State Dept. Whistleblower Scandal Coming Back To Haunt Hillary

….On conservative websites, anyway. The MSM never had much of an appetite for this one. Via the Washington Free Beacon, The Washington Examiner continues its reporting on the Clinton State Department’s efforts to cover up alleged misconduct with new details about investigations thwarted by agency staff: State Department officials blocked investigations into potentially embarrassing allegations of misconduct from agency investigators … Continue reading

State Dept Whistleblower’s Emails Hacked and Deleted

Hillary Clinton’s State Department’s lethal incompetence may turn out to be exceeded only by its gross, stomach-turning corruption. Last July, you may remember, the offices of a Dallas law firm representing Aurelia Fedenisn, a former investigator at the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General, were broken into. The firm Schulman & Mathias was the only suite burglarized in … Continue reading

Video: Krauthammer Calls State Dept Stonewall on Benghazi a ‘Clinton Protection Operation’

Yesterday, we learned that Secretary of State John Kerry cleared of wrong-doing four State Department employees who had been put on leave last December by then Sec of State Hillary Clinton over Benghazi screw-ups. A senior State Department official confirmed to The Daily Beast Monday that all four officials placed on administrative leave were now returned … Continue reading

Drip-Drip-Drip – New Obama Scandal Emerges At DOE – Drip-Drip – Whistleblowers Illegally Gagged – Drip-Drip-Drip

I hear that Democrats think they’re going to pass amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants by encouraging the House to  pass whatever immigration bills it likes, then go to “conference” with the Senate bill. “Get us to a conference,” Menendez pleaded with the liberal activists, according to Slate’s Dave Weigel. “In a conference, we can negotiate the notion … Continue reading

Gowdy: It’s Sad That Whistleblowers ‘Have To Cloak Themselves In Confidentiality For Fear of Reprisal’ (Video)

Congressman Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News, this afternoon to talk about the new information that’s come out about Benghazi. Noting that he is primarily concerned about the eye witnesses, he said, “it is sad that someone would have to cloak themselves in confidentiality for fear of reprisal, but that’s where we are…” Responding to … Continue reading

The List: Political Retaliation in the Age of Obama

Obama wasn’t in office very long before his hyper-partisan administration was using brute political force to punish his political foes. It began almost immediately with the firing of Americorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin who ran afoul of Obama when his investigation identified misuse of AmeriCorps funds by a prominent Obama supporter. As the Obama administration winds to … Continue reading

Hillary Gives Up Possession of Private Email Server/Top Secret Emails found on Acct.

Welp – This should just about do it for Madame De Farge. Hillary Rodham Clinton relented Tuesday to months of demands she relinquish the personal email server she used while secretary of state, directing the device be given to the Justice Department. The decision advances the investigation into the Democratic presidential front-runner’s use of a private … Continue reading

Sheriff Babeu: Administration Knowingly Lied About Release of Criminal Detainees – “It Went All The Way up to the WH”

The MSM is finally waking up to a story that should have caused a firestorm when it hit the news over 18 months ago. Records have come to light that prove the Obama administration was lying when it repeatedly told the public and Congress that the thousands of illegal immigrants who were released from jail … Continue reading

Obama’s Rogue law Enforcement Unit Inside The EPA Comes Under Scrutiny (Video)

In the past few weeks, two new scandals have been added to the Regime’s already impressive list. Some of the more serious scandals include  Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA spying, DOJ spying on reporters, State Dept. retaliation against whistleblowers, and now we can add the VA scandal and the EPA’s illegal  “rogue law enforcement … Continue reading

Monday Catch-Up: Obama’s “Signature Achievement” Finally Has Bipartisan Agreement: Everyone Hates It!

In case you missed it: 60 Minutes decided to commit an act of journalism one year + after Benghazi, confirming what conservative have been saying all along. This wasn’t about some stupid video – it was “a planned, sophisticated attack” by al Qaeda, precipitated by clear warnings that were ignored by Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. … Continue reading

Joe DiGenova: Obama Should Be Held In Contempt For Leaking About Sealed Indictment (Audio)

There was some movement on the Benghazi scandal front today. In an interview on WMAL, this morning, Washington attorney, Joe DiGenova noted that the president may be on thin ice for leaking information about the sealed indictment at his press conference, Friday. He said, “we are now getting close to a series of statements by … Continue reading

At What Point Will America Have Had Enough Of Obama’s Constant Lying?

At what point is this country going to have had enough of this  shameless,  inveterate liar? He had to lie continually in 2008 in order to get elected, and he’s been a non stop geyser gushing lies, ever since. Geoffrey L. Hunter of the American Thinker, wrote, “Lying has many shades; Obama has perfected the … Continue reading