Obama Lied Shamelessly About Ayers, ACORN, and BAIPA During Final Debate

But, before you listen to his lies and obfuscations, watch his totally inappropriate demeanor, as these troubling associations are brought up. He is positively beaming when McCain mentions ACORN, the thoroughly corrupt, radical organization that has spent $18 million to sign up 1.3 million voters in 21 states, and is now being investigated by the … Continue reading

Obama Taps Former ACORN Lobbyist To Head Obamacare Youth Video Contest…

Deepak Bhargava spent ten years working in various capacities for the community organization ACORN. The Regime is launching an ObamaCare video contest designed to encourage low info drones to sign up for ObamaCare. The Dept of Health and Human Service is offering cash prizes to cultists who create the best propaganda videos. The administration will partner with Young … Continue reading

Stanley Kurtz: Understanding Obama’s Radical Past Is Key To Safeguarding Our Future

Stanley Kurtz was an indispensable source of information for info on Obama’s radical past during the 2008 election campaign. Here’s a sampling of the posts I did based on his research, in case you’re interested in taking a trip down memory lane: Does Obama Share The Educational Philosophy of Ayers And Klonsky? Why Does ACORN Pressure … Continue reading

White House Orchestrated NEA Propaganda Campaign For Obama

Big Government has released the full audio and transcript from the NEA conference call, Big Hollywood blogger, Patrick Courrielche wrote about last month. Front and center of these latest revelations is Buffy (the Walmart slayer) Wicks, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. Among other things, the audios will reveal Buffy saying: … Continue reading

Claim:ObamaCare *Opponents Duped Into Signing Pro-ObamaCare Petition At Denver OFA Rally

This is beyond the pale. Obama’s thugs are out of control. The OFA Bus tour, I blogged about on Thursday landed in Denver for a rally at a local high school, which the Obots in charge kept under tight control. Photojournalist, and Denver blogger, El Marco was there, and took some pictures. Get a load … Continue reading

House GOP Target ACORN

ACORN, a supposedly non-partisan organization, are flagrantly misusing taxpayer dollars  say  Republicans in a new House Oversight Committee report. The report, to be released Thursday afternoon, accuses ACORN of fraudulent activities and widespread corruption and calls for a criminal investigation into the advocacy group. It offers the first detailed account of the allegations that have … Continue reading

Obama To Create National Community Organizers On Steroids Army

We are so screwed part 896: Reporting from Washington — As Barack Obama builds his administration and prepares to take office next week, his political team is quietly planning for a nationwide hiring binge that would marshal an army of full-time organizers to press the new president’s agenda and lay the foundation for his reelection. … Continue reading

The Obama Juggernaut Of Corruption, Fraud, And Media Bias

What we’re seeing now on a day to day basis: Massive campaign finance fraud, Massive vote fraud, with assistance from Democrat Officials Disenfranchisement of Military votes, A near total media black out of Obama’s numerous radical, and corrupt associations, A media that has jumped on every opportunity to attack Obama’s opponents whether in the political … Continue reading

Obama/Ayers Timeline

Pallin’ around: 1987-1988: After Chicago’s schools are called “worst in America” by Education Secretary Bill Bennett,  a city-wide push for public school reform is called. A number of different civic-minded coalitions emerged to promote their reform agendas. Barack Obama’s Developing Communities project allied with the ABCs Coalition, a group apparently coordinated by (your patience is … Continue reading

New Project Veritas Video: Battleground Texas Illegally Copying Voter Data

In James O’Keefe’s latest sting in Texas, he catches the community organizing group Battleground Texas breaking Texas election law. As PJ Media’s J Christian Adams explains, “the group registers voters as deputy registrars, illegally copies information from voter registration forms, and then cranks the illegal information into the Wendy Davis campaign for Texas governor.” Battleground … Continue reading

Feds Finally Crack Down on 2012 Campaign Finance Fraud

Image via Powerline In 2012, Obama.com—which was run by Robert Roche, an American businessman and Obama fundraiser who lives in Shanghai — raised a boatload of money for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.. Roche’s China-based media company, Acorn International, runs infomercials on Chinese state television. Obama.com redirects to a specific donation page on BarackObama.com, the official … Continue reading

The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results

Once again, the Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and  the results are in for  for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up. This week we had a tie in our Council category between Joshuapundit‘s The Dirty Secret Behind ObamaCare No One’s Talking About and The Right Planet’s ObamaSoft — The World’s Worst Rollout in History, who applied his … Continue reading