Saturday Movie Matinee: A Guide To The Dark Side

Pat Condell: A guide to the dark side:

Condell deciphers the progressive mind as only he can.

TruthRevoltOriginals: Andrew Klavan: 50 Shades of Barack Obama:

Walid Shoebat Explosive Interview with Michael Savage (March 26, 2015)

Mark Levin: Obama Is ‘The Greatest Threat The Jews Face … Since The 1930s’

TruthRevoltOriginals: Ben Shapiro: Obama’s Faith in Iran:

Trey Gowdy Slams Hillary for Failing to Turn Over Server and for Wiping the Server Clean:

Liberal Mecca? Paris Air Quality Worse than Shanghai!!! | Trifecta:

Top Right News: Black Indiana Democrat Accuses GOP Member’s TODDLER of Racism:

New video shows a Black state legislator issuing a stunning slur of racism — against atoddler.

During a heated debate over the recently passed-and-signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act in the Indiana House, State Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis) went after her White Republican debate opponent’s 18-month-old son, accusing him, and his parents by extension, of racism.

Summers said of GOP Rep. Jud McMillan’s young son, “I love his little son, but he’s scared of me because of my color — and that’s horrible.”

Lawmakers could be heard gasping and groaning after the comment.

“It’s true,” Summers said defiantly. “And that’s something we are going to work on. … I asked him please, ‘Introduce your child to some people of color so he won’t live his life as a prejudice person.’ I would like for you all to not vote for this bill.”

The unbelievable comments begin after she turns the debate from religion into a race issue at around the 2:32 mark:

Colin Flaherty: Old White Dude saves family from black mob violence attack. Gets arrested:

White man gets arrested for self defense against black mob. That’s not the way the local TV news station told it, though.

They said he was out beating kids for apparently no reason what so ever.

Colin Flaherty: Interview with the mother charged after defending family. 

Colin Flaherty: Black mob violence – that was the week that was:

Palette cleanser?

I’m sorry – That wasn’t a palette cleanser at all, was it? I have a cruel sense of humor, sometimes.

Saturday Movie Matinee: Where’s Putin?

UKRAINE TODAY: Where Is Putin? Kremlin releases Putin photos in bid to quell speculation over ‘disappearance':

Amid mounting speculation of the whereabouts of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has not been seen in public for over a week, the Kremlin has released a series of new photographs.The pictures apparently show Putin at his countryside residence meeting with Russia’s top judge in the past 24 hours. They could not be independently verified.

Wochit General News:Where is Putin? Rumors Swirl of Botched Botox, Cancer and Death:

Where’s Putin? It’s been over a week since the Russian president made his last public appearance, prompting people in Moscow and around the world to wonder what’s become of him. Hashtags such as #WhereisPutin ” are trending. The last confirmed public appearance of Putin, was at a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on March 5. His noticeable absence since has the rumor mill buzzing. The rumors as to the reason for Putin’s disappearance run the gamut, from the president undergoing plastic surgery and needing time to recover, to botched Botox, having a cold, cancer and even death.

Washington Free Beacon: Hillary Clinton’s Horrible Press Conference | SUPERcuts! #175:

PJ Media: Possible Felonies! What Does Email-Gate Mean for Hillary? | Trifecta:

ReasonTV: DC Matic: The Hillary-Approved Email Server!:

Do you run a government agency but hate complying with the law? Then you need DC Matic, theHillary Clinton-approved email server!

Here’s how it works:
First you select the government business you’d like to conceal from the public.  Then, simply use DC Matic’s proprietary privacy controls to fix the problem. Simple as that!

Krauthammer’s Take: Americans Don’t Like Country’s Direction”

Truth Revolt: Andrew Klavan: Magical Leftist Thinking:

Megyn Kelly, Kurtz Pile on ‘Sanctimonious’ MSNBC: ’500 Liberals and Joe Scarborough’

Megyn Kelly tonight touted a new study finding Fox News to be more trusted than all other national news networks, and neither she nor Howard Kurtz could resist taking shot after shot at MSNBC for its ratings woes.

Hillary Clinton’s Horrible Press Conference | SUPERcuts! #175

Washington Free Beacon: MSNBC Is Overplaying Its Hand | SUPERcuts! #176:

Unholy War ➠ The March Of ISIS Part 1:

Unholy War ➠ The March Of ISIS Part 2:

Unholy War ➠ The March Of ISIS Part 3:

This special will be replayed at some point during the weekend. If you want to see the whole thing, check your local listings for your area.

A song of sadness: Denez Prigent & Lisa Gerrard Gortoz A Ran – J’attends:

And ending on a happier note and with upcoming St Patrick’s Day in mind…

Irish dancers surprise the Judges with their modern twist | Britain’s Got Talent 2014:

Saturday Movie Matinee: The Leader of the Free World

Bill Whittle, Truth Revolt: THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD:

Fox Nation: How America Was Misled On Al Qaeda’s Demise:

In the early-morning hours of May 2, 2011, a small team of American military and intelligence professionals landed inside the high white walls of a mysterious compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The team’s mission, code-named Operation Neptune Spear, had two primary objectives: capture or kill Osama bin Laden and gather as much intelligence as possible about the al Qaeda leader and his network. A bullet to bin Laden’s head accomplished the first; the quick work of the Sensitive Site Exploitation team accomplished the second.

It was quite a haul: 10 hard drives, nearly 100 thumb drives and a dozen cellphones. There were DVDs, audio and video tapes, data cards, reams of handwritten materials, newspapers and magazines. At a Pentagon briefing days after the raid, a senior military intelligence official described it as “the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever.”

King Obama? – Taxation By Executive Order – Cavuto:

Executive Order On Taxes? – King Obama? – Judge Andrew Napolitano – Stuart Varney:

New Questions In Clinton Email Controversy – Charles Krauthammer – The Kelly File:

Rep. Pompeo discusses Clinton Emails with On The Record with Greta Van Susteren:


Media Equalizer: Schizo MSNBC: slam Hillary, then blame the right

Weasel Zippers: White House: Obama Probably Learned About Hillary’s Private Email Scandal By Reading It In The Newspaper…

Fox News: Senator Bob Menendez faces federal corruption charges over gifts from donor – Shepard Smith Report:

The case against the powerful lawmaker, years in the making, comes at a sensitive time for Menendez — and the Obama administration. Menendez has been a leading critic of the direction of current diplomatic talks with Iran over its nuclear program, and has helped draft legislation meant to check the administration’s power to negotiate a deal.

As top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — and a Cuban-American lawmaker — he also has criticized the administration’s efforts to normalize ties with Cuba.

PJ Media: Too Damn Big! The Federal Government is Bloated Beyond Belief! | Trifecta

Project Veritas: Random man recognizes James O’Keefe in parking lot and flips out!

Colin Flaherty: Victim fights back against black on white crime:


Set in a bizarre 1960’s inspired version of World War II, this action comedy series follows a team of five spies on a mission to kill Hitler.

Saturday Movie Matinee: The Best of #CPAC2015

Rand Paul brought the CPAC crowd to their feet on Friday:

Carly Fiorina CPAC 2015 Full Speech Bashes Hillary in CPAC Speech:

Jeb Bush CPAC 2015 Full Speech:

It wasn’t bad…

Marco Rubio CPAC 2015 Full Speech Marco Rubio Hillary Is Yesterday:

Rick Perry CPAC 2015 Full Speech:

Nigel Farage CPAC 2015:

Senator Joni Ernst CPAC 2015:

Laura Ingraham CPAC 2015:

Donald Trump, The Trump Organization CPAC 2015:

Saturday Movie Matinee: ISIS Leader: We Are Being Funded By The United States:

ISIS Leader: We Are Being Funded By The United States:

An ISIS leader named Yousef al-Salafi in Pakistan has admitted that ISIS is being funded by the USA, and thus, the Obama administration. This came from a statement done by the Pakistani government which interrogated Yousef and received this information from him. There was a news report done on this:

Via the Express Tribune:

During the investigations, Yousaf al Salafi revealed that he was getting funding – routed through America – to run the organisation in Pakistan and recruit young people to fight in Syria

One source said that al Salafi confessed that he and another ally — said to be an imam — was getting paid by the US to recruit youths to join ISIS for $600 a recruit.

That ISIS has received aid from the United States in one form or another is an open secret in Syria – where this elderly woman – during her harangue against the Muslim/Daesh fighters, said:

“At the war of Zaran, mothers  were hiding their children and did not want them to fight. But now when you got money from America and weapons of America you want to kill each other.”

2:35 in:

ISIS shows off weapons cache airdropped by US:

The weapons were allegedly meant for the Kurds.

4-Star Admiral Slams Obama: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated All Of Our National Security Agencies:

Mark Levin says Obama is a ‘patsy for Islamic terrorism':

PJTV: Trifecta: Should Republicans Authorize Obama’s ‘Force’ Against ISIS?

PJTV: Obama’s War on the Caliphate: We Can’t Just Kill ‘Em?

Obama’s State Dept. Spokesperson says we can’t just kill our way out of this problem…But can’t we? Also, find out how this resembles Mitt Romney.

Giuliani Tells CNN He’s Getting Death Threats over Obama Comments:

CNN reporter Jim Acosta spoke with Rudy Giuliani over the phone earlier today and told Anderson Cooper that the former New York mayor claimed he’s been getting death threats after his controversial remarks about whether President Obama loves America.

Acosta goes on to report that Rudy says most calls have been supportive, and he has even received a call from Gov. Bobby Jindal who backed him up on the comments.

Bill Whittle, Truth Revolt: Brass Tacks on Immigration:

From a guaranteed right to hormone therapy for transgendered illegal aliens, to a prospective Attorney General saying that illegals have the same right to a job as US citizens or legal immigrants, the ongoing sham of the Obama administration’s under-the-radar policies get seen in the light of day in Bill Whittle’s latest FIREWALL.

See Also: Matthew Vadum, FrontpageMagazine: Sessions: Obama Dismantling the Immigration System

Krauthammer on Psaki’s Promotion: Webster Himself Couldn’t Explain Some Obama Policies:

WFB: The Worst of Jen Psaki | SUPERcuts! #166

See also: Twitchy: ‘What the hell are we paying you for?’ Here’s how State Dept.’s fighting terrorism [pic]

Protect Internet Freedom: Coming Soon: The Department of the Internet:

Colin Flaherty: Interview with Psychologist Marlin Newburn:

Interview with Marlin Newburn on black crime and violence.
With Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed a Lot and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

WFB: John Boehner Doesn’t Suffer Fools | SUPERcuts! #164:

WFB: Joe Biden: Our Touchy-Feely Vice President | SUPERcuts! #165:


Saturday Movie Matinee: Don’t Let Them Say “If You Like Your Internet You Can Keep Your Internet

Senator Ted Cruz: Why the FCC’s Internet Takeover will Hurt Innovation and Consumers:

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Thursday spoke at the #RebootCongress conference organized by Lincoln Labs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

There, Sen. Cruz spoke about the need to protect constitutional rights online, how raising taxes on the Internet would hurt small businesses, and warned about the dangers of the FCC’s net neutrality plan that would reclassify the Internet as a public utility under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.

Sen. Cruz also joined a panel moderated by Katie Biber of Airbnb with Chris Massey of Lyft, Justin Bedecarre of 42Floors, Pia Mancini of Net Democracy, and Nick Grossman of Union Square Ventures.

Truth Revolt: Andrew Klavan: The Obama Conspiracy Conspiracy:

Megyn Kelly Mocks Media For Not Investigating Obama 2 13 2015

PJTV Trifecta: NBC Lies: Brian Williams Was Frodo, George Washington, & Abe Lincoln:

Now that Brian Williams was caught in a journalist scandal, the internet has responded as only the internet can.

This is a disturbing story that a Facebook friend pointed me to – it seems Alex Jonesy – but it’s not. This is mainstream media reporting. A story many people missed from 9/2012.

St. Louis (KSDK) I-Team: The Army’s secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans:

– Lisa Martino-Taylor is a sociologist whose life’s work has been to uncover details of the Army’s ultra-secret military experiments carried out in St. Louis and other cities during the 1950s and 60s.

She will make her research public Tuesday, but she spoke first to the I-Team’s Leisa Zigman.

The I-Team independently verified that the spraying of zinc cadmium sulfide did take place in St. Louis on thousands of unsuspecting citizens. What is unclear is whether the Army added a radioactive material to the compound as Martino-Taylor’s research implies.

“The study was secretive for reason. They didn’t have volunteers stepping up and saying yeah, I’ll breathe zinc cadmium sulfide with radioactive particles,” said Martino-Taylor.

PJTV Trifecta: Sam Smith & Bruce Jenner: Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement?

Ben Shapiro, Truth Revolt:  Why Do Jews Vote Leftist:

Kris Kobach sounds off on allowing non-citizens to vote:

Here are a couple of amazing dog stories.

Hero Dog Leads Cop To Burning Home | Includes Cop Interview:

Hero dog leads police to owners burning house. Cop interview included. I saw this beautiful story and decided to r-edit it including the interview, as a tribute to buddy. Watch in HD. SONG IS “Glory and Honor” by Sean Brattan.

In early 2010, a German Shepherd called Buddy was hailed a hero for guiding an Alaskan State Trooper through winding and remote back roads to a fire at his owner’s workshop.

Alaskan State Trooper , Terrence Shanigan, was led to the incident by Buddy after his GPS failed. The incident was recorded on Terrence’s patrol car dashboard camera, which shows exactly how Buddy managed to help.

AP: Dog Sniffs Way to Hospital to Find Owner:

A woman’s family is still baffled as to how her dog was able to sniff her way almost two miles to find the Cedar Rapids hospital where she was being treated.


Saturday Movie Matinee: ‘It’s Not World War II, It’s the 1930s’

NRO: Krauthammer’s Take: ‘Susan Rice Is Right, It’s Not World War II. It’s the 1930s.’

In her foreign policy speech today at the Brooking Institution, National Security Adviser Susan Rice announced that the United States is not facing a threat “of the existential nature we confronted during World War II.” Yes, it’s not World War II,” Charles Krauthammer agreed on this evening’s Special Report. “It’s the 30s.”

“What we have,” said Krauthammer, “is a threat spreading and growing around the world, of which this administration either doesn’t recognize the threat or doesn’t want to admit it. It is pretending it doesn’t exist and will not actually even name it.”

Here’s a Ralph Peters double feature: Lt Col. Ralph Peters (ret.) appeared on Lou Dobbs and Hannity Friday slamming Natl. Sec Advisor Susan Rice’s speech as “mush”, “self congratulatory”, and “bumper-slogans.”

Rice Defends Foreign Policy, Says U.S. Not Facing Existential Threat – Col Ralph Peters – Lou Dobbs:

“The world is on fire, and he plays golf,” Peters declared, adding, “Mr. President, it’s not about the color of your skin – it’s about the content of your character.”

Ralph Peters Slams Susan Rice’s Speech: The Yogurt I Had for Breakfast Had More Structure:

Franklin Graham on Hannity: Obama Can’t Face Reality:

Western Journalism: Bishop Jackson To Obama, You Ought To Close Your Mouth!

I have a message for the president with all due respect to him and to the office: Mr. President, if you don’t want to give terrorists a recruitment’s tool, instead of closing Guantanamo Bay, frankly sir, you ought to close your mouth. Because you just gave them a gigantic propaganda tool. They called us ‘crusaders’ and you just confirmed it.

The Bishop went on to slam President Obama for defending Islam over American Christians.

Mr. President, we’re not on our ‘high horse.’ What we are is on high alert. And the American people would like for once, to know that you are willing to defend Christianity and defend America instead of defending Islam.

Start video 1:00 in to avoid long introduction.

Obama’s Ridiculous Christianity/ISIS Comparison || Louder With Crowder:

WFB: America in Retreat: The Price of Obama’s Indifference | SUPERcuts! #158

John Batchelor, Newspeak:

With Thaddeus McCotter and Andrew McCarthy. The trio discuss the Regime’s refusal to call the Taliban terrorists.


From May 2013:

Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades:

Greta: Saluting Ronald Reagan On His 104th Birthday:

Remember when we had presidents who loved America?

Brian Williams’ evolving story on Iraq 2003 | Mashable:

Brian Williams Hilarious Lies and Excuses! || Louder With Crowder:

PJ Media Trifecta: Hilarious Hillary: Are the Democrats a Party of One?

Greta: The IRS And The Al Sharpton Double Standard:

Why isn’t the man in prison?

According to Fox Business correspondent Liz McDonald, “It’s an open secret that there is disparate treatment within the IRS when it comes to dealing with taxpayers.”

WFB: Romney Bows Out, MSNBC Hardest Hit: MSNBC’s stupid ‘binders full of women’ jokes have now become even less relevant:

Johnny Cash’s When The Man Comes Around: