Announcing Victory Rock Concert /Battle of the Bands w/Madison Rising in KC, 4/27 (Video)

I ran into this young lady promoting an upcoming “Rock the Vote” type event at the Kansas City tea party, today. The event is slated for 4/27, and will feature the conservative rock band, Madison Rising:

More info about the event, via Political Chips:

Time: April 27, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm
Location: Tuilleries Plaza in KCMO
Street: NW 64th Street west of I29
City/Town: Kansas City, Missouri 64152

 VICTORY ROCK/BATTLE OF THE BANDS WE are going to have a huge ROCK THE VOTE EVENT in KC! We have 8 Bands from the Metro area that have signed to compete for the $10,000 Grand Prize of an Advertising Package with Blue Springs Harley Davidson and they will be featured band at their Summer Bike Event on June 16th! Free ADMISSION! This event will both entertain and enlighten with KC’s Talented artists and Young Leaders speaking. We have Alex Shriver from the College Republicans, Joshua Charles co- author of Glenn Beck’s best seller, Paul Curtman, Will Stewart Stark With AFP, Katherine Thonpson a young woman who has started a Conservative Group in her high school and many more impressive YOUNG ADULT Leaders in the community. PLUS  MADISON RISING A POPULAR CONSERVATIVE ROCK MESSAGE BAND IS COMING TO KC just to play for the event. So bring your families, lawn chairs and blankets and be prepared to have a great time and ROCK THE VOTE!!! It will take all of us working together to WIN IN 2012!!! Family Atmosphere and Free ADMISSION! Come cheer on your Favorite Bands! Let’s Bring the Young and Old Together and ROCK TO VICTORY!!For more info. please call Theresa Emerson or email Rain or Shine WE ARE ON!

Rules and guidelines if you wish to participate, here.

Here’s your introduction to Madison Rising:



Megadeth Frontman, Dave Mustaine, Backing Santorum


While Republican voters continue to fluctuate on their choice for the 2012 presidential nominee, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has made a firm decision as to who he wants to see in the White House: former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

“Earlier in the election, I was completely oblivious as to who Rick Santorum was, but when the dude went home to be with his daughter when she was sick, that was very commendable,” the thrash metal star told

“You know, I think Santorum has some presidential qualities, and I’m hoping that if it does come down to it, we’ll see a Republican in the White House…and that it’s Rick Santorum.”

Mustaine said he was supporting Santorum over the primary’s delegate leader Mitt Romney because he was distrustful of the means by which the former Massachusetts governor created his immense wealth.

“I’ve got to tell you, I was floored the other day to see that Mitt Romney’s five boys have a $100 million trust fund,” Mustaine told the music website. “Where does a guy make that much money? So there’s some questions there.”

I have to confess that I’ve never been  a partaker of his kind of music – death metal, or whatever you call it. I’ve always found it to be too dark, and ….aaaaa kinda evil – oh… apparently he thinks so, too:

Another Republican rocker, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Rocks for Ron Paul.

In 2008, he supported John McCain against Obama.


The Other McCain for the latest good news on Santorum: Santorum Conquers the World?

Tonight’s Coakley Rally In Framingham, MA: 3/4 Empty

More evidence of the enthusiasm gap just came in via Twitter:

It just ain’t happenin’ for her.

Game ovah!

Mass Resistance has pictures from Brown’s rally in Littleton, earlier,  today, which attracted hundreds  outside in the snow and ice.

Love this sign:

Mass Resistance also has pix up from a Sunday rally in Boston:

Which attracted a few feeble Obots. Why do I say Obots? Just look:

Someone was listening to Obama’s speech yesterday…but did she actually understand what she was hearing?

Now, we’ve recovered most of your money already, but I don’t think “most of your money” is good enough. We want all our money back. We’re going to collect every dime. (Applause.) That’s why I proposed a new fee on the largest financial firms — to pay the American people back for saving their skin.

What is the connection between a “new fee” and getting all our money back? Isn’t it great that we’ve got most of the money back, and isn’t it enough to get the rest the money back? Why the fee? To punish success? To my ears, it’s a non sequitur.

But instead of taking the side of working families in Massachusetts, Martha’s opponent is already walking in lockstep with Washington Republicans, opposing that fee, defending the same fat cats who are getting rewarded for their failure.

But you didn’t explain the fee. You’re demonizing the bankers — “fat cats” — the very people that you gave our tax money too. And how are they “getting rewarded for their failure” if the bailout worked? Why aren’t you pleased with the effective use of our tax money? It’s incoherent.

Now, there’s a big difference here. It gives you a sense of who the respective candidates are going to be fighting for, despite the rhetoric, despite the television ads, despite the truck. (Laughter.) Martha is going to make sure you get your money back. (Applause.)

Get our money back or impose that “new fee”? Scott Brown isn’t against getting the bailout money back, is he? This is deliberate obfuscation, it seems.

She’s got your back. Her opponent has got Wall Street’s back. (Applause.)

That sounds nicely slogan-y, but what does it mean? You can count on Democrats to be hostile to business? How is it defending us to attack Wall Street, and if it is, why did you give so much of our money to Wall Street?


Pics from Scott Brown Election Eve Rally in Wrentham

The scene at 7:00 pm.

Full report at AoSHQ.


Speaking of Scott Brown…

William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection notes that MA State Senator, Scott Brown, who’s hoping to fill Teddy’s all important US Senate seat in a special election January 19, is “winning the online battle”.

In fact a Scott Brown in Australia has been the be the unwitting beneficiary of all the enthusiasm:

As the Boston Globe reports, in the past few days, as @ScottBrownMA has gained momentum through bloggers and twitterers and other social media, @ScottBrown has been inundated with people seek @ScottBrownMA.

Brown’s Facebook page has 8689 fans versus 6255 at Coakley‘s Facebook page. The BrownBrigade online network has 2517 members; I could find nothing similar for Coakley.

You can join the fray by following  @ScottBrownMA on Twitter, and becoming a fan of his Facebook page, linked above.

FYI: I listened in on a conference call with Brown, yesterday, and was surprised to learn that those rumors about the GOP leaving him in the cold were greatly exaggerated. In fact, “Don’t believe everything you read” is a direct quote from Brown. He wanted us to know that the GOP wasn’t stiffing him. But he is being greatly outspent by his well connected opponent, MA Atty Gen Martha Coakley, who has special interest, and  union $$$ backing her.

Scott Brown has something she doesn’t have, however…and that’s momentum.

You can donate to his campaign here, any time, but a “money bomb” is being planned for Jan. 11  for the last stretch of the campaign. You can go make a pledge, now, too.


Oh my… I just discovered this strictly by accident, I swear, but HUBBA HUBBA!

Long before he was a politician, the Republican candidate vying for Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat posed nude for the centerfold of Cosmo. Scott Brown won our “America’s Sexiest Man” contest and appeared in the June 1982 issue. In those days he was a 22-year-old law student at Boston College who was cramming for finals just days before stripping down for our photographer.

“Here at Cosmo we’ve had bachelors go on to be actors, models, and reality show stars, so we’re thrilled that one has gone on to become a politician,” says Kate White, Cosmo’s editor in chief. Obviously we know how to pick ’em. This particular bachelor has always had political ambitions and even admitted to being “a bit of a patriot” when we interviewed him.


Safe for work (I think…)pictures at link.

Republicans Sweep Governorships in VA and NJ

Republican, Bob McDonnell sailed easily to victory in VA, and now the AP is calling it for Christie in NJ:

Republicans surged to victory in governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday, wresting control from Democrats in both states as independents who swept Barack Obama to a historic 2008 victory broke big for the GOP. It was a troubling sign for the president and his party heading into an important midterm election year.

Conservative Republican Bob McDonnell’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds and moderate Republican Chris Christie’s ouster of unpopular New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine was a double-barreled triumph for a party looking to rebuild after being booted from power in national elections in 2006 and 2008.

Dang, Corzine couldn’t squeak one out even with ACORN and teh One’s help?


The New York race is still up in the air. You can follow the results, here.

Pajamas Media is live blogging election results.

Ace: Hoffman Results Thread: 11% in, Hoffman Trails by 5% But… Exit Polls Show It 50-47 Hoffman

See also:

The Other McCain for up to the minute election results for the NY-23 race.

The latest:

Reports of voting machine malfunctions in St. Lawrence and Fulton Counties. National Review is a bit worried. The Hoffman campaign is still optimistic, but this long delay is stressful. As the percentage of returns increases an early lead for Democrat Bill Owens is shrinking. Whereas Owens led by 8 points with 21% reporting, it’s now 5 points with 39% reporting. Stay tuned.


Problems are reported with a total of 11 voting machines (4 in St. Lawrence County and 7 in Fulton County). With 63% of precincts reporting, Owens leads 49% to Hoffman’s 44%, a margin of about 3,400 votes, with 5% for Dede Scozzafava. Many military absentee ballots (Fort Drum is in the district) are yet to be counted.

Love it:

Powerline has the headline of the night:

The fat man sings in New Jersey


R.S. McCain says Hoffman is expected to concede.

Drew at AoHQ: Hoffman Concedes.

Allahpundit (Eeyore) is uncharacteristically upbeat, putting a positive spin on the loss:

FNC has called it for the Democrat. Points to take away from the loss: (1) PPP’s last poll was way, waaaay off; (2) Scozzafava’s endorsement must have had some impact on her supporters, as it erased the five-point lead Hoffman held in the last Siena poll after she dropped out; (3) third-party challenges, while sometimes warranted, are a very risky proposition (attention Glenn Beck!); (4) the win in New Jersey, where The One staked his own political capital in campaigning for Corzine, was huge compared to the loss here; and (5) as I said over the weekend, the actual result of this race is unimportant. The point in torpedoing Scozzafava and swinging the GOP behind Hoffman was to send a message to the Republican leadership that only fiscal conservatives will be tolerated henceforth, and that message has been sent even with Owens winning a squeaker. The loss is disappointing but it’s a detail on an otherwise great night. So great, in fact, that it deserves something special. This special.

Hoffman Gets Giuliani Endorsement


Owens got the big Scozzafava endorsement. Hoffman gets America’s Mayor:

WATERTOWN, N.Y., November 1, 2009 —  Doug Hoffman the Conservative candidate for Congress in New York’s 23rd District today received the endorsement of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani said: “On Tuesday, the voters of the North Country have a very clear choice when they cast their vote for Congress. It’s a choice between a tax and spend Nancy Pelosi Democrat and a common sense conservative Republican named Doug Hoffman.

Another Johnny-Come-Lately for Hoffman, here.

What will the Democrats do to foil the Hoffmentum? There’s only a day and a half left for dirty tricks.

Hat tip: NorsU on Twitter.