Saturday Movie Matinee: GOPers Kick Off their Campaigns

CSPAN: Rick Perry Presidential Campaign Announcement Full Speech:

Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina enter presidential race:

Neil Cavuto interviews Bobby Jindal:

Jindal will throw his hat ion the ring later this month in New Orleans.

PJ Media, Trifecta: Not Even Close: Isn’t Obama’s Economic Growth Historic?!?:

Charles Krauthammer : ‘We’re in for 17 Months of a Fake ISIS Strategy':

Hannity: Mark Steyn On ‘American Irrelevance’ In The World:

Chickens: Comedians suck up to Obama, Clinton and the Democrats | SUPERcuts! #205

Apologies in advance – this is truly gag-inducing.

Weasel Zippers: New Yorkers Tackle Mugger in NYC:


Saturday Movie Matinee: America’s Finest Under Fire

Kelly File: Media Too Focused On Cop Wrongdoing? – America’s Finest Under Fire:

Kelly File: Cleveland Police Union: Justice Dept Reform Will “Get Police Officers Killed”:

Stuart Varney: Thanks Obama: A String Of Policy Failures – Socialism:

PJTV, Trifecta: First 100 Days: Can The Next President Really Cut the Size of Government?

Newsmax TV: Malzberg | Jillian Kay Melchior discusses Senator Elizabeth Warren’s House Flipping History:

Krauthammer: Obama ‘squandered the win’ in Iraq:

Stuart Varney: What Are The Rules Of Engagement When Fighting ISIS? – Lt Col Ralph Peters:

PJTV, Zo Schools His Haters. You Won’t Believe the Slurs These Liberals Use!

Colin Flaherty: From Philly: Black on white crime: Victims? or Volunteers?

Saturday Movie Matinee: Hillary’s Likable Enough

Washington Free Beacon: Angry Hillary: She’s likable enough | SUPERcuts! #202

Actually, she’s kind of a bitch.

Krauthammer, Special Report Panel Clobber Obama Over Spread Of ISIS:

PJTV: Bill Whittle: Be Prepared: Defense Against Terror, Hoodlums, & Disasters:

Earthquakes in Nepal, the bombing in Boston, and shots fired in Texas– Bill Whittle addresses the need for preparedness. Do it! Be Prepared!

PJTV: Another Clinton Tragedy: Elian Gonzalez All Grown Up: 

WFB: Liberals pounce on infrastructure spending after Amtrak crash | SUPERcuts! #198:


Megyn Kelly: Manhunt for suspect in quadruple murder in DC:

Bernie Kerik provides insight into the brutal and horrific quadruple murder case on ‘The Kelly File’ while the suspect’s lawyer provides a weak defense. ‘You undermine your credibility!’ Kelly chides him.

Tommy Sotomayor Goes 1 On 1 With Colin Flaherty Author! Live Now:

Via AoAHQ: Dog Thinks Through A Problem:

Saturday Movie Matinee: By George!

WFB: By George: ABC’s Clinton Defender-in-Chief | SUPERcuts! #199:

ABC host and former Bill Clinton flack George Stephanopoulos has admitted he donated $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation and did not disclose it to the network or its viewers. Last month, he aggressively interviewed the author of a book criticizing the foundation and its influence over Hillary Clinton’s State Department tenure.

Bill O’Reilly: O’Reilly: Hillary’s Getting The Nomination, ‘Unless She’s In Jail’ Of Course:

Trey Gowdy Still Waiting On Benghazi Documents From State Department:

ISIS Edges Toward Palmyra, Syria, Raising Fears Over Ancient Ruins:

MORE: ISIS executes 26 civilians near ancient Syrian city:

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants executed 26 civilians on Thursday after the group overran villages near Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

“Daesh executed 26 civilians, including at least 10 by beheading, after accusing them of collaborating with the Syrian regime,” said Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

Texas Man Arrested, Accused of Pledging Allegiance to ISIS:

The FBI claims they found evidence on Bilal Abood’s computer that he swore allegiance to the leader of ISIS.

Bill Whittle Stupid Liberal Question Stratosphere 37:

Colin Flaherty: Angry police chief:

Megyn Kelly Revisits the Time She and Janice Dean Slept Together:


ABC News Denver: Sons of fallen Weld County Sheriff’s Deputy outbid at auction for dad’s squad car:

GREELEY, Colo. – They don’t have much to remember their dad by, except photographs and memories.

Tanner was just 15, when his dad, Weld County Deputy Sam Brownlee, was killed in the line of duty after a police chase in 2010.

Nearly five years later, Tanner and his brother, Chase, were hoping to get one of their dad’s prized possessions from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’d mean a lot to me and my brother. We’ve been through a lot,” said Tanner.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office auctioned off their dad’s Dodge Charger on Wednesday night. The vehicle, with 147,000 miles, was being sold to raise money for C.O.P.S. — Concerns of Police Survivors, an organization that provides services for survivors of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

Saturday Movie Matinee: I Support Free Speech But…

Bill Whittle, Afterburner, PJTV: I Support Free Speech, But… 

Speech is either free or it isn’t! The attack in Texas wasn’t against Conservatives–it was against every American. Check out this important Afterburner to find out why Bill says you’re DEAD wrong if you think the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo or attendees at the free speech event in Texas had it coming to them for being too “provocative” by drawing Mohammed.

Megyn Kelly Indirectly Responds to O’Reilly on Geller: We Don’t Compromise Our Values:

With Professor Dershowitz and Rich Lowry:

And now – representing an extraordinarily weak and dopey counter argument:

O’Reilly: ‘Jesus Would Not Have Sponsored’ ‘Insulting’ Muhammad Contest NEW’S:

(I take back every nice thing I ever said about this pinhead.)

SEE ALSO: AoSHQ: Bill O’Reilly, Who Supposedly Believes In the Divinity of Christ, Says Jesus Would Respect the Ban on Drawing the Prophet of an Alien (and False) Religion

Oh yeah – the result of O’reilly’s online poll:


CBN: Nun: ‘Islam is ISIS. Whoever Says Otherwise Is a Liar’

PJTV: Is Experience a Requirement for Presidential Hopefuls? 

CNN: Baltimore cops attorneys call for prosecutor’s dismissal: 

Megyn Kelly: Why the Freddie Gray Case Seems to Be Unraveling Already;

NYDN: Funeral Service For Slain NYPD Officer Brian Moore:

NYPD Officer Brian Moore, six days after his death in a line of duty shooting, was remembered at his funeral Friday as a man born to wear a blue uniform.

Colin Flaherty: Chaos in Durham: Black mob attacks business owner:

Chaos in Wayne, Michigan: Repeated Black mob violence:

Confessed Terrorist Floyd Corkins Admits to Using SPLC Target List:

Dedicated to those libs who want cite The Southern Poverty Law Center as some kind of paragon of virtue when it’s actually a place for intolerant haters, totalitarian freaks, and psychopaths.

From FBI interrogation footage. Confessed terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II, who attacked Family Research Council on August 15, 2012, shooting and injuring Leo Johnson (before Johnson subdued him and took his weapon) explains to FBI interrogators that he used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list to find his target.

La Paz County Sheriff Find Underwater Skeleton Tea Party:

On May 4, 2015, at approximately 10:00 hours, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the area of Cienega Springs boat launch in regards to a report of found human remains. The reporting person stated that he/she was out snorkeling when they noticed skeletal remains at the bottom of the river.
Sheriff’s Office personnel met with members of the Buckskin Fire Department who sent one of their divers down to investigate. The diver took an underwater camera and video recorded the footage as he saw it.
When Firefighter Foerstner located the alleged remains, he found it to be an underwater tea-party with two fake skeletons sitting in lawn chairs. See video-footage.


Doctors are issuing a warning about swimming with open wounds after a man in Florida had to have his leg amputated because of a flesh-eating bacterial infection.

Zach Mody only had a minor cut on his toe when he went swimming off a Fort Myers beach in the Gulf of Mexico about a month ago. Now, he’s in a hospital bed and is missing one leg.

“I would have never thought in a million years this would have happened to me,” Mody toldABC affiliate WZVN-TV.

His symptoms started shortly after his visit to the beach.

“I noticed my foot was a little irritated and it just had a little red spot on it,” Mody recalled.

Twelve hours later, Mody said the pain became unbearable. He checked himself into Health Park Hospital.

Dude – no one blames you – but you’re not smiling.

Saturday Movie Matinee: Police Sources: Freddie Gray Was A Snitch – Was High on Pot and Heroin When He Was Arrested

Megyn Kelly: Charged Cops’ Friend on Fox: Freddie Gray a SNITCH, ‘Great Witness’ for Us:

This is a “bombshell” as they say. It explains why the cops didn’t think much of his screaming and thrashing – because Freddie apparently liked to “put on a show” – because “snitches get stitches.”

An anonymous Baltimore police officer and friend of the officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray today spoke out on Fox News tonight about what two of the cops involved relayed to them about Gray.
And perhaps one of the most striking things this cop told Megyn Kelly is that Gray snitched for the cops.They told Kelly that in this case, like in many other cases, Gray would “put on a show” and resist and show that he wasn’t cooperating with the police, but once he got to the station, he was a “great witness.”

Gray apparently “helped the department solve many crimes and different acts of violence.”

In the following three videos, Megyn Kelly and Hannity interviewed anonymous police sources. The law men are cloaked in black, faces hidden from view, their voices disguised – because in Obama’s America, our  protectors need to be protected. It’s like cops are now the dregs of society.

And the “young people” out on the street rioting for justice – are on the cutting edge of “changing the system” and stuff. Which Obama feels he can’t do without having his shock troops burn down a few cities.

Watch it and weep.

Hannity Exclusive: Baltimore Officer With Inside Info On The Investigation:

This cop is pissed. Describing the reaction cops had to the indictments, this morning, he told Hannity, “this was a huge slap in the face.”  He said, “to hear all of Mosbey’s rhetoric was disgusting,” and  “makes my blood boil.”

This officer broke some news during the inteview and was putting his job on the line, by speaking out.

He described the scene when the announcement came down: “People stunned at the lack of justice were crying, sitting by themselves and shaking their heads, hugging each other. It was unbelieveable to see the devastation that was done at that press conference, this morning.”

Describing the scene of the arrest, he said, “it’s probably the biggest drug market on the East coast possibly”, the cop said.

“It’s a violent area – it’s a drug trafficking area – there’s guns murders and shootings on a weekly basis.”

He also said that the cops witnessed a “hand to hand” drug transaction take place between Freddie Gray and his accomplice. That was why the arresting officers went after him.

Breaking some news tonight, the cop told Hannity (this guy really cut loose) that the toxicology report showed that Freddie Gray had heroin and Marijuana in his system.

Commenting on the conflict of interest, the cop said, ” you can see Nick Mosbey on TV (State Attorney Marilyn Mosbey’s hubby) arm and arm with the protesters and the next you see his wife – ya know – lecturing us on justice? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Asked if he thought he would be at risk if his identity were to become known to the prosecutor,” he said, “Definitely! I mean – I don’t have the same First Amendment rights as the protesters or the thugs. I have to come and speak up for my brothers and sisters who are standing out there and being unfairly prosecuted. I’m defending my brothers against the President, I’m defending them against the Mayor, I’m defending them against the State’s Attorney. I’m one man trying to speak for every man and woman on the Baltimore Police Department who were just punched in the face, today. I’ve buried detectives – I’ve buried officers – What she said this morning just opened up all those caskets and she spit on all of them!” 

NewsmaxTV: Malzberg | Dershowitz – A Sad Day for Justice Motivated by Crowd Control, Any Conviction Unlikely:

“Legendary Harvard Law School Professor” Alan Dershowitz appeared on the Steve Malzberg Show, to share his thoughts on the Baltimore police indictments that came down, Friday. Dersh panned State Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s decision, saying it was “a very sad day for justice.” He added, “today had nothing to do with justice – today was crowd control.”

“Everything today was motivated by a threat of riots and a desire to prevent riots, he continued.

It will be “virtually impossible,” he predicted, for the six officers involved to get a fair trial. “The mayor – outrageously – said we were going to get justice for the victims families and the people of Baltimore – never mentioning the defendants. Under our Constitution, the only people who are entitled to justice — are the defendants! They are presumed innocent, they need due process of law. The mayor and the state attorney have made it virtually impossible for these defendants to get a fair trial.”

He went on to note that some people in the mob have been saying that the only reason they got the indictments is because they rioted – “and they may very well be right,” the law professor admitted ruefully. “Today had nothing to do with justice.”

Dershowitz said there’s “no plausible, hypothetical, conceivable case for murder under the facts as we now know them,” calling it  “a show trial.”

He predicted that there would be a move to have Mosby removed as prosecutor and also a move to have a “move to a place with a different demographic.”

He said there is a good chance that in the end there will be no convictions because she over-charged.

NewsmaxTV: Malzberg | Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke – Police will not be used as Human Sacrifices to Satisfy a Mob:

“It’s a sham – this isn’t justice – it’s revenge,” the incensed sheriff said.

“She has made this political now, and I’m calling these cops who’ve had political charges issued against them, political prisoners. They’ve been offered up as a human sacrifice to an angry mob looking for not justice but revenge.”

He also said, (as an experienced homicide detective), that the amount of time she took to issue the charges, when there were likely hundreds of pages to  go through – and the the forensic results were not all in, yet, “stinks to high heaven.”

NewsmaxTV: Malzberg | Colin Flaherty discusses the growing unrest in Baltimore:

Colin Flaherty: The greatest explanation for Baltimore Riots. EVER.

He’s kidding. You won’t be able to watch more than a minute of this because the stupid is mind-numbing.

Saturday Movie Matinee: Frat Boys Dis Disabled Vets

The Kelly File: Fraternity Brothers Accused Of Disrespecting Veterans:


PJ Tatler: Frat Boys in Florida Expelled After Spitting on Disabled Vets, Urinating on American Flag (Video) Via Fox News:

“They were being treated like the Vietnam veterans were treated,” said Linda Cope, the founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat. The local charity provides an annual all-expense-paid vacation for more than a 100 combat-wounded warriors and their spouses or caregivers. All of the expenses are covered by Panama City Beach residents and businesses.

Cope tells me the fraternity members were staying in the same resort – and caused a night of mayhem. The college kids made derogatory comments about the warriors’ wives, threw items off balconies and desecrated an American flag.

She also said one of the warriors and his service dog were spit on. Television station WJHG identified that man as Nicholas Connole. “They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts,” he told the television station. There were local reports of frat boys throwing beer on veterans and ripping an American flag out of the ground.

Fox News: Obama Admin Racing To Move GITMO Detainees As Potential Showdown W Congress Nears-Rpt Bulls & Bears:

PJ Media Trifecta: Libyan Crisis: CHRISTIAN Refugees are Being Murdered by ISLAMIC Refugees!

Fox News: Christians Under Attack, President Obama Silent: Rev. Franklin Graham weighs in:

Gavin McInnes: Politically correct liberalism is really snobbery, class warfare:

American Future Project: Bobby Jindal: Our religious beliefs are between us and God, not us and Hillary Clinton.

Former Lesbian: Ministries That Help People Leave Homosexuality Could Soon Become Illegal:

Catholic News Agency: Pope: Christians must protect marriage:

In his general audience April 22, Pope Francis challenged Christians to protect the sacrament of marriage.

Supporters of traditional marriage rally in Washington:

LA Streets Close For Massive March Honoring 1.5M Armenians Killed 100 Years Ago:

LA Times: Armenian genocide: Massive march ends at Turkish consulate in L.A.

Waving flags and signs and wearing purple, tens of thousands of people marched in Los Angeles on Friday, voicing their common and persistent call for the Turkish government to recognize the deaths of more than 1 million Armenians as genocide.

The events marking the centennial of the slayings under the Ottoman Empire included a six-mile march to the Turkish Consulate, speeches and rallies, and provided an affirming but bittersweet experience for those who took part.

“Every single person you see here is connected to the massacre,” said Pasadena resident Sophie Jihanian, 48. “We feel that for 100 years we have hung on, and we have had a small voice, and now that voice is growing.”