Lefty Losers Spam Twitter With Lie About Officer Liu’s Widow

For the second time in a week, the NYPD was joined by officers from departments all across the country to attend the funeral of one of their own, Sunday morning.

Some members of the left tried to wrestle the narrative away from the grieving family and the thousands of police officers who showed up at the funeral to pay their respects and show their support for the grieving widow.

As they did before, a majority of the officers made a statement by turning their backs on far left Mayor de Blasio. 

The show of dissent happened a week earlier at the funeral for Officer Rafael Ramos, who was killed along with Officer Wenjian Liu as the two patrol partners said in their squad car.

The way I see it, the officers would have made just as much of a statement if they had not turned their backs on the mayor. Either they still strongly disapprove of how he handled the Eric Garner grand jury announcement and the subsequent anti-police protests, or they do approve or are feeling better about it. Because had the police not turned their backs on the mayor, the media narrative would have been that de Blasio had successfully smoothed things over. And he hasn’t. In my entire adult life, I have never seen this much disdain on the part of a police department for their mayor. It’s really quite stunning.

This officer’s take is probably highly representative.


Lefty progs on Twitter were furious, hoping a humbled and subdued NYPD would obey Police Commissioner William Bratton’s request that they refrain from turning their backs at the Liu funeral. When the NYPD didn’t, the progs needed to juice up their narrative a bit to make their outrage seem justified. Cops disobeying their boss isn’t really a huge deal. But what if they told everyone that Officer Liu’s widow made the same request? That would indeed be troubling. But it didn’t happen.

Nickarama at Weasel Zippers  noticed lefties spamming Twitter with the lie, this morning.

According to Nickarama, that is but a small sampling of the legion of left-wing activists who made the assertion, and between them, it was retweeted thousands of times by their misled followers. After spending the day trying to track down this rumor, I can tell you with near 100% certainty, that it didn’t happen.

Pro-tip: When a left-wing activist pretends to care about something that has anything to do with law enforcement or the military (as in “bring the boys home!”) they are bull-sh*tting you. They despise the military and they despise cops. Any expressions of support or sympathy they may manifest for the troops or for law enforcement (or grieving wives) should be met with deep suspicion. Everything the left does is agenda-driven and entirely self-serving.

And thus far, none of the shameless activists have removed their false tweets even after their veracity was challenged.

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They don’t care about lying about a grieving widow or showing disrepect to a 100 year old vet, it’s all about the cause…


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Thousands of Cops Turn Backs on De Blasio at Officer Liu’s Funeral (Video)

liu funeral.jpg3

Despite being warned by the NYPD police commissioner not to do it, thousands officers turned their backs to NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio as he delivered a eulogy for Officer Wenjian Liu, Sunday morning, CNN reported: NY Mayor de Blasio Emotional Tribute Speech at Officer Wenjian Liu’s Funeral, Some Backs Still Turn:

Via ABC News:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Mayor Bill de Blasio has given a solemn eulogy at an officer’s funeral as thousands of police watching the service from outside turned their backs in a sign of disrespect toward the city’s leader.

The officers’ actions at Wenjian Liu‘s funeral Sunday came after Police Commissioner Bill Bratton sent a memo to all commands urging respect, declaring “a hero’s funeral is about grieving, not grievance.”

It is beyond crystal clear now that De Blasio, (and by extension Holder and Obama) have a serious problem on their hands with the nation’s law enforcement officers.

As Weasel Zippers reported earlier this morning, NYPD had been plotting to do an “about face” at Liu’s funeral.

In the weeks since Liu and partner Rafael Ramos, 40, were ambushed Dec. 20 on a Bedford-Stuyvesant street, angry officers have displayed outrage to their perceived, anti-cop mayor by literally turning their backs on him as he passed them in a hospital hallway and as he spoke at Ramos’ funeral last Saturday.

And while no officers turned their backs on the mayor at Liu’s wake Saturday, cops were plotting online to do so at the slain officer’s funeral Sunday, despite an NYPD-wide directive by Bratton that “a hero’s funeral is about grieving, not grievance.”

“There will be someone signaling an ‘ABOUT FACE’ via bullhorn,” one poster who used the handle “BrutalObserver” wrote on Thee Rant blog. “If and when you hear this loud ABOUT FACE everyone… and I mean everyone is expected to face away from the funeral home.”


Bratton has said he won’t punish officers who again disrespect de Blasio, but has said such behavior is “inappropriate.”


Twitchy:  Images of Wenjian Liu’s widow weeping as she holds a picture of her husband are simply ‘heartbreaking’ [photos]

Devastating. Don’t click without a box of tissues nearby.

Incidentally, Lefties on Twitter have been claiming that Liu’s widow requested that the police not turn their backs on de Blasio during her husband’s funeral. So far I haven’t been able to track that down that story. Every news account of the funeral mentions the police commissioner’s request – but none say anything about her making the request.

She did say to the thousands of officers who offered condolences & support, “I thank you. My extended family, my family in blue.”