Stanley Kurtz: Understanding Obama’s Radical Past Is Key To Safeguarding Our Future

Stanley Kurtz was an indispensable source of information for info on Obama’s radical past during the 2008 election campaign.

Here’s a sampling of the posts I did based on his research, in case you’re interested in taking a trip down memory lane:

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At one point I wrote:

The  MSM are covering the Obama Ayers connection thus: Obama and Ayers were just  a couple of guys who ran into each other occasionally, served on a board together, and lived in the same neighborhood. They are all careful to mention that Obama has condemned Ayers’ despicable acts that occurred when Obama was only eight years old.

In other words, they are pretty much parroting the Obama campaign’s talking points.

The McCain campaign really needs to put out an ad that is specific and detailed, beyond making allegations. They should be in contact with Stanley Kurtz for help with this.

Well, you know how this story turned out: The MSM ran cover for Obama to the bitter end.  The McCain campaign epically failed to go over the heads of the media and give the American people the information they needed to make a responsible decision at the ballot box. Sarah Palin tried to warn voters as much as she could, but she was muzzled by the McCain campaign from saying too much.

Why? Were they afraid of being called racists? Were they afraid of being called red-baiters? Look how much we’re paying for their cowardice, now.

I’ll never understand why Republicans didn’t put out ads that connected the dots and guided voters to where they could find more information. The independents who are recoiling now, could have been reached. Eh…. but I digress.

Stanley Kurtz has been spending the past couple of years researching Obama’s background, and filling in the blanks. His new book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism is the result of his efforts.

In this excerpt at NRO, Kurtz details Obama’s involvement with a little-known Chicago training institute for community organizers, the Midwest Academy, which he believes is the  the key to  Obama’s political rise.

Officials from the Midwest Academy network trained Obama, supplied him with funds, and got him appointed head of Illinois Project Vote. Years later, Obama sent foundation money to the Midwest Academy. Barack and Michelle Obama ran a project called “Public Allies” that was effectively an extension of the Midwest Academy. Alice Palmer, the Illinois state senator who chose Obama as her successor, was once a high official in the Midwest Academy network. Several Midwest Academy leaders advised Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Academy founder Heather Booth is now a key figure in coordinating grassroots support for the president’s budget, health-care, and financial-reform plans.

The leaders of the Midwest Academy were eager to avoid public exposure of their socialism. Yet they trusted Obama enough to put him on the board of their satellite organization, Chicago Public Allies, and to succeed one of their own as state senator.

As I detail at length in Radical-in-Chief, deceptions and glaring omissions about his radical past reach far beyond Obama’s involvement with the Socialist Scholars conferences and the Midwest Academy. Archival documents reveal that Obama lied during the 2008 campaign about his ties to ACORN. New evidence confirms that Obama has hidden the truth about his relationships to Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. The unknown story of Obama’s deep involvement with a radical group called UNO of Chicago is revealed. The claims of candidate Obama and his mentors that he shunned Saul Alinsky’s confrontational tactics turn out to be a sugary fairy tale. The obfuscating techniques of Obama’s memoir, Dreams from My Father, are exposed.

The pattern of misdirection upon which President Obama’s political career has been built has its roots in the socialist background of community organizing. ACORN, Reverend Wright, and Bill Ayers were all routes into that hidden socialist world, and that is why Obama has had to obscure the truth about these and other elements of his past. More important, the president’s socialist past is still very much alive in the governing philosophy and long-term political strategy of the Obama administration.

Obama is not going to “triangulate”.  He’s not going to mellow out… he’s not going to give up. The guy is a true believer. A red diaper baby who knows nothing else but the Marxism he was spoon-fed from an early age.

Republicans are riding a wave of massive voter disgust with Obama and his enablers in Congress.

video via Ace  O’ Spades

To make the above video a reality, people need to do everything they can to help Republicans in close races. I don’t have to tell you that Republicans need to win by a 5% margin to make up for the voter fraud, and other Dem dirty tricks. What you can do to help: Sign up to do a little GOTVat Freedomworks’

See also: ‘Voter Fraud Watch’ — Uncle Pajamas Wants You!

PJMedia is announcing a new initiative for election day 2010 — “VOTER FRAUD WATCH.”   This initiative is to be carried forth on Pajamas Media and PJTV.

As almost everyone would agree, in a democracy the integrity of the vote is paramount.  If significant fraud or intimidation occurs at our polling places during an election, our democratic system of government is in peril.

PJMedia has been at the forefront of this struggle for integrity of the vote, most recently via its coverage of the Department of Justice/New Black Panther  controversy. This coverage was led by DOJ whistle blower and former attorney in the department’s voter rights division, J. Christian Adams.  Mr. Adams has agreed to lend his legal expertise to “Voter Fraud Watch.”


A word of caution from Francis W. Poretto: Wishful Thinking Dept.: A Bloodless Revolution

I hear ya Francis…I’ve been saying the same thing: GOTV and Voter Fraud Damage Control

There are too many close races, and too much Dem control of the election process for this to be considered a slam dunk. And yeah, even if we win back both Houses, there’s a lot of damage to undo, and most of it can’t be done until Obama’s gone.


DOJ Funneling Federal Funds To Community Organizers, Now?

Not a single day has gone by with this bunch of corrupt totalitarians in power, without one outrage or another coming to light.

This is so sick. Thank you, Byron York, for bringing this to our attention:

In the past, when the Civil Rights Division filed suit against, say, a bank or a landlord, alleging discrimination in lending or rentals, the cases were often settled by the defendant paying a fine to the U.S. Treasury and agreeing to put aside a sum of money to compensate the alleged discrimination victims. There was then a search for those victims — people who were actually denied a loan or an apartment — who stood to be compensated. After everyone who could be found was paid, there was often money left over. That money was returned to the defendant.

Now, Attorney General Eric Holder and Civil Rights Division chief Thomas Perez have a new plan. Any unspent money will not go back to the defendant but will instead go to a “qualified organization” approved by the Justice Department. And if there is not enough unspent money — that will be determined by the Department — then the defendant might be required to come up with more money to give to the “qualified organization.”

Captain Ed makes note of the obvious:
Presumably, ACORN’s successor organizations would qualify as one of the DoJ’s select list of recipients of these funds.  After all, the description is practically written to fit the original ACORN, from a case in LA: “qualified organization(s) mutually agreed upon by the United States and defendants…for the purpose of conducting fair housing enforcement or educational activities in Los Angeles County.”  It’s a dodge designed to provide federal funds for community organizers.
Of course. This is most likely one of the unspoken Dem strategies for 2010 and 2012.
And it’s already in practice, as Byron reported:

The arrangement was used in a recently-settled case, United States v. AIG Federal Savings Bank and Wilmington Finance. The Justice Department alleged that AIG violated the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act by allowing third-party wholesale mortgage brokers to “charge African-American borrowers higher direct broker fees for residential real estate-related loans than white borrowers.” The financial institution denied any wrongdoing, and there was no factual finding of wrongdoing. Nevertheless, under the terms of a March 19, 2010 consent decree, AIG agreed to pay $6.1 million to “aggrieved persons who may have suffered as a result of the alleged violations.”

That is standard procedure in such cases. But then AIG also agreed, in the words of the consent decree, to “provide a minimum of $1,000,000 to qualified organization(s) to provide credit counseling, financial literacy, and other related educational programs targeted at African-American borrowers.” The money would come from unspent funds in the victim-compensation fund. But if it turned out that, after paying off the victims, there was less than $1 million left in the victim-compensation fund, AIG agreed to “replenish the settlement fund so that it contains $1,000,000 for distribution for those educational purposes.”

These “qualified organizations” would likely strongly  resemble the one that was only too happy to provide credit counseling to a pimp and hooker planning to run a brothel from their house with underage illegal aliens.

Hope and change never looked so decrepit and seedy.

See also:

Ace: The Long March Through Institutions: Holder’s Lawsuits Now Directing Defendants To Pay Big Money To ACORN-Type Groups (Who Sow The Seeds Of The Next Lawsuit, Of Course)


New Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal Deliberate Election fraud By ACORN

The Obama Justice Dept. will begin its investigation – 3..2…1…never.

The Daily Caller has the story:

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch, a watchdog group, are FBI investigators’ reports related to the 2007 investigation and arrest of eight St. Louis, Mo., workers from ACORN’s Project Vote affiliate for violation of election laws. All eight employees involved in the scandal later pleaded guilty to voter registration fraud.

Project Vote is ACORN’s voter registration arm. Project Vote continues to operate despite the reported dissolution of the national structure of ACORN.

The handwritten reports by FBI agents show that ACORN employees reported numerous irregularities in the nonprofit group’s business practices.

One employee told the FBI that ACORN headquarters is “wkg [working] for the Democratic Party.”

According to one report, an ACORN employee said the purpose of “[f]raudulent cards” was “[t]o cause confusion on election day to keep polls open longer,” “[t]o allow people who can’t vote to vote,” and “[t]o allow to vote multiple times.”

Another report quotes an employee saying, “Project Vote will pay them whether cards fake or not – whatever they had to do to get the cards was attitude.” Project Vote pays based on the number of cards and “that’s why they were so reckless,” the report says.

ACORN’s “repulsive spinmonster, Scott (“tsk-tsk”) Levenson, couldn’t be reached for comment.

Okay, who’s reassured by this:

“These documents show the need for a national criminal investigation by the Obama Justice Department into ACORN,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

The Daily Caller reports:

So far ACORN has rebranded in 13 states plus the District of Columbia.

ACORN Housing, which is the ACORN network’s primary vehicle for getting its hands on federal tax dollars, has renamed itself Affordable Housing Centers of America.

When will it end?


Anita MonCrief on Obama, ACORN and Stealth Socialism

MonCrief at SRLC bloggers bash

I met this charming lady while I was in New Orleans, back in April  attending the SRLC . I remember introducing her to my husband as, “ACORN whistle-blower, Anita MonCrief”. And a whistle-blower she certainly is – Anita’s a rare bird who has been inside the belly of the beast – an enthusiastic participant inside a stealth movement, which she slowly but  surely came to understand was a stealth Socialist movement. She eventually became disenchanted, and left.

Now she wants the whole world to understand what we’re dealing with.

Her latest post Obama, ACORN and Stealth Socialism: Dire Domestic Threat is long, but worth reading in full.

Here’s a taste:

Defining stealth socialism

Graham L. Strachan explained the “stealth socialism” path this way:

“Why did the Western media persist in calling the social system in the Communist bloc ‘Communism’ instead of Socialism? They did it to manufacture a false reality: to protect the reputation of another form of Socialism which existed in the West….so-called ‘Democratic Socialism’, socialism by stealth, socialism achieved through the ‘permeation’ of existing political institutions by members of organisation such as the Fabian Society, in order to influence the policies adopted by those institutions towards socialism.

“Democratic Socialism itself was based on a lie: that Socialism could be implemented peacefully through the ballot box. The implication was that if the voters didn’t like it they could vote it out again. That was a hoax. Since Socialism does not permit private ownership of property, it cannot be ‘democratic’ in the sense of allowing a choice of political Parties. This is not a matter of ideology, but of logistics. It would be impossible to have a two Party system of genuine democracy, for example, under which the state nationalised all property including business when the Socialists were voted into power, then sold it all back to the people again when they were voted out. The intention of Democratic Socialism was (and still is) to be democratic just long enough to gain power. Then it will declare the ‘end of history’ and entrench itself forever, enforcing its politically correct speech and thought on everybody, and being just as tyrannical as its Marxist revolutionary counterparts.”

How to make a socialist the ACORN way

As an ACORN insider my indoctrination as a socialist was a slow but steady progression from radical liberalism to embracing the stealth socialist methods that had made ACORN a powerful force in American electoral politics. Two years ago, in the mist of a heated presidential election year, I noticed a Facebook page of Socialism 2008. The graffiti-like picture beckoned young Socialists to Chicago, Illinois on June 19th, 2008.  I RSVPed for the event on Facebook without fully understanding what had just taken place. The line between radical, liberal Democrat and socialist was almost invisible at this point.

Read it all.

Supreme Court Upholds ACORN Funding Ban


Via Big Government, we hear some fabulous news:

The Supreme Court has turned down ACORN’s request for help in its lawsuit claiming Congress was wrong to shut off the activist group’s federal funding.

The high court on Friday refused to throw out a decision by the federal appellate court in New York City. That court had decided to freeze a judge’s determination that Congress acted unconstitutionally in yanking the group’s funding.

ACORN may not be dead, but it’s certainly on life support.


Why Can’t the Rest Of The Dems Be This Honest About Who They Are?

ACORN Resurrection: Bertha Lewis Sends Out ACORN Fundraising Letter


Why Can’t the Rest Of The Dems Be This Honest About Who They Are?

When speaking to the general public, Bertha Lewis is known for her lies and obfuscations. But behind closed doors, talking to fellow travelers, she lets it all hang out:

Video via Verum Serum: ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Attacks Conservatives, Promotes Socialism:

While she certainly seems sincere, it is almost unimaginable that she truly believes the coming conservative re-alignment will lead to a new era of McCarthyism, segregation – and internment!? More than likely, considering the audience, she was purposefully exaggerating in order to build momentum towards her recruitment pitch. But in case there is any doubt, I think I can safely speak for most conservatives in saying that our only interest is in achieving (overwhelming) victory at the ballot box, and then beginning to get the growth of Big Government and federal spending under control.

Frankly, we want more progressives to openly declare their belief in democratic socialism. Because in an open and honest debate of principles and ideas, there is no doubt we win with the American public. So any talk about renewed McCarthyism, segregation, and internment (!?) is just utterly ridiculous.

Lewis was being honest about her Socialism, but was using nonsensical hyperbole to rev up her young audience. Unfortunately, most Dem Socialists can’t be that honest about who they are, so they speak in generalities about “social justice”, and “fairness”. But the results are the same, reduced individual freedom, and incentive:

The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor, and the classless society becomes one where the boundaries of class are nigh impossible to break.

The Obama administration has already restored full funding to ACORN, which used to employ  Obama.

Gateway Pundit reviewed the President’s extensive history with ACORN:

One of Barack Obama’s first big “community organizer” jobs involved ACORN in 1992. He worked along side ACORN before he became an elected official. Obama also trained ACORN employees. He represented ACORN in court. Obama worked with and protested with ACORN. His campaign donated $800,000 to ACORN in 2008 for voter registration efforts.
And, ACORN even canvassed for Obama in 2008.

In 2009 Obama promoted a top ACORN operative, Patrick Gaspard, who’s organization was fined $775,000 for election violations, to a top post in the White House. Gespard is helping shape domestic policy today.

As I noted yesterday, ACORN is back in business, just in time for the mid term elections, this Fall.