Saturday Movie Matinee: Carly vs Trump On Foreign Policy

Hugh Hewitt: Donald Trump and Hugh Hewitt Discuss Foreign Policy:

HH: Are you familiar with General Soleimani?

DT: Yes, but go ahead, give me a little, go ahead, tell me.

HH: He runs the Quds Forces.

DT: Yes, okay, right.

HH: Do you expect his behavior…

DT: The Kurds, by the way, have been horribly mistreated by …

HH: No, not the Kurds, the Quds Forces, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Forces.

DT: Yes, yes.

HH: …is the bad guys.

DT: Right.

HH: Do you expect his behavior to change as a result…

DT: Oh, I thought you said Kurds, Kurds.

HH: No, Quds.

DT: Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you said Kurds, because I think the Kurds have been poorly treated by us, Hugh. Go ahead.

Hugh Hewitt: Carly Fiorina and Hugh Hewitt Discuss Foreign Policy:

HH: Now, again, you have no idea what I asked Donald. There’s been social media on it, so let me just begin where I began with him.

CF: Just for the record, Hugh, I never know what you’re going to ask me.

HH: (laughs) That’s true. I just don’t do that with people. But aren’t you familiar with General Soleimani?

CF: Yes. . .

HH: What do you know about him?

CF: Well, why don’t you tell me why you’re asking because I could go a lot of different directions here, but what’s the issue you’re trying to get at?

HH: Whether he and the Quds force’s behavior would be impacted by the Iranian deal.

CF: Okay. . . Of course (laughs). There’s no doubt. There’s no doubt. Look, we know that the general of the Quds force has been a powerful tool of the Iranian regime to sow conflict. We also know that the Quds forces are responsible for the deaths and woundings of American soldiers. We also that the Quds forces have been in Syria and a whole bunch of other countries in the Middle East. The Iranian deal – which sadly, has just been approved by Congress – starts a massive flow of money, and that money is going to be used not only to build up an Iranian nuclear weapon – which they have been hell-bent on getting for thirty years – that money is also going to go to the Quds forces, going to go Hezbollah. It’s going to go to all of Iran’s proxies which is why I’ve said to you on other occasions, Hugh, that we have to stop the money flow. And even if Congress had succeeded in stopping this deal – which we now know they have not – the reality is that China and Russia and European money are already flowing to Quds forces among proxies. And that’s why I’ve said I’d cut off the money flow by letting the Supreme Leader know that, hey, there’s a new deal, and we’re going to make it as hard as possible for you to move money around the global financial system so that we cut off the money flow from the Iranian regime to whomever, including the Quds force.

HH: Now there are a lot of dangerous terrorist leaders in the world. There’s Hassan Nasrallah, there’s Al-Zawahiri. There’s al-Julani. There’s Abu-bakar al-Baghdadi. There’s al-Asiri. There’s al-Masri. Do you most of these without a scorecard, Carly Fiorina?

CF: Well, I have to be very honest with you and say that sometimes I can get confused a bit between the name and group because they sound a bit alike sometimes, so I have to pause and think sometimes. But, I certainly know all those names both of the individual leaders and of the terrorist groups. I certainly understand where these terrorists are in play. I certainly understand that one of the most dangerous things that is going on right now is competition among these leaders and among their terrorist groups. So on the one hand, we see organizations like Boko-Haram pledging allegiance to ISIS – in other words – joining forces and conducting horrific acts on behalf of ISIS. But on the other hand, we see competition among these groups, so Al-Qaeda and ISIS are competing now. Al-Nusra is competing. That’s also dangerous because the way these terrorist groups compete is by one-upping each other in the horrific nature of the violence that they conduct.

Fox News: Donald Trump Trashes Journalist After Foreign Policy Flub:

WSJ: Americans Volunteer to Fight ISIS in Syria:

PJTV Trifecta: How to Solve Our Illegal Immigration Crisis:

Fox News: Should Presidential Candidates Embrace Activists?

Colin Flaherty: War on cops in Madison, Wisconsin and Dover, Delaware:


The Council Has Spoken! Our Watcher’s Council Results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“But those that tell lies, that seek my soul to destroy it,they shall go into the nethermost parts of the earth; they shall fall by the sword; they shall be a portion for foxes” – Psalm 63

“Obama’s got something against Israel” – Rush Limbaugh, June 8th, 2009

“Tell me what company you keep and I’ll tell you what you are.” – Miguel Cervantes, Spanish writer.

This week’s winning essay by a nose,Joshuapundit’s Is Obama An Anti-Semite? was sparked by a disgustingly servile interview with the very Left leaning Jewish magazine Forward, in which he whined about people calling him an anti-Semite, especially over the language he used to characterize Jewish opponents of his Iran deal. Since the Foward wouldn’t address that question (or pretty much anything else) seriously, I thought perhaps someone should. Here’s a slice:

President Barack Obama had something to say about that in a servile interview with the Leftist Jewish magazine Forward:

President Obama challenged critics who suggested that he was anti-Semitic as he continues to promote his nuclear deal with Iran, ignoring Israeli leaders who are expressing concerns about it.

“There’s not a smidgen of evidence for it, other than the fact that there have been times where I’ve disagreed with a particular Israeli government’s position on a particular issue,” Obama said in an interview with when asked how he felt about the accusation.

Of course, one shouldn’t expect the Forward to do much in the way of a real interview with this president. To show how hilarious the whole thing was, after allowing President Obama to repeat his usual talking points about how wonderful the Iran deal is, they finished up with this idiocy:

Q: Thank you. One last question. One of my daughters wants to know, what’s your favorite bagel flavor?

THE PRESIDENT: I was always a big poppy seed guy.

Q: Poppy seed.

THE PRESIDENT: So the poppy seed bagels at H&H Bagels — which somebody told me they closed —

BEN RHODES: They closed.

Q: It’s closed, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Which is shocking.

MR. RHODES: My school was a block from H&H bagels.

THE PRESIDENT: I mean, I would walk down from —

MR. RHODES: Columbia.

THE PRESIDENT: — Columbia just to get H&H bagels on Saturdays or on the weekends.

Q: And what do you like on a poppy seed?

THE PRESIDENT: Just a schmear.

Q: Just a schmear.

THE PRESIDENT: Lox and capers okay, but generally just your basic schmear.

Yes, one of those tough, hard hitting interviews.Notice how he had to be prompted on Columbia University by his director of strategic communications Ben Rhodes, who apparently sat in on this?

But let’s address the question seriously, shall we? The first thing that caught my eye was the president’s language about there not being a smidgen of evidence that he was anti-semitic or anti-Israel. Now where did we hear that before?

Oh, now I remember! It was back when this president told us that there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption in the IRS after allegations that the IRS targeted the president’s political enemies or conservative groups. Oddly enough, one of them, Z-Street is a pro-Israel organization run by a friend of mine, Lori Lowenthal Marcus, a Pennsylvania lawyer.

They won a suit against the Obama IRS last year for exactly this kind of targeting. And Z Street was by no means the only one targeted. Admittedly, we have, shall we say, a less than effective Republican leadership and caucus, so this never got pursued to its logical end. But there was obviously more than a smidgen of corruption based on what we now know and how the White House chose to stonewall things.

So, when this president talks about a smidgen of anything, what should we assume that means?

Since we can’t know what’s in Barack Obama’s heart and he’s not exactly the most truthful of men, let’s examine this in another way and see if we can get a clue.

Suppose, hypothetically, a public figure is accused of racism against blacks, which he of course denies.

So you look into his background. And you find that from his earliest days, his closest associates have been people like Tom Metzger, Willis Carto, David Duke, Sam Bowers,Bill Church, Larry Payne, Stormfront’s Don Black and Chloê Hardi and Bo Gritz.

Let’s say that his pastor whom he described as his ‘spiritual mentor’ was Thomas Robb and his church for two decades was Robb’s Christian Revival Center.

Let’s further assume that this man was our president, that his administration includes a number of people with questionable views on Africa and on American blacks, and that his administration has policies toward African nations that appear to be hostile.

In fact, let’s imagine that Black and Hardi are regular visitors to the White House and help in determining political strategy. And that this president is clever enough to have a number of self-serving blacks in his employ or in a bogus ‘civil rights’ organization he created as a cover for any accusations of racism.

I think many people might describe this politician as a racist, or at the very least someone with racist tendencies. After all, if you hang with those folks, there’s obviously an affinity, no?

Let’s examine President Barack Obama with that same criteria. The comparison isn’t totally workable, since racism against blacks is socially unacceptable in much of the world, not well organized and hardly funded while anti-semitism, sometimes disguised as ‘anti-Zionism’ is well organized, socially chic and thriving, but let’s try and see what we can do

More at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was music legend Charlie Daniels with Charlie Daniels’ Open Letter to Congress: ‘You’ve Betrayed Your Country’ submitted by Joshuapundit

I wa struck by this the minute I saw it. I think you will be too because it catches the mood of much of America right now perfectly.

Here are this week’s full results.:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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Black Militant Declares War on Whites; “It’s Open Season”

A video has surfaced from a black militant who goes by “King Noble of Black Supremacy,” (website here) talking about the execution-style shooting of Texas deputy Darren Goforth, and exhorting fellow travelers to duplicate the murder, as it’s now “open season on white people.”


He went on to say “It’s funny that now we are moving to a time where the predator (white people) will become the prey.”

Noting that blacks are at a strategic disadvantage because they are outnumbered and many whites are armed, he reminds his followers that the buffaloes outnumber the lions but buffaloes are picked off by lions; one by one by one.



He referenced the #TexasShooting & the #VirginiaShooting & said, “IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN. IT’S OPEN SEASON ON KILLING WHITE PEOPLE & CRACKERS.”

He concluded, “IT’S NOT SAFE ANYMORE TO BE WHITE IN AMERICA.” He says whites & cops better make some serious social changes at this point cause it’s not looking good.”

This is just the latest example of the terroristic rhetoric we’ve been hearing from some of the more militant members of the BlackLivesMatter/Black grievance industry.

Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan recently called on his followers to rise up and kill their enemies.

So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,” he added.

Note the similar hunter/prey language: “stalk and kill.” 


Again with the hunter/prey language.


And “When those mother f**kers are by themselves, that’s when when we should start f***ing them up.”

The idea is to find a white person walking alone somewhere in the city, stalk him/her, and when the time is right, viciously sucker-punch him/her in the head.

The attackers often sadistically continue the assault after the unsuspecting person is on the ground and unconscious.

This crime knows no age limits. The thugs target 80 year old ladies, juveniles, Asians, mentally disabled, handicapped, and gays to “f*ck them up.”

The knock out game is not new. It’s been happening for a long time. Years.

Wildly out of proportion black on white crime has been happening for decades. There are countless middle aged whites living among us who suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome because they were bussed to black schools in the 70s.

“King Nobel” et al are not “turning the tables” on anything. They are escalating an already fairly commonplace, ugly and violent problem.

They are allowed – even encouraged by the Obama administration, to walk among us and they suffer no consequences for making terrorist threats. The Regime signalled to black radicals all across America that they would be officially “looking the other way” at the very beginning of Obama’s tenure when the DOJ dropped the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

Race relations under Obama’s watch are as bad as they’ve ever been – and that’s not by accident.

The key to ending this is total rejection of the black grievance industry’s doctrines of “white supremacy” and “white privilege” which feed into a toxic culture of black resentment toward whites.

We need to off the government spigot that encourages generational dependency on government. Fully grown adults are infantilized by the toxic culture of dependency and perpetual grievance. Widespread, generational Welfare is HellCare.We have  entire communities of sociopaths because people never learned to take responsibility for themselves. Add to that their irrational hatred and resentment toward whites and you’ve got a toxic brew.

White guilt helps feed this beast. White libs make themselves feel better by perpetuating policies and attitudes that perpetuate the problems.

Of course, nothing changes as long as liberals control things because solutions to these problems involve individual blacks learning to think for themselves, rely on themselves and reject liberal narratives about white oppression. And that means fewer votes for Democrats. For the white liberal, keeping blacks down means keeping their votes.

As Lyndon Johnson said 50 years ago when he passed the “Great Society” legislation, “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

Well, he turned out to be quite prescient – to everyone’s detriment.


KSNV: Officer Shot In Las Vegas:

A police officer who was responding to a burglary call has been shot near Rainbow and Alta, according to Metro police. The area around the intersection is closed to traffic, along with the U.S. 95 Rainbow exits.

Two officers that responded to the scene were taken by surprise when entering the residence, and Sheriff Lombardo says the officer was shot by a high-powered firearm, and returned fire on the suspects.

The officer’s wound is not life-threatening, thank goodness. He was shot in the upper leg and was in surgery at the time of the report.

One man is in custody, after getting bitten by a police dog, and the police are still looking for the other suspect who is described as “an adult black male wearing basketball shorts and no shirt, with a two-inch afro.”

Lock them up and throw away the key.

Our Weasel Of The Week!

Yes, once again, It’s time to present this week’s statuette of shame, The Golden Weasel!!

Every Tuesday, the Council nominates some of the slimiest, most despicable characters in public life for some deed of evil, cowardice or corruption they’ve performed. Then we vote to single out one particular Weasel for special mention, to whom we award the statuette of shame, our special, 100% plastic Golden Weasel. This week’s nominees were particularly slimy and despicable, but the votes are in and we have our winner…the envelope please…

Raciali$t Organizer and Cop Hater Carol (Sunshine) Sullivan!

 Puma By Design : My nominee for Weasel of the Week goes to Carol (Sunshine) Sullivan, an organizer of F***YoFlag, #FYF911 and #BlackLivesMatter movements.

Less than 24 hours before Bryce Williams aka Vesper Lee Flanagan II shot and killed two WBDJ journalists, Alison Parker and Adam Ward on the air Black activist Carol (Sunshine) Sullivan, an organizer of F***YoFlag on her radio blog show hosted from Texas called, “Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show” allegedly gave members of #FYF911 or #FukYoFlag and #BlackLivesMatter a platform from which the hate/terrorist organizations called for the lynching of white people and law enforcement officers.

Two days after Parker and Ward were killed, Shannon J. Miles, a Black male pumped fifteen bullets into Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in Houston, Texas.

The killings are reminiscent of the shootings of two NYPD officers one week after Al Sharpton and Marxists paraded through the streets of New York City chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”

ALL were executions and all occurred after Marxists made the call.

Vesper Lee Flanagan stole two young innocent lives because they were Caucasians and because he felt entitled to that which he did not earn.

Black activists terrorists espousing hate and calling for the blood of “whitey” was more than enough for Flanagan’s diseased troubled mind to rationalize that killing Parker and Ward was only one way to remedy the situation.

While Sullivan and fellow activists terrorist leaders did not pull the triggers themselves, they have planted seeds of hate and violence influencing weak minds the result of which is bloodshed on the streets of America and the death of the innocent.

My biggest fear is that these terrorists are just getting warmed up.

I think it’s pretty evident that they’re just getting warmed up, at least when it comes to the police killings that have occurred lately. Actually, I think what amounts to a black on white race war has been going on for some time, to the despair of many Americans of all races. It’s just more out in the open now, and has graduated to murdering police rather than rapes,the knock out game, and flash mobs assembled via twitter and Facebook.

What people like Carol Sullivan and others see is a sympathetic president who has never failed to comment and intervene when it comes to supposed black victims like Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin being totally silent when it comes to black on white crime and what amounts to executions of police.

That’s not an accident, either. There’s a reason Obama intimates are involved, Al Sharpton doing the cheerleading and agitating and George Soros funding #Black lives matter and the Ferguson rioters. The Left revels in chaos and destruction, because it is a useful tactic for establishing totalitarianism.

Our Weasel ‘Sunshine’ is just a well-paid foot soldier of the regime. This week’s statuette of shame was carefully spray painted black, so as not to upset her racialist sympathies. Congrats, ‘Sunshine’,  for bringing more darkness into the world.


Well, there it is.

Check back next Tuesday to see who next week’s nominees for Weasel of the Week are!

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Our Watcher’s Council Nominations – Blood Moon Edition

Interesting times indeed…

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday morning.

Council News:

Don Surber
has published his second book, part of his series ‘Exceptional Americans – The Capitalists.’ Like the first one, it’s series of short essays on amazing Americans, many of whom you will never have heard of whom changed the way we live. And it’s a perfect antidote for sheep-like baa baa-ing of the ‘socialism is good’ crowd. Available at Create Space, and at Amazon and on kindle by Labor Day. Highly recommended.

So, let’s see what we have for you today…

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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Obama Finally Surpasses Al Gore in Climate Alarmism


The fact is that climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. That, ladies and gentleman, must change. We are not acting fast enough.”

“Unless the world acts more aggressively and more quickly, “entire nations will find themselves under severe, severe problems: More drought. More floods. Rising sea levels. Greater migration. More refugees. More scarcity. More conflict.”

“If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”


ice melt

After several days of propagating some of the most hysterical global warming warnings ever made, Obama was roundly rebuffed, as several Superpowers Refused To Sign Arctic Climate Agreement.

The US-led GLACIER environmental conference in Anchorage ended with a joint declaration calling for more international action to tackle climate change. But Russia (the world’s leading oil and gas producer), China (the world largest producer of goods), and India with its huge emerging economy opted not to sign the document, however nonbinding it might appear. For China and India reducing emissions entails huge expenditure and loss of economic effectiveness, and for Russia the upcoming environmental deal brings additional costs to the oil and gas extraction industries. Moscow is boosting Russia’s presence in the Arctic, including militarily, for at least two reasons: future hydrocarbons extraction and the Northern Sea Route, a much shorter way from Asia to Europe, which could soon be operable year-around because of less ice in the Arctic Ocean.

But President O-ManBearPig has managed to finally replace Al Gore as the nation’s most hysterical and ridiculous alarmist.

Are You Ready For The Coming Crash?

I’m assuming most of you already know this, but a stock market crash is on the way. Are y’all stocked up? Things could get ugly out there very quickly. (Uglier than they already are, that is.)

Here’s a chart predicting probabilities of when it will hit, created by the financial blogger Shenandoah:


The dates that I think are at the highest probabilities are as follows:

RED: 80% or Higher

YELLOW: 50-80%

PURPLE: 30-50%

BLUE: Less than 30%

Zero Hedge says we’ve officially entered the danger zone.

Hussman is projecting that we could ultimately see the market decline by more than 50 percent


In addition to the chaos in the financial world, we are also witnessing a convergence of events during the month of September that is pretty much unprecedented.  I know that I have never seen anything quite like it in my lifetime.

Recently, I put together a list of 33 events that we know will happen next month, and you can find that list right here.  Instead of repeating the entire article, I just want to highlight a few items from the list…

If that continues, a much crummier thing happens: margin balances reverse. And the last two times they did after a majestic record-breaking spike, the stock market crashed.

In addition to the chaos in the financial world, we are also witnessing a convergence of events during the month of September that is pretty much unprecedented.  I know that I have never seen anything quite like it in my lifetime.

Recently, I put together a list of 33 events that we know will happen next month, and you can find that list right here.  Instead of repeating the entire article, I just want to highlight a few items from the list…

September 13 – The last day of the Shemitah year.  During the last two Shemitah cycles, we witnessed record-breaking stock market crashes on the very last day of the Shemitah year (Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar).  For example, if you go back to September 17th, 2001 (which was Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar), we witnessed the greatest one day stock market crash in all of U.S. history up until that time.  The Dow plunged 684 points, and it was a record that held for exactly seven years until the end of the next Shemitah cycle.  On September 29th, 2008 (which was also Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar), the Dow plummeted 777 points, which still today remains the greatest one day stock market crash of all time in the United States.  Now we are in another Shemitah year.  It began in the fall of 2014, and it ends on September 13th, 2015.

September 15 – The 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins on this date.  It has been widely reported that France plans to introduce a resolution which will give formal UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state shortly after the new session begins.  Up until now, the U.S. has always been the one blocking such a resolution, but Barack Obama has already indicated that things may be different this time around.  It would be extremely difficult to overstate the significance of this.

September 25 to September 27 – The United Nations launches a brand new “universal agenda” for humanity known as “the 2030 Agenda“.

September 28 – This is the date for the last of the four blood moons that fall on Biblical festival dates during 2014 and 2015.  This blood moon will be a “supermoon” and it will be clearly visible from the city of Jerusalem.

If you don’t know what a “supermoon” is, the following is a pretty good summary of what we should expect to see

On the night of 27 to 28 September, the Moon is closest to us at 2.46am, only an hour before it’s full. As a result, this supermoon will appear 14 percent bigger in the sky than the Moon at its most distant and smallest, and it should be 30 percent brighter. The Moon will certainly look unusually big and brilliant around 2am. But at 2.07am you’ll see a small chunk being nibbled out of its brilliant disc by the Earth’s shadow. Sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness, the Moon is totally eclipsed by 3.11am. It remains completely in the shadow of the Earth until 4.23am, when the full Moon gradually begins to emerge.

There has been lots and lots of speculation about other events that could take place during the month of September, but as of right now I cannot prove that any of them will actually happen.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not watching.

If it sounds ominous to you when I say that we are “entering the danger zone” during the month of September, that is good, because that is precisely the tone that I am attempting to convey.

When things start completely falling apart in this nation, millions upon millions of Americans will complain that nobody warned them in advance about what was coming.

Well, I am warning you right now.

Get ready.