The Coming Market Dump Starts This Week

Here we go. My pal in Washington, “Reeko” is predicting a stock market crash in the very near future. He’s going out on a limb in making this prediction — it could be proven wrong within a week or two.  But he could also be proven to be correct. Read and prepare as you will:

If you haven’t prepared financially, you may only have a few days left to do so. Next week after the Monday night destruction of the Hillary campaign – and I still have serious doubts that she will even make it to the show – the future narrative is already being written and waiting for marching orders: that the coming stock market “correction” will be crashing because of Trump’s headlock on the November election. That isn’t true, but it will be what is messaged and massaged into the civil discourse. It will be repeated often enough to become true even when it isn’t.

Most financial advisors are insisting that the current high Dow is due largely to the near-free money from the Fed’s incredibly low rate. The Fed shilling for the Obama administration has been hinting at an unavoidable interest rate hike soon. After any rate hike, the market will follow – downward – and most investors already know that. Trump himself has said so, repeatedly, and even advised folks to have little money in the stock market. Those words WILL come back to bite him though because of the fact that most new presidents’ first year in office usually results in a lower Dow. Steve Forbes just said the same thing on Neil Cavuto – which I am watching as I type this.

What is different now is that there are certain movers in the stock market that can influence its rise and fall. That isn’t a new revelation and it certainly isn’t a conspiracy theory but in fact that is exactly how investment companies make money – they predict the rise and fall of stocks and sectors of stock by watching certain large movers. I don’t mean insider trading or anything else specifically illegal although, in the context of this political season we shouldn’t rule illegalities out. (!) And while manipulation of a stock exchange is still an illegal enterprise, that certainly doesn’t stop it, neither here nor overseas in foreign markets. For example, if a large investor suddenly started selling off or buying up any certain stock or sector of stock, a rather large number of investors will follow, sometimes stampeding the market into a freefall or a zoom climb. That is just normal business as usual, but it can be – and sometimes is – done to influence elections. Imagine the leading headline on a legacy news channel only after it becomes apparent in the polls that Hillary can not overcome the polling deficit:

“DOW Tanks As Investors Fear Trump” will be read gleefully by a bubble-headed bleach blonde, as Don Henley of the Eagles said, “with a gleam in her eye.” Of course, in our current Age Of Apps, it will most likely be the scroll across the bottom.

Ergo, my prediction: the DOW will lose 35 percent and stabilize near 12500, the majority of that drop in the remaining months of 2016. Are you ready for it?

reeko forsazh

Building The Blame Game Or How To Create An Excuse


The following is another missive from my friend in Washington, Reeko:

There are copy editors already prepping headlines for November which will read something like this:
Etc. ad nauseam…

Why? Because the coming landslide of Trump will be of such epic size that no self-respecting Democrat would ever think that they were that many more legal and valid voters out-voting their built-in fraud and bias that have consistently elected progressive after progressive for decades.

But, for those and similar headlines, urging the massive public sentiment and anger they are designed to foment to work, some sleight-of-hand, voo-doo-govern-media groundwork has to be done first. And it is.

Since Trump is running up numbers in demographics like no other Republican has in over 40 years, those with the most to lose from a Trump presidency are scared to death. And that is only IF (big “if) Hillary even makes it through the debates and all the way to election day. I personally still don’t think she will make it. There are already DNC party apparatchiks scheming on a viable Plan B.

In the meantime, the progressive “machine” is prepping the electoral altercation that is about to be inflicted, ie: a Trump election day blowout of epic proportions.

Since the political wing of the FBI is fully cooperating, with too many instances to cite, suspicions are starting to appear even among career FBI folks, and – you can take this as it comes from sources – that these suspicions are likely valid in almost all of them. Coercion and subversion of our laws by those who were supposed to be enforcing them will not sit quite right for long. Yet, now comes this….

In order to substantiate the charge that the coming election was “stolen” from Hillary and the American electorate, progressives and their enablers must lay the groundwork for a very real challenge to the few on-line voter rolls and verification systems. This is not conspiracy theory, this is actually happening. Now. Right now. And it looks something like this:

1. First, the political arm of the FBI accidentally leaks a seemingly alarming “flash” report of “possible” foreign hackers in a couple of state’s voter registration systems. They leak this “flash” directly to one of the largest online govern-media leftist news groups that there is: Yahoo News.

2. The true believers at Yahoo News do their best work by reporting on the FBI accidental leak, except that somehow, Yahoo News infers throughout their report that those evil Russians are behind such a hacking breach.

3. Right on cue, Harry Reid and other leading Democrats start calling for FBI investigations, with their Democrat accomplices at the New York Times bellowing this ACTUAL HEADLINE:

“Harry Reid Cites Evidence of Russian Tampering in U.S. Vote, and Seeks F.B.I. Inquiry”

4. Well obviously to those who never question the govern-media, Trump’s campaign staffers who had any connection to any Russian businesses at all – ever – are now all guilty as sin of “rigging” (using Trump’s word for it!) our voting system. Rigged elections! In America! Not that there was any of that in any Dem primary or anything… Superdelegate? What’s that?

5. And there it is… As of this writing, the evil deeds and evil seeds have been done and sown. As Rush Limbaugh has said for over 20 years, it ain’t the facts that matter… it is only the allegations that matter. Facts be damned – like “Russian” hackers (instead of North Koreans this time!) the facts will not matter to the masses. Only the headlines and the agit-prop aimed at the Molotov cocktail throwers, the damage will be intentional.

Meanwhile, there will be no stopping the coming Trump-Pence landslide. Unfortunately that means Dems are going to spin lies like a ceiling fan about the results. That will include an army of lawyers who are already typing up legal challenges alluding to Russian hacking of voter rolls.  What can anybody do? The masses don’t understand that even if voter rolls were hacked – by anybody – voter rolls do not equal votes!

reeko forsazh


As always, the contents of this post do not necessarily reflect the thinking of your humble blogress. My own thinking, actually,  is that Trump is poised to lose big in November, unless something major comes out to derail Hillary’s campaign. Julian Assange has said that Wikileaks has more docs on Hillary that the public will find interesting — but not necessarily interesting enough to torpedo her election chances. Frankly, I’m not hopeful. Emailgate should have done her in, but the wildcard (FBI Director Comey) showed us which team he’s playing for back in July. All hope evaporated when the so-called “straight arrow Republican” declined to recommend indictment for Hillary when they had her dead to rights. The fix is in, folks. Republicans — even Trumpians — don’t do well when fixes are in.

Let us know what you think in the comments.