Who’s The Biggest Douchenozzle In America?

Who’s The Biggest Douchenozzle?
1) Scott Thomas Beauchamp
2) Ted Rall
3) Erg
4) Michael Moore
5) Harry Reid
6) John Kerry
7) Rosie
8 Other

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So far, Ted Rall, Michael Moore, Harry Reid, and Rosie are tied for 1st place.

I knew this would be a close race.


Well, it looks like Harry Reid is has pulled ahead. No votes yet for John Kerry, or Erg


Harry Reid is running away with it. Good for him, he worked hard for this distinction.


Bad Idea, Bob!

Living legend, Bob Barker, who retired last week after hosting The Price is Right for 35 years, is endorsing Rosie O’Donnell to take his place on the show.

“I believe they’re going to have a meeting with Rosie,” Barker said backstage Friday night at the Daytime Emmy Awards, where he won his 19th trophy.

Are they kidding me? Do they really think that the people who watch The Price is Right are going to want this uber-liberal, lesbian to host their show?

I don’t know…maybe they do. What kind of people watch daytime game shows?

But if they don’t want her spouting truther nonsense in between spins of the wheel, (or whatever they do) they might want to have it written into her contract, that she keep her political opinions to herself. And even then, I think it would be too hard for her to restrain herself.

Bad, bad idea!

Graceland (part one)

We almost skipped it because the girls slept in so late, and I wanted to get home at a decent hour, but the girls really moved once they were up, and really seemed to want to go….so we checked out of the hotel at 11:00 am. and were boarding the shuttle to take us to the mansion by 12:00 pm.

After we bought the tickets, and were waiting to board the shuttle, we went to the ice cream parlor and got milkshakes, which came in commemorative black Elvis cups that I was determined to keep, and bring home.

While we were waiting in the shuttle line, a security dude came by and told us we wouldn’t be able to bring the milkshakes on the shuttle; we could keep the cups, but we’d have to finish the milkshakes. Well, dammit these milkshakes were huge, and I had just spent 20 Cupsbig ones on the four shakes and one soft pretzel, (which we shared). We all started slurping our shakes as fast as we could, which sort of took the enjoyment out of the treat, you know what I’m saying? My youngest panicked when she saw a shuttle approaching, and threw the rest of hers away in the nearest trash can. The rest of us managed to finish, but now I was stuck holding four sticky, drippy cups for the tour. And that shuttle wasn’t for us, so we got to wait a little longer.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the people standing in front of us. Three Scandis! Two women, a butch, dumpy ‘Rosie’ type, and a thin, straggly haired tattooed one wearing… get this… a spaghetti strapped dress with a low back revealing her not strapless bra. It was not hot, WP, you would not hit that. She also smelt strongly of BO. My oldest was sniffing our armpits, going, “who smells like BO?” I had to gesture towards the woman, “pssst, stupid, it’s her.” The third Scandi was a dude dressed up like Elvis. Yep. An Elvis, hanging out with these two chicks, and speaking some Germanic language. Weird, weird weird! In all fairness, he was a better Elvis than the one at the ceili the night before.

The security dude came back and hassled my eleven year old a little. “Ahm afraid we cain’t let you in wearing that shirt.”

She was wearing an AC/DC shirt.

“Heh heh”, we laughed nervously. “Good one.”

He hung around us for a while and chatted, which was fine, but he overstayed his welcome.

“Well, ya’ll have a good time on the tour,” he said.

“Oh, don’t worry, we will!”

More chatting…..

“Well, ya’ll enjoy the tour, now.”


More chatting….

“Well, ya’ll enjoy the tour.”

“LEAVE US ALONE!!!!” Okay, I didn’t say that, but I was thinking it.

Soon, we moved up the line, got our pictures taken, were given our headsets, and boarded the shuttle. We were on our way to Graceland!

……to be continued.

Obligitory Rosie Post

So, she’s leaving The View, and I heard somewhere that she may even stop doing her website.

And I just started blogging yesterday. What did I do now, God?

And was it my imagination, or did I hear on the news this morning that Rosie’s writer from The View was fired because she was caught drawing mustaches on pictures of Elisabeth?

Too much.


Aha! I don’t know if she was fired, but apparently she was “escorted from the building.” Rosie also may have “trashed” her dressing room, but ABC denies that.

What do you want to bet that her dressing room is kinda trashy, anyway?