One thought on “article-chelsea-clinton-1231

  1. I was in Vienna Austria on a trip and watched the European news right after this happened in Iran. It is my conjecture that the Seal, Price, heroically attempted to abort a mission that was covert and not in the interest of America (thus the secrecy and the failure to release the truth about the entire occurrence). He crashed the helicopter, expecting to kill not only himself but his one passenger, the then secretary of state. Already he was well aware of how all the seals who performed as commanded the traitorous acts such as ‘killing Bin Laden” all were killed so silence them.
    This government appears to have adopted the old pirate captain method of shooting all the pirates after they dig the hole and have buried the treasure so no one but the captain knows where it is hidden. If you want to find ou8t where or what it is, you need to follow the dead bodies.
    It is my ;understanding that all the seals who supposedly ‘killed Bin Laden” were killed by remote control from one of the other two helicopters that accompanied the one that carried the seals who invaded ‘Bin Laden”s home and that body parts were strewn about the ground. Thi9s is according to several Pakastini witness neighbors.

    Also, the claim by the commander of chi8ef that DNA evidence proves he was a bin laden family member could be bogus because Osama Bin Laden, was not born a Bin Laden but changed his name to that in 1982, being from the Osman family, his real name being Tim Osman.


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