The New Hotness: Libs Keep Comparing Conservatives To Islamofascists


Old and busted: —— eh – there is no old and busted. Golden oldies like calling Republicans raaaaaacist and extreeeeeem never get old as far as Dems are concerned.

But the new hotness is definitely pretending that conservatives are like Islamonazis – basically one step away from imposing their nasty Christian version of sharia law on the populace….which to them would be ten times worse than the cutesy Islamist version. There are worse evils than burying a woman up to her neck in sand and stoning her to death for adultery, ya know.

For instance, here’s a recent headline at Weasel Zippers: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Accuses Republicans Of Imposing “Sharia Law” With Anti-Abortion Legislation…

“I think what probably happened here is that the legislators in North Carolina looked at what’s happening in Texas and other states where women are fighting these laws, where they’re fighting these bills. Where they’re coming out and protesting, and where it’s becoming national news, and they decided to make the world’s most ironic sneak attack.

You know, I’m sure these legislators couldn’t tell you what Sharia law is, but what they think it is, is exactly what they’re doing in these bills, imposing a religious dictate on women.”

Only religious fascists care about what happens to fully formed infants in the womb, you see.

Here’s another one from Monday: MSNBC: Rush Limbaugh An “Egomaniacal Tyrant” Like Moammar Gadhafi…

Via Washington Secrets:

This week’s Mainstream Media Scream features Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC’s “All In” show, lumping Rush Limbaugh in with dictators feted by stars like Elton John.


“As one Twitter user put it, on the bright side, Gigli’s no longer the worst thing she’s done. Now, of course, this isn’t the first time a celebrity has performed for an egomaniacal tyrant who uses fear and paranoia to keep followers in line. Beyonce did sing at a New Year’s eve bash to entertain the family of Moammar Gadhafi and Elton John performed at the fourth wedding of Rush Limbaugh.”

What was Elton John THINKING???!11!

Also on MSNBC, an excerpt from what passed for an enlightened discussion about Wisconsin politics onThe Ed Show:

“Anti-women legislation has been their priority, not creating jobs,” Taylor told Schultz. ”This is no different than what I experienced when I went to Turkey and heard of what the women in the Middle East are experiencing with the Taliban trying to silence them for being at the table.”

The state House also passed the ultrasound bill and Walker says that he will sign it, declaring “I think most people think ultrasounds are just fine.”

“Any time you have a Republican governor and a Republican legislature, you’ve had, you’ve had the odd balls in control of what used to be government,” said Papantonio.

Making a woman have an ultrasound before she kills her unborn child? My God –  these “oddball Republicans” are worse than the Taliban who burn schools filled with little girls, and throw acid in the face of women who are not properly covered up.

Yeah.  I’m detecting the beginning of a trend, here, which happens to correlate well with Obama’s war on (Christian) religion. And it’s no accident that it’s all happening on MSNBC, aka “Obama’s Official Network.” This could a coordinated narrative like the incessant race-baiting of last year. Or it could simply be that these MSNBC hosts and guests are “just  a tad deranged”, as Zip suggests.

Time will tell.

Pentagon Halts Production of Drone Cyberwarfare Medal


The Pentagon has stopped production of the Distinguished Warfare Medal, nicknamed the Drone Strike Medal or Drone Cyberwarfare Medal, after a barrage of criticism and complaints from veterans and lawmakers.

Via Fox News:

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered a review of the Distinguished Warfare Medal, which was to be awarded to troops who operate drones and use other technological skills to fight America’s wars from afar. Announcement of the review is expected at a Pentagon news conference later Tuesday.

Lawmakers and veterans groups have complained that although troops can get the new medal for work far from the battlefield, it has been ranked above medals for those who served on the front line in harm’s way, such as the Purple Heart given to wounded troops.

Kudos to Chuck Hagel for listening to the concerns veterans had about this medal.

By the way, there is a petition posted on the White House website asking the administration to lower the precedence of the Distinguished Warfare Medal that I would urge you to sign.

When I posted my story about the medal, yesterday, the petition had 81,790 signatures with 18,210 more to go to reach 100,000 before the March 16 deadline.

When I refreshed the page, it had 81,786 signatures.

I refreshed again, and it was 81,783. Last night, in bed, I checked again, and it was down about 20 more.

As of right now, the number is 81,633.

Is someone from the White House going through and removing duplicates, and fake names? Would they have been doing that at 2:00 a.m. Eastern, last night? Does it seem just a little weird and petty that someone would be up late at night removing names from this petition on an issue veterans feel so strongly about?


Fifty minutes later, the number stands at 81,617.


Oh, NEVERMIND… I was reading the numbers backwards! DERP.


Sign White House Petition to Place “Drone Strike Medal” Below the Purple Heart. (Video)


A new Distinguished Warfare Medal medal, (dubbed the “drone strike medal”) was announced by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta last month,  and according to the Army Times, “will be awarded to pilots of unmanned aircraft, offensive cyberwar experts or others who are directly involved in combat operations, but who are not physically in theater and facing the physical risks that warfare historically entails.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has introduced legislation to require that the Purple Heart occupy a position of precedence above the new Distinguished Warfare Medal. The bipartisan bill has 42 cosponsors including a few Democrats.

The VFW also immediately came out in opposition of the placement of the medal, saying in a statement:

We believe it is very important to properly recognize all who serve and excel, but the new medal could spark internal debate and deteriorate morale as it leapfrogs more than a dozen current medals and ribbons – to include valor and combat injury awards.

Action Needed:  Bills have been introduced in both the House (H.R. 833) and the Senate (S. 470) and have the strong support of the VFW.  Contact your Representatives and Senators today and urge them to support H.R. 833 and S. 470 –  legislation that would prohibut DOD from placing the Distinguished Warfare Medal higher in precedent than the Purple Heart.

Tell them that medals that are earned for valor or wounds in combat must outrank any new medals earned in the rear for combat support.

Via the  Army Times

A petition posted on the White House website Thursday asks the administration to lower the precedence of the Distinguished Warfare Medal.

The medal, which will be awarded to pilots of unmanned aircraft, offensive cyberwar experts or others who are directly involved in combat operations, but who are not physically in theater and facing the physical risks that warfare historically entails.

“Under no circumstance should a medal that is designed to honor a pilot, that is controlling a drone via remote control, thousands of miles away from the theater of operation, rank above a medal that involves a soldier being in the line of fire on the ground,” the petition reads. “This is an injustice to those who have served and risked their lives and this should not be allowed to move forward as planned.”

The new medal will rank just below the Distinguished Flying Cross. It will have precedence over — and be worn on a uniform ahead of — the Bronze Star with Valor device, awarded to troops for specific heroic acts performed under fire in combat.

The petitioner, John Evans appeared on the Keith Larson radio show on Feb 25, 2013 to talk about his petition.

At last count, the petition had 81,790 signatures with 18,210 more to go to reach 100,000 before the March 16 deadline.


When I refreshed the page, it had 81,786 signatures. How does that happen?

I refreshed again, and it was 81,783.


Nevermind, I was reading the numbers backwards!

Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Jerry Moran Join Rand Paul’s Senate Filibuster Over Drone Strikes – Update: Ron Wyden and Marco Rubio Join Too


Senator Rand Paul began his filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination to lead the CIA as a one-man protest against the Obama administration’s drone policy but he has now been joined by Senator Mike Lee of Utah,  Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas (so far.) The filibuster started at 11:47 am Eastern and Paul vowed that he would speak until he could no longer speak.

Senator Paul’s filibuster can be viewed here.

Via John Sexton, of Big Government:

Brennan’s nomination has been on the back burner for several weeks as other issues, including the nomination of Chuck Hagel to Secretary of Defense, took precedence. Yesterday the logjam seemed to break when the White House agreed to show lawmakers the top-secret legal decisions used to justify the killing of American citizens abroad. The Senate Intelligence Committee voted 12-3 to approve Brennan’s nomination on Tuesday.

“If there was an ounce of courage in this body I would be joined by many other Senators,” Sen. Paul said. “Would you tolerate a Republican who said I like the first amendment, I don’t plan to violate the first amendment, but I might,” he asked rhetorically. He then turned the question around and asked if Republicans would tolerate that sort of vaguery with regard to the 2nd amendment.

Earlier today, Senator Cruz was able to get Eric Holder to admit that killing Americans with Drones on U.S. soil is unconstitutional providing that American terror suspect does not pose an “imminent threat.”


The Conversation: Democrat Senator: I’m Joining Rand Paul’s Filibuster

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has taken to the floor to show his support for Paul’s filibuster.


The Conversation: Report: Marco Rubio Has Arrived at the Filibuster

Correction: An earlier version of this post misspelled Senator Moran’s name – Terry instead of Jerry.

Brennan Confirmation Vote Delayed Thanks To Senator Rand Paul (Video)

Sen. Rand Paul is holding up John Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA and will filibuster it if necessary, unless the administration responds to a specific question about the use of drones in the United States.

GOPUSA reported:

Paul accused Brennan of obfuscating on the issue when it was raised at confirmation hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week. Paul on Sunday said he wouldn’t vote for Brennan until the questions were answered, but he raised the stakes in an interview with Capital Download, a weekly video series on

“He was asked a very specific question ‘Can you kill an American with a drone in America?’ And he refused to answer the question,” Paul said. “I find that very, very worrisome (and) we’re going to do whatever it takes to get the answer. Can the government, does the government, the president himself, claim the power to unilaterally kill an American in America without a trial?”

Appearing on Fox, this morning, Paul said, “I just can’t imagine the President Obama is going to assert the power to kill an American without a trial, without a judge, on American soil. That to me is very troubling – and really, I can’t let this nomination go forward until we get an answer.” When asked why Brennan couldn’t answer the question, Rand replied, “well…that’s pretty worrisome because a non answer implies that he really thinks he does have that power. And you have to realize that some of these drone killings that we’re doing overseas don’t target an individual who is named, they have what is called a signature strike, so there’s a line of cars coming from a place where bad guys live, we knock out the line of cars, sometimes. Do we really want that level of scrutiny to be for an American leaving a meeting of political radicals that are condemning something our government’s doing in let’s say, Houston, TX? You know, really, that’s not the kind on country we live in.”

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit