Building The Blame Game Or How To Create An Excuse


The following is another missive from my friend in Washington, Reeko:

There are copy editors already prepping headlines for November which will read something like this:
Etc. ad nauseam…

Why? Because the coming landslide of Trump will be of such epic size that no self-respecting Democrat would ever think that they were that many more legal and valid voters out-voting their built-in fraud and bias that have consistently elected progressive after progressive for decades.

But, for those and similar headlines, urging the massive public sentiment and anger they are designed to foment to work, some sleight-of-hand, voo-doo-govern-media groundwork has to be done first. And it is.

Since Trump is running up numbers in demographics like no other Republican has in over 40 years, those with the most to lose from a Trump presidency are scared to death. And that is only IF (big “if) Hillary even makes it through the debates and all the way to election day. I personally still don’t think she will make it. There are already DNC party apparatchiks scheming on a viable Plan B.

In the meantime, the progressive “machine” is prepping the electoral altercation that is about to be inflicted, ie: a Trump election day blowout of epic proportions.

Since the political wing of the FBI is fully cooperating, with too many instances to cite, suspicions are starting to appear even among career FBI folks, and – you can take this as it comes from sources – that these suspicions are likely valid in almost all of them. Coercion and subversion of our laws by those who were supposed to be enforcing them will not sit quite right for long. Yet, now comes this….

In order to substantiate the charge that the coming election was “stolen” from Hillary and the American electorate, progressives and their enablers must lay the groundwork for a very real challenge to the few on-line voter rolls and verification systems. This is not conspiracy theory, this is actually happening. Now. Right now. And it looks something like this:

1. First, the political arm of the FBI accidentally leaks a seemingly alarming “flash” report of “possible” foreign hackers in a couple of state’s voter registration systems. They leak this “flash” directly to one of the largest online govern-media leftist news groups that there is: Yahoo News.

2. The true believers at Yahoo News do their best work by reporting on the FBI accidental leak, except that somehow, Yahoo News infers throughout their report that those evil Russians are behind such a hacking breach.

3. Right on cue, Harry Reid and other leading Democrats start calling for FBI investigations, with their Democrat accomplices at the New York Times bellowing this ACTUAL HEADLINE:

“Harry Reid Cites Evidence of Russian Tampering in U.S. Vote, and Seeks F.B.I. Inquiry”

4. Well obviously to those who never question the govern-media, Trump’s campaign staffers who had any connection to any Russian businesses at all – ever – are now all guilty as sin of “rigging” (using Trump’s word for it!) our voting system. Rigged elections! In America! Not that there was any of that in any Dem primary or anything… Superdelegate? What’s that?

5. And there it is… As of this writing, the evil deeds and evil seeds have been done and sown. As Rush Limbaugh has said for over 20 years, it ain’t the facts that matter… it is only the allegations that matter. Facts be damned – like “Russian” hackers (instead of North Koreans this time!) the facts will not matter to the masses. Only the headlines and the agit-prop aimed at the Molotov cocktail throwers, the damage will be intentional.

Meanwhile, there will be no stopping the coming Trump-Pence landslide. Unfortunately that means Dems are going to spin lies like a ceiling fan about the results. That will include an army of lawyers who are already typing up legal challenges alluding to Russian hacking of voter rolls.  What can anybody do? The masses don’t understand that even if voter rolls were hacked – by anybody – voter rolls do not equal votes!

reeko forsazh


As always, the contents of this post do not necessarily reflect the thinking of your humble blogress. My own thinking, actually,  is that Trump is poised to lose big in November, unless something major comes out to derail Hillary’s campaign. Julian Assange has said that Wikileaks has more docs on Hillary that the public will find interesting — but not necessarily interesting enough to torpedo her election chances. Frankly, I’m not hopeful. Emailgate should have done her in, but the wildcard (FBI Director Comey) showed us which team he’s playing for back in July. All hope evaporated when the so-called “straight arrow Republican” declined to recommend indictment for Hillary when they had her dead to rights. The fix is in, folks. Republicans — even Trumpians — don’t do well when fixes are in.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


22 thoughts on “Building The Blame Game Or How To Create An Excuse

  1. Add…..Jeh Johnsonn from DHS was put in charge of the election by the White House. This could be the coup de’tat that people have been talking about for years.

    The republican establishment (who dislikes Trump) will just roll over and hardly wimper. They are all on the same side of corruption as the clinton’s, just aren’t quite as good at it.

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  2. Yeah, they were talking about the Guvmint taking over the “cybersecurity” of the elections this time around because of the threat of Russky or ChiCom hacking, just incidentally headed up with Johnson.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    For any brain-dead lib reading this, let me spell it out: If the guvmint can get to the security aspects of each jurisdiction’s voting apparatus, it won’t be the Russkies or ChiComs we will be screwed by, it will be the sleaziest, most cheating, most lying, most thieving admin in world history that will rig said election. And libs are so willfully ignorant they couldn’t care less because, bottom line, their bitch-dog won.


  3. of course, this post above also assumes that Hillary actually makes it to election day as the candidate. remember, I’ve bet heavily on my strong belief that Hillary will NOT be the actual candidate in November. the drip, drip, drip of all her nastiness is literally turning into a mudslide – every day. even her own people (not to be confused with Obama’s people) are turning against her. the DNC is coming apart and Democrat “leadership” is virtually non-existent. except for the media that is… what is it now, three new DNC Chairpersons since just a few months ago? I’ve lost count.

    and Trump aint even begun to get steamrolling. stagecraft is HIS game. and he is good – very good – at it.

    I seriously doubt that the debates get past the first one. she may not even make that one. like I said, the DNC is already considering what to do for a backup candidate. they know – and it is really obvious – that Hillary will be run over by the Trump train. remember the percentages I predicted here back in January:

    “I’ve also predicted that he will get up to 40% of the Democrat vote, 30-40% of the Hispanic vote, 50-60% of the women’s vote, up to 70% of the Millennial vote, and surprisingly, up to 30% of the Black vote. it will be a landslide of epic proportions. but that’s just me. ”

    I see absolutely no reason to change any of those predictions. the only prediction that I might need to fudge on is that Trump will take 45 states in the electoral college. BUT… Texas probably won’t be one of them. that’s right. Texas is going blue. the three factions of GOP voters in that state simply aren’t going to kiss and make up in time to unite against whomever the Dem candidate might turn out to be. but, that is just a guess. one thing is for certain, there is Stupid…. then there is Glenn Beck Stupid. and a lot of Texans went down that road with Glenn Beckism/Cruzerism a long time ago. they will apparently join the establishment wannabes in the #nevertrump crowd, and the results in Texas will be disastrous.


  4. …and… right on cue: the Washington (Com)Post has now declared that the Russians are indeed hacking the DNC and (maybe) voter rolls. their version of if-the-message-stinks-invent-a-“look! Russian squirrel!” 😀

    the emails are that damaging.

    apparently the dimwit bulbs of the DNC aren’t too sure about what exactly is “hacking” and how any unsecured email or communication of any type, which can easily be read by virtually anybody, becomes an insidious conspiracy by would-be evil doers world wide. or not… remember when they ran with the story of how North Koreans “hacked” Sony servers? bwahahaha…

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I worked and still associate with folks who worked for the current DNI Clapper. I’ve met him, but just socially. those who know him invariably say that he is and always has been a willing political wonk of the first class order. any person running the Obama administration’s office of disinformatsiya would have to be. but that is just IMO.

    reeko forsazh


  5. PS: re-reading that WaPost article, it is literally chock-full of weasel words, insinuations, and outright prevarications. this is what is known in the publishing business as garbage dumping. yet, it has a purpose. remember, its not the facts that matter – just the allegations.


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  6. Reeko, I think you’re being overly optimistic regarding a Trump landslide. You might be closer about hillary making it to November though. I believe there is a 3-5 point advantage of Trump’s not being factored in current polling. People who are hesitant about revealing they are voting Trump.

    The dems have been running around screaming that the Russians did it, the Russians did it……. five minutes after the story broke, then a hour later they included that Trump was in colusion with Putin. I have yet to hear DNI Clapper confirm that the Russians were involved with it, but that hasnt stopped the dems from laying blame.

    If they delegitimize the election and Trump wins expect the dnc talking heads all over the tube in a replay of Gore v Bush taking shots at him. Refer to Alinsky Rule #_____.

    Fortunately for us, Trump has stopped shooting himself in the foot and the corruption stories are flowing each and every day for the bitch. Right here I have my fingers and everything else that can be crossed……crossed. We will not survive another 4 years like the last 8.


  7. Deb: Are you doing something different with the pictures at the top of your posts these days? The last few have shown up on my sidebar feed as really tall, and olny the left hand portion. Might be a wordpress thing?


  8. As a big rig driver, I have a lot of time to “create” in my mind. Here’s a new word for y’all, very applicable to the upcoming elections:


    We all know what an idiocracy is, but we are headed into a stifling vacuocracy where our “leaders” are such vacuous idiocrats they appeal to the guvmint-educated morons that system has produced en masse.

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  9. I hope folks are starting to see what I said in this article. It is happening already, and getting ready to steamroll the more Trump climbs in the polling. And yes, the polls are still manufactured for the legacy media consumption and, more importantly, to influence – not measure – elections. However, as others have stated for years, the pollsters reputations do rest on their accuracy, so right before the elections they should drop some of their shenanigans. What that means is… get ready for the Russians-Are-Hacking-The-Election meme to get turned up to high volume.
    Oh, and my metrics still show a 6 point “fudge factor” leaning Left in generally all polls. There are some that don’t, but I’m not giving them away. 😉 Some folks put the fudge factor at 8 points and use the Brexit vote to substantiate it. OK. I’ll give it that it might be as high as 8, but I don’t think it is. Whatever, if they can’t/won’t manufacture polling that averages Hillary ahead of the fudge factor (6 to 8 points) then that equates to a Trump landslide. AND guarantees that Hillary lied her lips off at the debate by claiming that she will accept the results of the election. Good grief. She has literally a legion of legal staff prepping legal challenges across the entire country expecting a Trump win. Part of those briefs will be the fallacy of “Russian hacking” to the benefit of Trump. Pure bovine excrement. – 😦


  10. Forgot the URL. Was not surprised to see that even Rush Limbaugh has figured out the “Russian Hack” meme is being generated. That means readers her at NiceDeb are way ahead of the curve! LOL
    Seriously, do not doubt me on this. Today’s blinking out of the East Coast’s DNS servers was in no way whatsoever the Russians. It was most likely your honestly honest gosh darn honest folks working for the DNC or a Hillary Super PAC. Bet on it. I am. 😉


  11. Carlos, plz don’t poke the troll. ignoring them is what I do. but, that is a very good question u asked…. is he (and the others) paid by the keystroke, or by the amount of posts, or some other financial arrangement? that is a good question!


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