Palin’ around.

Tea Party Express stop in Topeka 2010.

2010 Tax Day Tea Party, Lee’s Summit, MO

CPAC 2010

4th of July Tea Party on the Plaza, 2010

Dining In New Orleans

On the Darla Jaye Show

ND at SRLC 2010

ND and CPrater

ND and hubby

ND, Breitbart

ND and Jacob Turk

ND with Former House Majority Leader, Dick Armey , now of Freedomworks.

ND and Herman Cain

Stacey McCain, ND, Jim Hoft

At BlogCon Sept, 2010

ND, Newt Gingrich, CPAC, Feb, 2011

ND, Dale Peterson, CPAC, Feb, 2011

ND, John Hawkins, CPAC, Feb 2011

ND, Fingers Malloy, CPAC, Feb 2011

ND with Kathy from Innocent Bystanders, May 2011

nice deb1

ND with conservative talk show host, Chris Stigall.

ND with Michelle Malkin, RightOnline

ND with Tony Katz, RightOnline, June 2011

ND, Herman Cain, SGS St. Louis, July 30, 2011

ND, Rusty Humphries, August, 2011

ND, and Rick Santorum, Sept 2011, NFRW Conference KC

BlogCon, Nov.  2011 with WZ, and RedRedHead

CPAC, Feb 2012 with Sean Hackbarth and Michelle Lancaster

CPAC, Feb 2012 with the late great Andrew Bretibart


ND, Kris Kobach, Feb 2013


ND, 3/7/2013


Cynthia Yockey, Ted Cruz’s father, ND at conclusion of CPAC 2013.


ND in Glenn Beck’s studio in Dallas, Tx, May 2013.

nd cpac

ND CPAC 2014

I’m a conservative, Catholic, mom of 6 who enjoys goofing around on the intertubes.

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89 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Deb, why no RSS feed? I’ve got most of the other morons’ feeds but not yours. What gives.

    PS. I had never seen this photo before. Who needs a cardio workout when you can have the same benefit for your heart just by gazing at the loveliness that is our hostess?


  2. Deb,

    Have you visited your local Muslim mosque or community center any time recently or ever? If not, I highly encourage it. At least get a first hand experience with American Muslims if you can. I don’t know if you realize it, but your site gives a lot vindication and affirmation for the fanatics out there, to determent of your next door Muslims.



  3. Nobody here has a beef with peaceful, moderate Muslims.

    We do have a HUGE problem with Islamic Extremism.

    And I really have no interest in visiting a Mosque. That would be sort of awkward, and unwarranted.


  4. Deb,

    I must have caught you at a good time, thanks for the response.

    Fair enough. It is America after all. However, your next door Muslims are definitely interested in meeting with you, and not for the purpose of trying to convert you. You can at least talk to Muslims you come in contact with. In the end, everyone is free to do as they wish.

    I hope that Muslims, Christians (including Catholics), and Jews can unite in belief of the God of Abraham, the Day of Judgment, and an accountability towards that God. I think we can do that whilst holding on to our respective traditions. Some of us (Muslims, Christians, and Jews) are already doing that.



  5. Deb, do you have any insight as to why the Pope and the US Catholic Bishops are all supporting the massive influx of foreign invaders into the US and into Europe? Do they no see that replacing the existing culture destroys the people who were there for generations and that cannot be right? What are they thinking? Any insight you can offer would be useful and appreciated. Thanks.


  6. Dr. D,

    Catholics are taught to value the dignity of each human person. This heartfelt belief tends to make many Catholics take the side of those who are perceived to be “the oppressed” or the “down trodden”, which is very well and good, unless this favoritism ends up hurting other people who are just minding their own business, and didn’t do anything wrong.

    The illegal immigration issue is one that, I think the church should stay out of. Charity is always good, but so is respect for the law.


  7. Hello Nice Deb,

    Thank you for your comment on my artwork, “The Shunning,” in the Ace of Spades forums. My goal was to entertain without going too over the top like some did in the contest.

    Considering you are a forum member at Ace of Spades, I think you might appreciate one of my other creations:


    The theme is based on McCain’s choice of Palin as his running mate being a perfectly-timed move on his part.

    Hope you like it. If not, it’s ok…I’ll keep on creating…



  8. hi nice deb, i’am the person who you posted the virgin mary image found in stone back in june of o8. update i’am talking to a orthodox church about loaning the stone to them so they can show it to their followers and also for them to study.love to hear from you


  9. Sorry I had to delete some comments.

    The management decided that my “About” page was an inappropriate place for political debate. Please visit the posts if you would like to comment.

    This page is for tips, or short messages.


  10. Yeah, I did a post about that a while back….I think the number has grown from about eight states. I was going to do an update, but I’ve got the dang flu and had to lie down.


  11. plz get well soon! take PLENTY of echinicea and (only) Ester C 500mg about three times a day. ALL other forms of C turn into piss and irritate the uretha as u piss them out. only take the kind with bioflavinoids, which allow the C to absorb into our cells. usually called “Ester C”

    been doing that for years. don’t get colds anymore, and the few times i got bit by a flu bug, it lasted 24 hrs – not a week. made a believer out of me! 😉 reeko


  12. After reading all the clever/vitriol/hypervetillation on ACE, it’s nice to hear a nice Catholic mom with six kids who has a life other than the Moronshpere. Just as ACE is a salve to the Rabid Insanity of Liberalism, you are the Balm of Gilead to ACE.


  13. nicedeb,
    You should send the information on the April 15 tea party to the Glenn Beck show. He is planning to attend one on that day!
    Whats the latest on the KC tea party? Please E-Mail me with info.
    Thank you,
    John Fillenworth


  14. Hey Deb,

    Check out my blog at Joetheconservative…………

    Joe, not as famous as Joe the Plumber Yet…


  15. Good morning,
    Love your blog! I no you gave great coverage to our March 21st Orlando Tea Party and I wanted to make sure you knew about the Uniting for America rally at Lake Eola on August 22nd, 6 – 8 pm. Organizers and Floridians from Broward County to Jacksonville are joining together for this event to show unity and organization. This rally is based on action and pending legislation and we will also have Lloyd Marcus and The McPhersons joining us again for some great, patriotic entertainment!
    Thank you!


  16. funny – my kitchen looks just like yours…black fridge, cabinets the same. i bet there is spot to put your appliances and hide them away in the corner….i use it for my junk!


  17. We remodeled the kitchen a couple of years ago. Before that it was hideous.

    My corner cabinet is where I keep the tupperware, and big bowls.

    You can’t see it in the pic, but the walls are burgundy to match the carpet in the dining room.

    I love my new kitchen!


  18. Deb,

    I see a picture of a blond, smiling lady and I am thinking :there stands a true patriot”.

    The quality and content of your magnificent video is second only to the stand you have taken for America.

    I believe in you and I believe in what you are doing. Socialists throwing poop at you because you are speaking out about the truth can not prevail against the truth that you are speaking. Press on, no mmatter what, press on. No weapon formed against you will prosper.

    You go, girl! Nice job!

    WIth all the love in my heart,



  19. Hi there…roaming,,wandering..somehow saw the lil ol squirrel and then you…continue as the smile’s you bring… are priceless they cannot be valued…thank you jon


  20. RE: previous question aboe to “Deb, do you have any insight as to why the Pope and the US Catholic Bishops are all supporting the massive influx of foreign invaders into the US and into Europe?”

    Answer: Lack of parishoners and new attendees of the catholic church in the U.S.

    The movement away from catholicism over the past 50 years is due to the awareness of the chronic abuses by the church for the past 1300 years. Some examples were “witch burning”, lack of ability for priests to marry, neglect and treatment of young girls (i.e. “Magdeline Sisters” up till the 1980s) The spanish inquisition, treatment of Jews, the constant social neglect of other religions and peoples…and the list goes on.

    Dec 25 used to be another cultures high religious day..However for the church to incorporate Jesus into the mix..they did a duo celebration ..eventually washing away the old culture to insert their own..thus Dec 25th became Jesus’s celebrated birthday..however, he was really born in the Spring according to records of the Qumran..which was the sect Jesus was king to. Thus owning a new society and dominate a culture.

    I would not identify with any religious group that has such an affiliation with a terrible history just as I would never join a neo nazi or KKK movement no matter how they tried to “recamp” it or better publicize themselves. The root is still there. Just like the Republican conservatives have not only proven their intent to financially destroy this country..but have proven themselves as true enemies of the American public. Their constant voting record has given corporations more power than you can ever imagine..we are a few steps closer to an Orwellian book than ever in the history. WE can only HOPE Obama can start to clean up the mess of the past 35 years. More damage has been done legilslation-wise in this time than in the history of the U.S.

    It’s going to take more than just a year of real public servants in the senate and president seat to clean up the damage and replenish the money supply.

    Right now your 401k and tax monies are in Dubai..thanks to Cheney moving the national treasury via two wars into Halliburton whose headquarters are in Dubai. Go figure. The biggest theft in American history happened under Republican rule. And everyone got a cut under the table except the American worker.

    And I would bet the pope doesn’t give two shits about you or this country just like Bush didn’t care two shits about grandma drowning in a Katrina flood.

    That is the reality of this world…and THIS is the “other side” of what progressives are aware of..and thus we see through this crap! This is why “the movement” feels like it is going backward to you. It’s really going forward….Progress…because people have seen the past..and say “no fuckin way”.



  21. would you be so kind to let me know the link to that app that inserts the squirrel into pics? i used it once before on a pic but have since misplaced it.



  22. To the “Muslim Next Door,” not all Catholics are bad or evil. My Carmelite president, about a week after 9/11 tells how she was going up the driveway to a garage sale, and a Muslim-looking woman was coming down. Ordinarily she wouldn’t have thought to do it, but since she figured Muslims would be experiencing bad treatment after 9/11, she decided to give the woman a smile, which she did. The woman gave her back a very big smile.

    That is our Carmelite, Catholic way. Just to be good in the world. To do little deeds of goodness.

    I know how much Muslims have suffered in this country. Even people who are not Muslim, if they look like Muslims get the bad treatment. Right after 9/11 some hot-headed Anglos got out their guns and shot and killed some Sikhs (who wear the distinctive turbins), not even realizing Sikhism is a very different religion. It’s just that they looked more Muslim than the Muslims. Also an Hispanic man with a moustache was confronted by a policeman who warned him, after finding out he was only an Hispanic — “I’d lose the moustache.”

    We are an evil people, who nearly invented germ warfare and genocide against Native Americans. We have no right at all to consider other people bad or evil, beyond what we are. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

    I wish we could look at our own sins and as Muslims do, struggle inwardly against them — the true meaning of jihad.


  23. 1) Very few Catholics are bad or evil;
    2) Muslims really haven’t suffered much at all. Except for a few isolated incidents, the level of hate crimes has been very modest. Unlike those against the Jews, for instance.
    3) We are not an evil people. We didn’t invent genocide, and the “germ warfare” canard is a myth.
    4) We have as much right as anybody to call anybody anything we want.
    5) We do look at our own sins and struggle inwardly against them. You should catch up.



  25. Dear NICE DEB,
    Merry Christmas to a good Catholic girl with six kids who really deserves one! And Merry Christmas to Mr. NICE DEB and all the little NICE DEBettes! You are doing important work and God shall reward you for it!

    (Sura 2:29)


  26. Deb, I love your site, but I hope I can convince you find a new provider. The Cowards-That-Be at wordpress.com caved in to pressure from CAIR and took down the Bare Naked Islam site, which had the courage to tell the unvarnished truth about the “Religion of Peace.” This sort of disgusting dhimmitude is a disgrace to our free nation, and I urge you dissociate yourself from such people. God bless you.


  27. The GHG advocates have effectively shut down all debate.

    This is wrong.

    It’s really simple:

    There isn’t enough carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere to be an effective greenhouse gas.

    This fact is the Achilles heel of the extreme left: The crack in the wall that can be used to expose their desire to bring harm to the U.S. as clearly proclaimed by Bill Ayers.

    Please help us hammer a wedge into this crack to expose the danger that is threatening our Democracy.

    The world deserves it.


    The GHG advocates have effectively shut down all debate.

    This is wrong.

    It’s really simple:

    There isn’t enough carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere to be an effective greenhouse gas.

    This fact is the Achilles heel of the extreme left: The crack in the wall that can be used to expose their desire to bring harm to the U.S. as clearly proclaimed by Bill Ayers.

    Please help us hammer a wedge into this crack to expose the danger that is threatening our Democracy.

    The world deserves it.



  28. Hello Nice Deb,

    I know you as well as your followers are passionate about conservatism. I am confident both you and they will find this new data tool of great interest for tracking unique, relevant and applicable political issues. This tool searches, organizes and constantly updates results from both conservative and liberal media news outlets, websites and blogs. It collects data content and lists key stories in an easy to access format- important stories that main stream news often overlooks and Google misses in its slew of clutter. In addition, its technology tracks top “politically trending” news on both Facebook and Twitter. This particular feature allows one to follow in real-time the most important political stories people are posting and re-sharing via their social networks. Please take a few moments to try this tool out and see for yourself some of its applications. I assure you this is just the beginning. We are changing the news and you Deb or any fellow blogger can partner with us as we move forward.


    Also, I would like to pose a question. If you could have specific (real time) data feeds directly accessible from your site
    (not a link to another site) but emanating from your site for FREE, what top 3 subjects would you like to see; what news
    issues do Americans absolutely need to know right now? Any feedback or ideas you have would be welcomed.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best Regards,
    Jeff Magill


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  30. Since I can not figure out how to suppress the annoying and interfering crap you have added along the bottom edge of the screen, I am going to drop you from my list of “must reads daily”.


  31. Lately, when I access your website on my iPad 4 or my iPhone 5′ the site seems to load correctly. However, soon it will just take me back to my home page or just close Safari and return me to the launvh page.

    Hard to know what’s going on … Unless it is an attack.


  32. Hi, I enjoy reading your site! Is it okay to contact your through your email? Please email me back.


    cailynxxx gmail.com


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