Efforts Underway In Alaska To Dismantle Sarah Palin’s Successful Oil Tax Program, (ACES)

There’s currently an effort underway to give billions of dollars back to the oil companies in Alaska, undermining the tax system passed under Governor Palin’s administration known as ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share).
Whitney Pitcher at Big Government took on the NYTs for it’s misrepresentations of Sara Palin’s ACES program:

An article in the New York Times today discusses both the call by some in Alaska to dismantle two of Governor Palin’s energy related legislative victories and the claim by others that they are responsible for Governor Palin’s great fiscal record and Alaska’s strong fiscal health.

Current Alaska Governor Sean Parnell is seeking to make changes to Governor Palin’s oil tax structure–”Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share” (ACES) legislation. This legislation replaced Governor Murkowski’s corruption-tainted oil tax plan. Governor Palin’s plan primarily taxed oil company’s net profits on production, and its flexibility based upon oil prices and its tax credits  encouraged greater capital development and investment than Murkowski’s tax structure. Moreover, Governor Palin signed ACES into law in order to make the oil tax structure more in line with the state constitution which stated that natural resources (i.e. oil) belong to the people and need to be developed for the maximum benefit of Alaskans.

While Governor Parnell has stood with Governor Palin on AGIA (the natural gas pipeline), in rejecting federal earmarks, and in opposing Obamacare, he is among those who have called for reforming Governor Palin’s ACES legislation:

Gov. Sean Parnell, Ms. Palin’s fellow Republican and former lieutenant, has announced that it is his top priority to undo parts of major oil tax increases that Ms. Palin made law. He argues that high state taxes, not just federal regulations, are preventing oil companies from exploring new drilling in Alaska and therefore jeopardizing future state revenues.

“Lower taxes means more competitive,” Mr. Parnell said last week. “It means more jobs.”

The reality doesn’t match up to the Governor Parnell’s claims. The number of oil companies filing with the Alaska Department of Revenue has doubled indicating that competition has indeed increased. Alaska has the second most business friendly tax set-up — up two spots since the passage of ACES. Additionally, a report from Governor Parnell’s Department of Revenue indicated that 2009 yielded a record high in oil jobs. Even more recently, the newest employment numbers from Alaska show that oil job numbers were higher in January 2011 than in January 2010, indicating that jobs are growing at the seasonal level. Parnell argues that state revenues are in jeopardy, but it is estimated that his proposal would reduce revenues by $100-200 million. Governor Parnell is right on other issues, but the numbers tell a different story than he asserts when it comes to ACES.

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KWHL Radio talkers, Bob and Mark out of Anchorage AK lampooned the Oil and Gas Tax Proposals on their morning show:

Here’s a link to the pdf of the Tax Foundation’s Alaska ranking. Alaska  is currently rated #2 in the state business tax climate index:

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Sarah Palin is in New Delhi, today – she was invited to give a speech on her vision for America.

Here, via Gateway Pundit are her comments on energy:

“We all face energy challenges in the international arena.”
ENERGY is the key. My vision for a free and prosperous America involves an emphasis on energy.

On green energy– I am in favor of an “all of the above approach” to energy.
Unfortunately, though some have stymied responsible drilling. It means we continue to transfer hundreds of millions of American dollars to foreign regimes. Everything is touched.

As government locks up land – they try to tell us that green jobs are our future.
“A recent British study found that for every green job, 4 jobs were lost.”
This is social engineering.

Americans can tap into our own natural resources. And natural gas- green and efficient. Natural gas is an ideal “bridge fuel” to the future. It’s a false fairy tale for government to interfere and for Americans to believe that we don’t need oil and gas.

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Obama Follows Palin’s Lead On Libya

Lest we forget, Saracuda first proposed a pro no-fly zone strategy in her Feb 22 FB oped, making her the first major political figure to discuss the option. And she continued to push the idea in subsequent public appearances.

On March 11, 2011, Wesley Clark, former NATO chief, opined in The Washington Post that Libya doesn’t meet the test for U.S. military action, which formally began the discussion in the media.

Bernie Quigley writes in The Hill:

What I thought was odd about this discussion was that it appeared to begin in the mainstream press only with Clark’s thoughtful opposition while one major political figure likely to enter the presidential race of 2012 had already discussed a no-fly zone on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show: Sarah Palin.

There was no lengthy discussion or response elsewhere. To the MSM, she wasn’t there again today!

But this Wednesday, Benjamin Korn, director of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin, had a post in the New York’s The Sun coining the phrase “Palin Doctrine.”

In an article titled “Palin Doctrine Emerges as Arab League Echoes Her Demarche on Libya,” he writes: “The call by the Arab League for Western military intervention in an Arab state — in this case asking that a UN ‘no-fly zone’ be imposed over Libya — is not only without precedent but it puts in formal terms what Gov. Palin stated three weeks ago should have been America’s response to the political and humanitarian crisis now unfolding there.”

Read the rest at The Hill.

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“All Palin February” At iOWNTHEWORLD

beautiful mother

I forgot to mention this, earlier:

It’s all Palin all most of  the time over at iOWNTHEWORLD, this month….and come to think of it – we’re kinda doing that at Nice Deb, too – just not a way Big Fur Hat had in mind. But still. Whether or not we all think that Palin is the best candidate to beat Obama in 2012, we can all agree that she is an amazing patriot, and has been a valuable asset to the conservative movement.

If the spirit moves you, you can even  participate in a Sarah Palin Contest – The Palin Limerick.

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Sarah Palin’s WTF Moment

Sarah Palin is making headlines today for the WTF pun she made on the Greta Van Susteren Show, last night:

Her comment was spot on, especially as it refers to Obama’s contention that we have to “make sure we aren’t buried under a mountain of debt.”

Is he trying to convince people that we aren’t already buried under a mountain of debt? WTF, indeed.

It was a good one. I wish I had thought of it, myself.

But when I think of it in terms of her status as a potential candidate for President —I cringe. When I hear her say “lamestream media” as a potential candidate for President —I cringe. When I think of her starring in her own reality t.v. show as a potential candidate for President —I cringe. All of those things, in and of themselves, are fine. More power to her. But I have to ask myself —Are those things Presidential?

Her enemies at Media Matters, Huffington Post, ABC, the Washington Post, USA Today, Politico and more have jumped on the WTF story. Commenters are attacking her for her “incivility”.

Obviously, Palin haters are going to attack her no matter what she says or does. But if she’s serious about running for President, she shouldn’t be giving them the ammo.


Hot Air: Palin up $1.3 mil in PAC filing – but no expansion into 2011

The will she or won’t she? question continues at Politico, where Andy Barr reports on SarahPAC’s FEC financial disclosure yesterday. The PAC finished 2010 in good shape, with $1.3 million in the bank and no debt after spending more than $2.6 million during the midterm campaign. But absent from the report are any indications of the kind of expansion usually seen with candidates preparing for an electoral campaign.

I wish she had run for RNC Chair. I think she would have made a glorious RNC Chair.


Sister Toldjah: I thought she was supposed to be just a dumb chillbilly?

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