana primary, so in business terms, Mike Pence doesn’t bring anything to the Art Of The Deal.

The rest of the field of VP candidates, that are being so-called “vetted” are not in my opinion, actually being vetted for VP. Maybe cabinet positions, but not VP. Trump knows what he has to do, and just like when he released his short-list of SCOTUS nominees, with some heavy-hitters on it, he received immediate cheers from conservatives and TEA Party types all over. Bravo! But remember how Trump did that. He is doing the same thing for building his future cabinet. AND most importantly, he already has told us who he wants…

Now as to Cruz’s hurt feelings and hesitance. that is natural, and again, IMO, Trump is trying to show Cruz that he is a very serious and conservative-oriented about his choices. (the term “conservative” may need to be refined in this new age of Trump – but that can be discussed later at more length)  here is the kicker though, and this is very, very important: Texas is in play this November. most people I tell that to are stunned and even ridicule me for it, but here are the facts…

Texas is currently listed even by RCP as only slightly pink, leaning Trump. but what the RCP averages don’t take into consideration is the real politics of the Texas electorate. although a slightly healthy divide between Dems and Republicans, those GOPers are divided into roughly three evenly distributed groups: 1 – pro-Cruz; 2 – middle road pro-Trump; and 3 – the Never-Trumpers. that last group is – again IMO – by far one of the most influential in the entire country. And they are extremely diehard anti-Trumpists. They will either not vote, vote Hillary, vote Gary Johnson, or even write in Obama (again!) and no, I’m not joking. without Cruz or even Perry as his VP, Trump can forget about taking Texas in November. yes, it is that serious.

And most importantly, Cruz knows it. right now, he is in what we call the Catbird’s Seat. In fact, he knows he marshals a very large contingent of not only supporters, but delegates for the convention. Cruz also knows that the GOPe Never-Trumpers will never, never, never allow him to finagle, schmooze, cajole, or outright steal the nomination away from Trump. and that is even if Cruz were so disposed to do so. I don’t think he is. I think he is an upright, honest, and forthright kind of guy. But his supporters and delegates are another story altogether….

And before anybody gets their knickers in a wad, yes, I did vote for Cruz in the primary. why? Because I called the primary results well over a year ago: Trump with a massive delegate count followed by ONLY one second place finishing strong – Ted Cruz. I voted for Cruz with that intent, to put him in a strong second place finish. Turns out that I was absolutely exact on that result.

The only guessing I can’t figure right now is, when is Trump going to announce? Actually, I think it already has been worked out between either Cruz or Perry and the Trump people. but the timing is everything, and I can’t figure out if it will be this week before the convention or immediately before or even during? Usually, I can also call the time of the VP announcement, but i can’t see it this time. It basically is up to Cruz to give the go ahead nod. And Cruz may be holding out hopes that there is some kind of delegate revolt or upset like the court case in Virginia that seems to be going ahead in favor of the Cruz delegate. It may be that Cruz is trying to eyeball what he thinks his delegates can scam or pull off. And yes, present company excepted of course *(would never accuse you of anything devious at all!) but Cruz operatives are some of the most extreme I’ve ever encountered. They literally will try anything to win. Of course, they think they are doing it for “the country” but i seriously doubt that.

A Trump-Cruz 2016 ticket would be a guaranteed blow-out in November of at least 45 states. (although i still say about 47)  and u know what else?

The Democrats know it.

The media know it.

Trump knows it.

Cruz knows it.

Even the Bernouts know it, and yes a good percentage of them will vote for a Trump-Cruz ticket.

The only people who are living in complete denial and an alternate reality are the Never-Trumpers. so they leave the GOP like George Will? good riddance. buh bye!

This election will be about the Mike Rowe’s of the country – not about the Mitt Romneys.

This election will be between the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty and Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians.

The choices this election will determine if we as a country go with VHS or Betamax – and we already know how that turned out.

I will leave you with a morsel for those Cruzers who are whining that they will go all Libertarian-retard and vote Gary Johnson. Here is a paraphrased quote from one of the Libertarian demi-gods, Ludwig Von Mises who said:

“If you offer a man a cup of milk or a cup of cyanide, you are not offering him a choice of beverages. You are offering him a choice between life and death.”  KA – BOOM!


*No Cruz operatives here, (not that he isn’t vastly more qualified than the presumptive nominee.) It’s just hard to fathom how Trump could possibly justify to the electorate a choice for VP, a guy he spent six months slurring as “Lyin’ Ted.” Not to mention the absurd conspiracy theory about his dad being involved with the Kennedy assassination. I don’t know how Trump pulls that off. I don’t know how Cruz swallows his pride and goes along with it. 

That said, following a meeting with Trump, Cruz did tell reporters he has agreed to speak at the RNC in a show of “unity.”

Meanwhile….Never Trump Movement Gears Up For Final Play To Stop Trump At Convention:

CLEVELAND, Ohio—Republican National Committee delegates determined to stop Donald Trump at the GOP Convention next week are in the final planning stages of their mission.

Several groups are fine-tuning various convention floor strategies that would allow delegates to vote their conscience on the first round of balloting, rather than being required to vote for the candidate who won their state contest.

Composed of various alliances who talk to one another on conference calls, email lists and text messages virtually every day, groups like Save Our Party, Delegates Unbound and Free the Delegates find themselves in the final home stretch this week as key RNC delegate committee meetings (platform, rules, credentials) convene before the GOP picks its nominee at the convention.

I’m not saying I’m for it or agin it. Trump did win fair and square and has a large and enthusiastic following. On the other hand — he’s a terrible candidate and a nincompoop who is not getting better at campaigning as time goes on. 

I honestly don’t think he’s going to pick up many Bernie supporters. The good news is, millennials are appalled by Hillary. The bad news is, (most) millennials are even more appalled by Trump.  

A solid conservative Republican candidate would be roundly beating damaged-goods Hillary in the polls right now — not trailing like Trump is. 

I predicted a year ago that Hillary wouldn’t make it to the finish line. EmailGate was THAT serious and the MSM wasn’t in the mood to give her a pass. By all rights she should be toast, right now. Her corruption has been exposed for all to see, and yet she hobbles on. The only reason she still viable is because the GOP’s candidate is profoundly awful, too.

What a fine mess we’re in.



19 thoughts on “Trump’s VP Pick — A Prediction

  1. Cruz will not forgive the smears against his father. Besides, no one who has ambitions toward a future run will risk losing alongside Trump this year. That’s why he has to choose from non-politicians, has beens (Gingrich) and guys not even popular in their own state (Christie).


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  3. Deb at this point in the election in 2012 you were thinking that Romney would win at this point you were also sure McCain would win
    You have not got a good track record on predictions Deb
    Here is my prediction Trump will lose no matter who he has as VP. And he will lose big. So far he can’t seem to get anyone to say yes to committing political suicide by accepting the #2 spot
    Bookies are currently giving 4 1/2 to one odds on Trump winning. Bet the farm


  4. Don’t worry ’bout “john\”, ND. He’s apparently a “yellow-cake grade” slacker who is desperate to make sure the unindicted treason-riddled liar is elected to follow O’Dumbo’s disastrous 8 years.

    Seen on a car: “Obama put this country in the toilet. Hillary will flush it.”

    And as far as Cruz/Pence/Christy/Newt/etc goes, I personally don’t think Texas is the cornerstone Reeko apparently does. Typical Texas talk – more to make Texas more important than in reality.

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  5. Sorry Reeko, I couldn’t disagree more with your prediction. The divide between Cruz and Trump is deep and wide. Cruz started out playing nice and Trump went full Pit Bull on him, his Father and even his Wife. Pols make strange bedfellows but that ain’t gonna happen.

    Texas pink? Perish the thought. When that eventually does happen we are doomed, turn off the lights. Fortunately we aren’t there yet.

    I think it’s really down to three of them, Crisco, Pence and Newt. All three of them have drawbacks, with Crisco being the worse.

    Pence: got smacked down over the Gay Marriage Bill he ended up signing. He got smacked around a little and put his tail between his legs and ran home. Remember he was suppose to be a candidate in the fray, but disappeared. He managed to piss off everyone with what he did and brings nothing to the ticket that Trump doesn’t already have.

    Crisco I was once a big fan of him, until I came to realize what a self indulgent POS he is. He does nothing if it doesn’t benefit he, himself. His latest in Jurseee is a dispute with the dem legislature. Crisco wants a 21 cent per gallon increase in the Gas Tax. When it looked like he wasn’t going to get it, he threatened to shut down “every” {currently funded and operating} construction sites across the state. Then add his financial downgrades Jurseee has had since he took office. His appointment to the Courts, he has signed more Gun Control in the State. He gave away the Booker Senate seat by first appointing someone who would NOT run for the seat when a election was held. Then he held the “special election” a month before his own election {which he won by a huge margin} which guaranteed a Booker win, instead of dragging someone across the line with himself at the head of the ticket. Then while the head of the RGA he out and out refused to help Rob Astorino in New York who was running against Lil andy cuomo. Telling Astorino that he didn’t waste money on losing propositions. He refused to help Ken Cucanelli {sp?} in Virginia when he ran for Governor. Then got into a pissing contest with Rand Paul over the situation and really got nasty with Paul when he tried to smooth things over. He adds nothing to the ticket, Jursee still stays solid blue.

    Newt: his biggest drawback is going to be his age. He is by far the biggest thinker in the group. He has been out of office so long that he isn’t even remembered in his own State of Georgia. Yet he is still popular amongst the base. He knows the Congress inside and out, even though the players have changed significantly. Trumps biggest problem is going to be within the republican party and Newt would probably be his best asset.

    I’d like to see Newt, but I think he goes with Pence.

    Here are two predictions for you. . . .
    Trump will win the general
    The republican party will move to impeach him in his first term.

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  6. looks like Trump is going to pick Gov Mike Pence. (Mike who?) unless we are all being played. somebody in Trump’s inner circle must’ve been convinced of going with Pence instead of somebody from Texas because the latest polling in Texas – which is seriously flawed IMO – shows Trump ahead by 7 to 9 points. those advisors to Trump are missing some very serious issues that are what those polls don’t show is the word on the ground… and that is the normally Republican voters of TX are fractured three ways – and that will mean that 7 to 9 point deficit will be easily overcome by the Dems.

    FYI full disclosure: I’ve known Steve Munisteri, the former TX Republican Party Chairman and current RNC Rules Committee member, since we met in the 1976 GOP Primary in Tyler, TX. I was a photojournalist covering the primary and got to photo both Pres Ford and Ronald Reagan. Steve was a future leader of the Young Republicans supporting Reagan then. decades later, we re-acquainted ourselves when I became a seated delegate at one of the Texas State conventions. that said, one of the reasons Steve left the TX Rep Party to go to Rand Paul’s campaign was because of the Trump-Cruz dichotomy destroying the GOP in TX.

    I know several other prominent elected officials and party workers in that state, and trust me, there are a LOT of them who would rather vote for Hillary than Trump – or not vote at all. that’s 38 electoral votes going to whoever the Dem ticket turns out to be. I’ve already gone out on a limb and predicted 45 states for Trump, but that was only with Texas’ 38 points.

    the electoral map would look crazily different without Texas in the red.
    just saying… (seriously, Mike who?) isn’t he the guy who Bobby Knight slammed – hard – for supporting Ted Cruz instead of Trump? and didn’t Trump just release last week that Bobby Knight was going to hit the campaign trail with him? AND THEN didn’t Ted Cruz suspend his campaign the day AFTER the Indiana primary?

    what the hell is it with Trump and Indiana? I don’t get it…

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  7. I agree totally with you on Pence. . . .Mike? Like I said above Pence doesn’t give Trump anything he doesn’t already have and he has pissed off loads of people with the Religious Rights Bill. It’s questionable if he isn’t the VP choice that he will win re-election. I was a Cruz supporter but I don’t think there is any chance that he gets asked or that he would accept if asked. Bobby Knight would’ve been a better choice.

    With each passing day given the current events and Ruth Buzzy unloading on Trump, if there are any “never Trump” people {I know there are} still out there, they need their head examined. We have been asked to hold our noses for decades and go along and get along and were expected to stick with the party nominee. It’s high time these people {Lil Eric, Never Right Kristol, Romney, Speaker Eddie Munster and the others} remove their heads from their rear end and wake up. At the very least stop trying to sabotage the nominee.

    Most, if not all of them {repubic;s} are Globalist, Open Boarders, Chamber hack, rino’s. For more than three decades or more we have shipped millions of jobs south and it hasn’t stopped the tide of illegals coming north or landing and over staying their welcome. Every major incident that we see on our evening News cast, just adds more points to Trump’s final total.

    Uhbama HAS changed America for ever, just like he promised. It’s time to wake up and smell the subversion that’s been going on for the last seven plus years.

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  8. Geo, that is one of the best comments on any thread I’ve ever read. Well said!

    If I may add, the Pence choice just cemented what I said about the New Wedge Issue of the LGBT thingy. Why our side always gives the enemy ammo is a complete mystery to me. I wasn’t a Philosophy or Psych major. I studied Sun Tzu – not Nietzche…. ergo, the only reaching across the aisle I want from our elected leadership is to bitch-slap some libtard into next week.

    That said, I was thinking of writing another topic, like where/how the next nuke is gonna pop off, or why Pokemon Go is being used to do some very nasty things, but since the Nice France episode, Turkey’s fake coup, and this weekend’s BLM rage-a-thon, I think I better cool it for awhile.

    We aren’t going anywhere this weekend…


  9. Big problem with Cruz – he is ineligible. And unethical as his campaign tactics show. He lied about Trump’s positions throughout the campaign.

    No, if I were Mr. Trump, I wouldn’t give Cruz the VP slot either.

    The selection of Governor Pence was not to impress Cruz or anyone else, it was an executive hire – on the basis of qualifications, character, achievements – a typical Trump Organization hire.

    Sorry to disagree, Nice Deb.


  10. “Teddy” just gave his speech at the convention. It was a very good speech, but I will never again vote for a “man” who does not man-up and perform as he DEMANDED Trump perform, specifically to endorse and work for the Republican nominee for president, whomever that nominee turned out to be.

    He is a slacker, a devious calculator who lost his calculation and refuses to honor his word.

    He is a liar, plain and simple, a dishonorable person who deserves not another penny of my hard-earned money in ANY taxpayer position.

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  11. I have been a ardent Cruz supporter till the very end. That ended last night with his speech. I admit that the rhetoric during the primary got way out of hand and way too personal, especially when family members were dragged into it.

    Having said that the only person I believe Ted pleased last night was Glenn Beck. If he wasn’t going to endorse Trump he shouldve turned down the offer to speak. Besides that he has taken cheap shots at people who use to support him by declaring them “know nothing Trump supporters”.

    If he was trying to model a move like Ronald Reagan, he shouldve tried being cordial and support the party and the nominee. That also goes for the other jerks, who decided they wouldn’t show up at the convention, especially that petulant, asshole Kasich.

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  12. Nice to know a significant number of the elephant candidates are such honorable, stand-up people who honor and value their word so much. And by the way, that includes the only woman that was in the race, too…


  13. The left is “outraged” The Donald asked publicly for Russia to find Hillarious’ 32,000 “lost” e-mails.

    All I gotta say about that is that it’s for darned sure the FBI isn’t gonna release them…

    (Notice I didn’t say “FIND” them – I’m 100% sure they already have them!)


  14. Mike Pence has a lock on the tobbacco money donations. In 2000 (!!!!) he wrote a long article saying smoking doesn’t cause cancer and that there was no scientific consensus. Sound familiar to the climate truthers? Yeah he is with them too


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