Project Valour IT- Last Day Push (With Updates)

If you’ve been procrastinating on this, today is the last day to help a wounded warrior through Project Valour-IT.

Although donations have been trickling in slowly, today, some big guns are helping out, and the possibility of reaching the halfway mark is now in sight.

138 Wounded American Heroes Need Your Help

That’s the number of requests Project Valour-It has they can’t afford to fulfill at the moment.

Howling at the Moon has the numbers:

Updates on fundraiser last day, from Chuck : 0700: $39,564
0800: $40,664
0900: $42,309 ….all Eastern Time..

The goal is 100,000 ($25,000 per branch of the Military)

You can donate to the Marines, here.


9:07 (ct): $48,664 total

Team army: $23, 003

Team USMC: $10,553

Team USN: $5,931

Team Air Force: $2,881

Okay, halfway is already a lock…..How about 3/4s?


Whoa! We are moving the needle quickly, now…

10:08 CT: USMC: $12,273

55,753 total donations!


3/4s now very much in play: $61,603

USMC: $15,358



Video: Thank God For The Soldier

For today’s Project Valour IT post, a video via Marine Team Leader, Howling At The Moon, Thank God For The Soldier performed by former Marine Artie Rodriguez:

With just a couple of days to go , we are still way below our goal of $25,000 with $7,248 (pitiful!)

Go here to make a donation to the Marine Team.

Here’s  a letter of thanks (in advance) for your generosity from a wounded warrior:

In 2005, I was wounded.  For some months, I was unable to use my hands.  They were simply too badly damaged from the blast, and the surgeries to make them usable again left me unable to do anything for myself. 

Then came Soldier’s Angels, who gave me a laptop, and paired it with special software that allowed me to control the computer, using only my voice!  Imagine, being able to do anything you can do with a mouse and keyboard, using just your voice.  For me, it allowed me to do one thing, that I could do before I was wounded.

That one thing–when everything: feeding, cleaning, scratching, everything had to be done for me–that one thing I could do for myself allowed me to connect to my soldiers, friends, and family. That one thing… that one thing began a long road to recovery.  It gave me hope; that I could learn to do other things like I did before.

That one thing is only possible if people like you care enough to help.  We have provided thousands of these systems since 2005, but the needs for these systems is still increasing.  I visit military medical facilities and meet with wounded troops, and know that there are ways to help them… and right now, I have to tell them to wait because we need funding.

Should our wounded have to wait for something that can help them heal, take their mind off their pain, or bring them a little sense of self?

Please help us raise $100,000 between July 1-14; to keep us in the business of providing for our wounded.  It seems like a lot of money, but every single dollar  helps.  Every dollar donated goes to the troops.  None of the VALOUR-IT donation goes to administrative or other costs.  You’d be hard pressed to find any charity that does that, but it was a stipulation I made when we set it up.  That number seems huge, insurmountable.  But you know how you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time.  Give what you can, please.  I know times are tough.  Times were pretty tough for me, too, and are pretty tough for young men and women learning how to use prosthesis, getting skin grafts, having wounds washed out.

Donate if you can, please share the message with others.  Get your friends to give what they can.  Write about it on Facebook and twitter.  Call in to a radio or TV show.  Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the hope.

Thank you.

Chuck Ziegenfuss

Please Donate To Project Valour IT

Project Valour IT is a friendly competition among bloggers sponsored by the great organization that works for the benefit of our wounded military members, Soldiers’ Angels.  I’ve joined the Marine Team, as I always have in the past. This 3 1/2 minute video explains what Valour IT does for our war wounded.


With only a few days to go, we’ve raised just a little over a quarter of our goal of $100,000.Each team has set a goal of $25,000.

Leading is Army, with 11,922.

USMC is in second with $6,578.

USN is in third with $3,661

and rounding out the bottom is the USAF with: $1,866.

Feel free to donate to any of these, if you so choose.

You can donate here for the Marine Team.


Project Valour IT, Day 8

In case you don’t know, this is what this great cause is all about:

Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, helps provide voice-controlled/adaptive laptop computers and other technology to support Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand wounds and other severe injuries. Technology supplied includes:

Voice-controlled Laptops – Operated by speaking into a microphone or using other adaptive technologies, they allow the wounded to maintain connections with the rest of the world during recovery.

Marine Team leader, Wollfe of Howling at the Moon dug up this 1962 advertisement for Marine Corps Officers, sung by Patsy Cline, to help get you in the giving mood.


Each team has a goal of reaching $25,000. With just a week to go, the Marine Team is in second place with a paltry $6,503 raised. Army leads with $11,347 – almost half-way there. Navy is in 3rd place with $3,661, and rounding out the bottom is the Air Force with only $1,666 raised.

We can do better than that, people. I know the economy stinks, right now, but if  enough people participate, the donations don’t have to be large – every little bit helps. Let’s do this for the troops!

To donate to Team USMC, go here.


Soldier’s Angels’ Project Valour IT Remembers The Brave

Wollfe of Howling at The Moon is leading the Marine team in this years Valour IT fund raiser.

Today’s message:

Just a little early morning something for your motivation.

Remember the Fallen, Honor their Memory.

Help the Wounded.

This slide show consists of photos taken at a formal dinner at the National
Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA.

It is a beautiful presentation of the honor, commitment and pride today’s
heroes share with yesterday’s. To my Marine friends, I salute you.

Remembering the Brave

Soldier’s Angels, Valour IT
Give a little…. we have about $85,000.00 left to go.

Donations for the Marine Team can be made here.


Little Miss Attila has more news and music to kick A$$ by…..

Project Valour-IT USMC Birthday Edition


Two days away from the end of the competition, and on the 234th Birthday of the Marine Corps, the Marine team stands about $2000 away from our goal. We’ve worked hard, but we’re coming into the home stretch. I’d like to issue a challenge to all of you: let’s see if we can push the Marine team over the top today. With your help, I know we can do this.

Donations accepted, here!

Remember, it’s a great cause…Project Valour IT provides laptops with voice activated software to wounded soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen recovering at military medical centers all across America.

Today’s links:

Mind Numbed Robot ponders the meaning of “Semper Fidelis”:

“…the Marine Corps has never experienced a mutiny. Marines in England were revered for their loyalty to the crown, just as United States Marines are now revered for their downright fanatical dedication to each other, their service, and their country. Using Latin to characterize this quality represents its legitimization–its codification. Significantly, for Marines at least, it also provides a caste–a group that is separate and unique from any other–a group that has no desire to be like any other.What is left unsaid in the motto is also notable. The phrase is “Always faithful.” It isn’t “Sometimes Faithful.” Nor is it “Usually Faithful,” but always. It is not negotiable. It is not relative, but absolute.

Jules takes a stroll through Hahvahd Yahd and finds a few surprises:

It’s always easy to poke fun at the World’s Greatest University across the Charles, all the more so in recent decades as, like much of academia, it sank in a wretched swamp of America-bashing leftism while continuing to survey the world down its superior nose.Did you know that Harvard can now boast no fewer than 16 Medals of Honor among its alums? Thanks to the efforts of some veterans who have long treasured their university’s military traditions and dug into military records and Harvard archives, the university can claim the highest known number outside the service academies.

Courtesy of Dr. Melissa, Bob Parsons, CEO of gives a shout out to his fellow Marines.

No Sheeples has General Conway’s Birthday message.

The Marines have given a lot for us. Ercille has thoughts on how you can pay it forward. Bonus points for the dynamite Arty photos!

Speaking of which, the C-Square has page after page of wonderful photos of Marines doing what Marines do best. “Just keep scrolling”, as the saying goes.

Michelle Malkin rocks!!!

Mike the Marine’s Birthday video from 2008.

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Mike the Marine’s Birthday video from 2008.

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Hope Radio sends their greetings!

Blatherings Blog offers a Birthday Toast from former Commandant General Louis H. Wilson.

Right Pundits salutes our Marine of the Day, Corporal Jason Dunham:

You can see a photo of Jason below, and watch the moving video of President George W. Bush awarding the Medal of Honor to Corporal Jason Dunham, USMC, posthumously.Ercille has more birthday thoughts – link- and history-rich!

Coalition of the Swilling weighs in on that long, unbroken line.

Jimmy sends his best. Back atcha, bro!

I am an unabashed admirer of the United States Marine Corps and those who have earned the privelege to call themselves Marines. One of my very good friends, about whom I’ve written before, is a Marine of the old-school vintage. I called him this morning, as I do every November 10th, to wish him a Happy Birthday and he answered his phone, as he does every November 10th, with “Semper Fi”. It’s not truly his natal day, but it is a birthday to him and I’m pleased to honor that, and his incredible service, with a phone call. It wasn’t a long call but I told him I missed not being able to spend as much time with him as I’d like and that I love he and his marvelous wife. When we hung up, I was smiling and I could hear the grin on his end, too. November 10 is always a good day for him.Remembering Cpl. Jason Dunham: Blatherings Blog has a tribute to Jason Dunham and video, too!