Former Obama Staffer Charged With Identity Theft In Scheme To Smear IA Republican Sec. Of State

Iowa blogger Shane Vander Hart has more, including this mug shot of Zachary Edwards, a Democratic operative. I hope that headline got your attention because this story is everything it implies and more. John Hinderaker at Powerline has the scoop: Not Just A Democrat Dirty Trick, But A Crime: A few years ago, as part … Continue reading

Obama Precinct Captain Maria Isabel Says Obama “Prohibited” Her From Talking About Her Che Flag

You remember this flap from earlier this year.  Houston Obama campaign volunteer, Maria Isabel was interviewed by a local t.v. station and seen hanging on the wall next to an American flag, and a a peace flag is a Cuban  Che Guevera flag. There was quite a buzz about it in the blogosphere, although the … Continue reading

More On Obama And Che

FrontPageMagazine has some additional info on that campaign worker in Texas who displayed that Che Guevara poster inside the Obama campaign’s Houston Office. It turns out she’s no “low level” volunteer: The campaign volunteer who hung the Che poster is named Maria Isabel (second photo above) and according to the Lone Star Times, she hung … Continue reading

Video: Vets Seeing Red Over Obama-Flag Flown In Front of Democrat Headquarters in FL

Obama flags are nothing new. They have been flying here and there for three and a half years in clear violation of the flag code,  and the Obama administration has done absolutely nothing to discourage it. I suspect Obama kinda digs it. Some vets in Lake County, FL, however, were incensed when they saw a … Continue reading

Friday Free-For-All

I don’t know where to start, today, so how about a little bit of everything? First up – the NRCC’s new ad about Grayson, “National Embarrassment” . They played it straight, unlike Townhall, yesterday, Despite the widespread approbation and ridicule, Grayson’s ads have inspired, MSNBC’s Ed (Genius Envy)Schultz says Democrats should follow Grayson’s lead. I … Continue reading

Raw Videos From AZ Protests, Today

Governor  Brewer called the judge’s decision halting the immigration law, “a bump in the road”.  Illegals and their allies took to the streets in Phoenix,  well aware that the fight is not over: Anti-war front group for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party, International Answer, in attendance? Check. Che Guevara signs? Check. Mexican flags waving? Check. … Continue reading

Protest Fail: Astroturf Pro- Illegal Demonstrators Greet Gov. Jan Brewer In Boston In Anemic Numbers

Pro-illegal immigration forces protested AZ Governor, Jan Brewer, Saturday, as she attended the annual Governors Assoc. meeting in Boston. Bused in? Check Pre-printed Signs? Check “Screaming masses”?  Check Unions? Check Overwrought accusations of racism? Check Organized by ANSWER, front group for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party? C.H.E.C.K: Join the movement to defeat anti-immigrant racism! Protests … Continue reading