The List: Political Retaliation in the Age of Obama

Obama wasn’t in office very long before his hyper-partisan administration was using brute political force to punish his political foes. It began almost immediately with the firing of Americorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin who ran afoul of Obama when his investigation identified misuse of AmeriCorps funds by a prominent Obama supporter. As the Obama administration winds to … Continue reading

The ObamaMessiah is Back

Good God.  They’re trying to resurrect the cult of personality crap. "With hard work and hope, change is always within our reach." —President Obama: — The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 10, 2015 Twitchy has captured some amusing conservative reactions to the tweet – which outnumber liberal reactions about 20 to 1. But this … Continue reading

Forum: What Is Your Opinion Of the New Proposed Internet Rules President Obama Wants The FCC To Impose?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What Is Your Opinion Of the New Proposed Internet Rules President Obama Wants The FCC To Impose? The Independent Sentinel … Continue reading

Report: Obama Dragged His Feet On Foley Rescue Attempt (Video)

Thursday morning, CIA-trained former senior intelligence officer,  Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer appeared on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C. with Larry O’Conner and Brian Wilson to discuss the ISIS execution of American journalist James Foley earlier this week. He dropped a little bit of a bombshell towards the end of the interview when he told the hosts … Continue reading

Monday Catch-Up: Obama Most Well-Traveled, Expensive President In History

    Matthew Boyle, Big Government: Exclusive – Study: Obama Most Well-Traveled, Expensive President In History Through Five Years: President Barack Obama has spent more time traveling abroad than other U.S. president in history at this point in their presidencies, according to a forthcoming study from the National Taxpayer Union Foundation (NTUF) provided exclusively to … Continue reading

Monday Morning Catch-Up: Is the Media Starting to Turn on Obama?

DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN and PATRICK H. CADDELL, The Politico: Obama’s Real Agenda: “Federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go,” President Obama said last week, flanked by uniformed firefighters and law-enforcement officers. “Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids.” He went on: “Border … Continue reading

Thursday Link-Around: The Costly Disaster That is ObamaCare

Today, the Romney campaign held a press conference call to discuss the Congressional Budget Office report that confirms that Obamacare is a costly disaster for American families and businesses. The call featured Governor Bobby Jindal who enlightened reporters on the disaster that is ObamaCare. The WSJ’s Sara Murray filed her report, here: Mitt Romney might … Continue reading

Obama Pulls a Biden: Cites “3 Proud Words” – “Made in the USA”

Oh brother. Somebody obviously needs more sleep. When POTUS starts channeling Joe Biden on the campaign trail, it ain’t good. Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller caught this: President Barack Obama pulled a Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday, gaffing  the number of words a certain patriotic phrase contains. At a campaign event in Kissimmee, Fla., … Continue reading

For the Love of God, Make it Stop: Obama Administration Opens Public Lands To More Solar Energy Projects

After wasting billions of taxpayer dollars “investing” in green energy failures, Obama administration is doubling down by opening public lands to more solar projects, while expediting solar project approvals(!) and “cutting upfront costs” for Obama cronies developers. This same administration at nearly every turn, has severely limited the development and availability of  other energy resources. … Continue reading

Video Evidence: Obama’s Big Reframing Speech, a Stale Rerun of April Speech

We were told that the “major address” given by the President, yesterday,  was going to significantly reframe his economic message, offering a welcome shift in rhetoric and approach. As Guy Benson reported at Townhall,  “Obama essentially repackaged the exact same speech he delivered in April, but inserted the names “Romney” and “Bush” a few more … Continue reading

In Which Obama Campaign Manager Unintentionally Provides Blogger With Awesome Opportunity To Do Tea Party/OWS Compare/Contrast

The President’s porcine and thuggish campaign manager, Jim Messina, has unintentionally afforded me an opportunity to engage in one of my favorite past times – comparing the ragtag collection of confused/violent/radical malcontents who make up the Occupy movement to the benign, patriotic, and genuinely peaceful tea party. Here is his latest fundraising letter, via Weasel … Continue reading