Saturday Movie Matinee: New ObamaCare Rules ‘Approach Banana Republic Lawlessness’

Krauthammer on New ObamaCare Rules: “This Now Approaches Banana Republic Lawlessness”: Via Ace, ANC Sign Language Guy Translates Obama’s Obamacare Promises: (Language warning): Doctors Slam Impact Of H’Care Law In DC As Celebs Are Tapped To Tout Law Dr Ben Carson Cavuto: Glenn Beck on Mark Levin’s Radio Show 12.12.2013:  WBAL-MD: After Two Months Of Trying, … Continue reading

Monday Morning Catch-up: Violent Chicago Teen Mob, Google Celebrates Easter, Obamas Go To Church….Rubio Under Investigation?

Wow, there sure was a lot of news this Easter weekend. You would think people would be taking it easy and spending time with family – and just being good. But no. Chicago had a warm weekend – soooo: Weasel Zippers: Hundreds Of Teens Harass People On Chicago’s Michigan Avenue: (CBS) — The warmest day … Continue reading

Friday Free-For-All

  For this Ramirez cartoon, and many others, see Townhall. Getting right to it… The Daily Caller: Obama to Congress: I’ll decide what’s constitutional: Election season is here, and you might think President Obama would be going  out of his way to show voters that he can be trusted with the powers of the  presidency. … Continue reading

Friday Free-For All

Cartoon by Nate Beeler via Townhall Just a few quick links, this Friday because I’ve REALLY got to get those cookies going. First, some great Fast and Furious news that got short shrift because of all the focus on the stupid payroll tax showdown in Washington. Matthew Boyle at The Daily Caller: RNC chairman promises … Continue reading