The ObamaMessiah is Back

Good God.  They’re trying to resurrect the cult of personality crap.

Twitchy has captured some amusing conservative reactions to the tweet – which outnumber liberal reactions about 20 to 1.

But this person here represents the people the White House wants to reach.

Yes, that woman is serious.

Remember. Obama doesn’t address all Americans. He never has. He doesn’t care what about 45% of us think.  He puts us right out of his mind. Doesn’t give a shit. He knows we’re not fooled by his B.S. This is why I refuse to call him my president.

He’s talking to people like the woman in the tweet above – who still believe him after all these years of corruption, usurpation, pathological dishonesty and gross incompetence. They still swoon at iconic pictures of him rife with popular left-wing symbolism. The Chicago Jesus wants to rally his worshipers to continue supporting him through the rough months ahead.

Thus we’re seeing the return of the ObamaMessiah.

Professor Jonathan Turley: “Congress Is Moving From Self-Loathing to Self Destruction” (Video)

The House Rules Committee held a hearing this morning on the authorization of litigation by the House of Representatives challenging the president’s unilateral actions.

Several of the expert witnesses who testified before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on “the president’s constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws” back in December have returned to Capitol Hill for today’s hearing: Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School, Elizabeth Price Foley, Professor of Law, Florida International University College of Law,  Simon Lazarus, Senior Counsel, Constitutional Accountability Center, and Walter Dellinger III, Partner, O’Melveny & Meyers LLP.

Professor Turley is a liberal who has genuine sympathy for many of Obama’s policies, but not how he’s executing them. Unlike me, he doesn’t question his motives, but he does worry about the development of what he calls an “Uber Presidency” under Obama.

Turley told the committee, “our system is changing and this body is the one branch that must act if we are to reverse those changes.

“A dominant presidency has occurred with very little very little congressional opposition, Turley continued. “Indeed, when Obama pledged to circumvent congress he received rapturous applause from the very body he was proposing to make practically irrelevant.” (Video of that here if your stomach can take it.)

“This body is moving from self loathing to self destruction in a system that is in crisis,” he added.

Live Video: House Rules Committee Hearing on Proposed Lawsuit of ‘Uber Presidency’

The House Rules Committee is holding a committee on the authorization of litigation by the House of Representatives challenging the president’s unilateral actions. The hearing began at 10 am Eastern.

Several of the expert witnesses who testified before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on “the president’s constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws” back in December have returned to Capitol Hill for today’s hearing: Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School, Elizabeth Price Foley, Professor of Law, Florida International University College of Law,  Simon Lazarus, Senior Counsel, Constitutional Accountability Center, and Walter Dellinger III, Partner, O’Melveny & Meyers LLP.

Professors Turley and Foley support the litigation while Lazarus and Dellinger oppose.

Live video via RollCall:

Video: Ukranian Vacation

The latest Ben Howe video creation for Revealing politics pokes fun at the president’s “hands off” approach to the crisis in Ukraine as he vacations and mugs for TV cameras.

Revealing Politics says, “maybe a few less vacations and a little more diplomacy?”

The worst aspect of whatever it is the Obama administration is doing to ease tensions in Eastern Europe – is the bad optics on constant display as the crisis has unfolded. The man looks like an unserious, vacuous celebrity in love with the camera and the sound of his own voice. Most Americans do not want to hear about his brackets, vacations, star studded galas, guest appearances on Funny or Die, or his latest selfies. They don’t want to see him continue on with his fundraisers when there’s a possible terrorist event going on. They don’t want to hear him trash-talking Republicans in puerile terms, or giving obscenely partisan spike-the-football-speeches about his unpopular, fraudulant  health care law that was shoved down an unwilling nation’s throat,  promoted with advertising costing taxpayers nearly $700 million, and  forced on people under penalty of law. Is it too much to ask for a little humility and contrition in the wake of defrauding the entire nation? They have nothing to be proud of.

People have had it with the non-stop lies and corrupt community organizing bullsh*t.

Americans keep waiting for Obama to behave with the dignity and statesmanship of a President of the United States who loves his country. But apparently that’s asking too much.

And that is why we’re seeing opeds in the nation’s newspapers asking questions like this: Is Obama a Manchurian?

“The Manchurian Candidate” was a 2004 movie about a U.S. politician who was secretly a “sleeper agent” working to overthrow American democracy. (Manchuria is the region of Russia and China where the agent had been brainwashed into working for the other side.)

Here’s why I wonder:

When Obama came into office, he announced that he was “resetting” America’s relationship with Russia. Sure enough, he then canceled the planned defensive missiles in Poland aimed at deterring a Russian invasion. That infuriated our Polish allies and pleased the Russians. He got nothing from the Russians in return that we know of.

Vladimir Putin was then the Russian prime minister, and Dmitri Medvedev was the Russian president. Putin was the boss, and Medvedev was his handpicked puppet.

Later, Obama spoke at a seminar with Medvedev, who speaks English. Putin was not there.

During a break, Obama approached Medvedev on the stage. Thinking his microphone was off, he said privately, just one on one, “This is my last election. After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.” The context was a discussion on defense. Good puppet that he was, Medvedev promised, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

But the microphone was not off. The exchange was captured and recorded. And the pair also were captured by a distant video camera showing Obama warmly shaking the hand of Medvedev and patting Medvedev’s knee as they completed the exchange.

Ask yourself this: Why did Obama choose an awkward in-person exchange on a stage at a seminar for delivery of this important message? Why didn’t he simply pick up the phone in the Oval Office and call Putin directly? Could it be because he didn’t want any Americans to hear it — even White House aides and interpreters?



“Do As I Say…” Obama’s Most Hypocritical Moments (Video)

Fox & Friends highlighted 3 of Obama’s hypocritical moments – executive orders, lobbyists, and lastly golfing while in California for the drought.

On the campaign trail Obama criticized Bush 43 for the use executive orders, yet Obama bragged about how he has a pen and phone and will take action unilaterally. On the issue of lobbysists, Obama said that they will not be able to use the revolving door at the White House to cash in. And yet there are 395 former lobbyists in the Obama Administration including 136 current ones. Oh yeah how about golfing in California on courses that are able to stay green with water while farmers are suffering the worst drought in decades.

As I’ve stated many times, before. It wasn’t hard to figure out that this man was a pathological liar. I started tracking the alarming number of bold-faced lies and flip flops coming from “the Obamessiah” in the Spring of 2008, as I also tracked the bizarre cult of personality that surrounded him. I kept it up until it became too burdensome a task to keep track of every one of the man’s ridiculous deceits. By mid September, it had become clear that the electorate was (very stupidly) going to blame the Democrat-caused financial crisis of 2007-2008 on Republicans. Obama is a narcissistic manipulator who tells tall tales because he has a compliant media who lets him get away with it. He is guilty of massive fraud on ObamaCare alone. Yes, media fact checkers (who want to retain some modicum of self-respect) will point on some of the more egregious lies. To be absolutely clear –  if a Republican president were guilty of even half of what this president has gotten away with – the media uproar would have led to his impeachment, a long time ago. It’s not surprising that corrupt congressional Democrats support a corrupt, dishonest Democrat President. And it’s not surprising that a corrupt Democrat media complex supports a corrupt, dishonest Democrat president. What is surprising and disappointing is that there are still so many Americans who continue to support a corrupt, dishonest president who is so obviously harming the country. Rusty Weiss, of the Mental Recession, asks: Is America In an Abusive Relationship With the President?

The President pushed through his healthcare agenda, despite strong opposition.  He promised us safety, but when we wanted our own security system by securing our borders, Obama and his friends fought to prevent it.  He was showering America with gifts … using her own money. When we questioned the wasteful spending, he told us it was for our long term benefit, and raided $787 billion of our savings.  And when the economy failed to recover in any manner during his first term, we started seeing classic signs of an abusive relationship. Psychology Today examines several signs that you’re dating an abuser – signs which America should have easily picked up on in 2008, and most certainly should have identified in 2012. Here are 5 of those warning signs…

Continue reading at the link.

Law Prof To Congress: “If You Want to Stay Relevant, Don’t Stand Idly By And Let The President Take Your Power Away.”

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing, this morning to address Obama’s escalating abuses of power.

Entitled, ENFORCING THE PRESIDENT’S CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO FAITHFULLY EXECUTE THE LAWS the hearing’s witness panel included, Mr. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School, Ms. Elizabeth Price Foley of Florida International University College of Law, and Mr. Christopher Schroeder of Duke University Law School.

Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, asked the panel what to most would appear a rhetorical question, “Is unilateral decision making good for our Republican system of government?

Turley, who has been one of the most outspoken critics of Obama’s executive overreach, said, “the greatest danger that we have, really cannot be overstated, when he have the concentration of power in one branch. That is precisely the sort of power the framers were seeking  to avoid.”

“What people often miss, he continued  “is that the separation of powers was not about protecting Congress – -separation of powers was designed for the protection of liberty. It was to prevent the concentration of power in any of the branches that would threaten the individual citizen.”

Goodlatte asked Professor Foley what she thought the longterm institutional consequences would be if the current practice of “benevolent suspensions of the law” isn’t stopped.

She answered that people are going to continue to be cynical about government and the Constitution, and ultimately eroding respect for the rule of law.

She also brought up the point that it makes it less likely for Congress to tackle big issues like immigration reform,  “why would you go through the trouble of reaching a very delicate political compromise on an issue like that if you think that the president is going to just benevolently suspend those portions of the law he doesn’t like after you reach that compromise.” She concluded, “if you want to stay relevant as an institution, I would suggest that you not stand idly by and let the president take your power away.”

Goodlatte then asked about the principle of prosecutorial discretion which Obama’s “deferred actions” are based on. “Does prosecutorial discretion have such elasticity that a whole class of people could be recipients of deferred actions based simply on them being in the category…?

Foley said, “yeah, this is sort of a dangerous and scary moment – uh, that’s not discretion – that’s raw, lawmaking power.”


Video: Krauthammer Mocks Obama’s “Pathetic” Executive Pen and Phone Threat: “The Caudillo Waves His Pen”

Charles Krauthammer was invited on to Greta Van Susteren’s Fox show to explain why Obama seems to have ditched his mission to change Washington in favor of his executive pen and phone.

“He’s going to eliminate Article One of the Constitution which says that legislation comes from Congress. This is the way they do it Venezuela, Cuba and other places, Dr. K snarked, “the Caudillo waves a pen, he shows it on Twitter and says I will rule from the pen. (For those of you in Rio Linda, a Caudillo is a Latin American military dictator.)

“What makes it sort of pathetic,” he continued,  “is that it sounds like a tough threat and it is unconstitutional, it’s not how you ought to be the president of the United States, but in the end there’s very little he can do.”

Krauthammer reminded viewers of Obama’s big “we can’t wait” tour of 2011, which was largely ineffectual. “In the end, the only thing the president can do with a pen –  executive orders – is fairly limited,” he said, making sure to note that the exception to the rule is the EPA which can shut down whole industries.

“He can’t even do what normal presidents have done – which is work with other side.”

Greta noted that Clinton actually liked members of Congress – even those on the other side.

“You get the impression he chose the wrong field,” Krauthammer quipped.

Neither of them mentioned Obama’s executive order in June of 2012 that bypassed Congress to enact the Dream Act, an executive overreach Krauthammer called “out and out lawlessness” at the time. It seems to me that chances are good that we will be treated to more such lawlessness because of Obama’s complete and utter failure to work with Congress.