Another Day, Another Bow

Note that Chinese President Hu Jintao doesn’t bow back:

Video via Gateway Pundit.

Obama apologists like to claim that ALL US Presidents bowed to foreign leaders. Where are the pictures of GW Bush bowing? (And no, that video of him leaning over to receive a medal from the King Abdullah doesn’t count). He kissed, and held hands with the Saudi King – we all heard about that- (ad-nauseam). But I see those gestures as signs of friendship – not weakness and submission. A great hue and cry erupted on the left when George HW Bush bowed to the Emperor Hirohito’s casket at his funeral, a sign of respect in Japan. I don’t think he would have bowed to a living Emperor Hirohito.

When it comes to greeting world leaders, Presidents  have the option of shaking hands, rather than bowing, yet Obama so often chooses to bow.  Did other US Presidents bow to Communist Dictators? Only one did, that I know of: Richard Nixon, and no I don’t mean this “Nixon bow, (not a bow at all) but this awful one, where he deeply bowed to Chairman Mao during his historic trip to China.

Is Obama happy to be compared to Nixon?

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