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The Council Has Spoken!! Our Watcher’s Council Results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made school boards.” – Mark Twain

Stately McDaniel Manor

This week’s winning essay,Stately McDaniel Manor’s Racism In The Public Schools: Dead Or Alive? Is a professional educator’s look at rampant racism in the public wit, the racism and bigotry of low expectations. Here’s a slice:

Lyndon Baines Johnson was an old school, bare knuckles politician, hard-edged and bluntly obscene. He was very much reflective of his Democrat party, a party dedicated to segregation and the superiority of the white race. He is widely reported, in speaking about his “Great Society” plan, to have said:

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Some claim Johnson never said such a thing, but it is certainly in line with his everyday speech and demeanor, and he certainly expressed similar sentiments. Johnson died in 1973, and thus far, he has been successful. Hook a people on government handouts, reward them for anti-social behaviors, convince them that hard work, honesty, reliability and obeying the law are for suckers, and they’ll support those that feed those beliefs–and their pocketbooks–with few exceptions. Black Americans, circa 2016, vote at rates of 90%, sometimes more, for Democrat candidates making those kinds of promises.

But how does a political party ensure that kind of support? By destroying generation after generation, and the destruction falls most grimly on young, black boys, the majority of whom grow up without fathers, and the young men they become–if they live long enough. That process of destruction begins in school, where black children are convinced they are untouchable. They don’t have to behave, learn, or accomplish anything. There are many examples, but a brief, preliminary lesson in human nature is necessary:

The “broken windows” effect is nowhere more operative than in schools. The term refers to not only a correct understanding of human nature, but its application in a broad social context. Classically, it refers to the reality that if the windows of a building, say a warehouse in an industrial area, are unbroken, if the building appears to be occupied and maintained, it will tend to stay that way. However, let one window remain broken for even a brief time, and soon, every window will be broken, the building will be entered, and its contents stolen or destroyed. Obviously, honest citizens won’t break the windows, steal or destroy, but some portion of any population inevitably will.

This understanding has an obvious application in policing. When New York City, under Mayor Rudy Guliani, adopted broken windows policing, that meant that the NYC Police aggressively pursued less serious, quality of life violators. They arrested people for urinating and defecating in doorways, they employed stop and frisk (Terry stops) to let criminals know they were being watched and were likely to be caught, and the quality of life in NYC dramatically improved. The concept is simplicity itself: when criminals know they’ll be caught for smaller crimes, they tend not to commit larger crimes. Now, under Progressive Mayor Bill DiBlasio, broken windows policing has been abandoned, and crime is once again running rampant. The decline in the overall quality of life in the City has been rapid and dramatic.

The human nature lesson is obvious and striking: let criminal personalities get away with smaller offenses, and they’ll inevitably escalate to serious offenses. Its application to the school setting should be obvious, and urgent. Unfortunately, all too often, it’s not.

Imagine, gentle readers, a group of human beings with little impulse control, people who tend to be selfish, unable to defer gratification, aggressive, enormously immature, even cruel. Put those people in an institutional setting surrounded by potential victims, and make it plain to them—and to their victims–their behavior, no matter how outrageous or criminal, will have few or no consequences. What could possibly go wrong?

The St. Paul school district supplies the predictable answer. Katherine Kersten, at the Weekly Standard, writes:

The most dangerous places in St. Paul, Minnesota, these days may not be the city’s tough East Side or Frogtown neighborhoods, but its public schools.

At Como Park and Humboldt high schools, police have been called to quell riots involving dozens of students. At Central High School, a teacher was body-slammed by a student and hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. ‘Classroom invasions’ by students settling private scores have become a fact of life.

At elementary schools, meanwhile, out-of-control kids overturn chairs and attack their classmates, as teachers stand by helplessly. A teacher caught in a fistfight between two fifth-grade girls was knocked to the ground with a concussion.

Public schools should be among our communities’ safest places. Why do St. Paul’s schools increasingly resemble Lord of the Flies?

The transformation dates from 2011, when superintendent Valeria Silva launched her ‘Strong Schools, Strong Communities’ initiative. The plan sought to engineer a dramatic reduction in the suspension rate for black students, who here, as nationally, are far more likely to be suspended than white students.

That Progressives routinely label their supposedly transformational programs opposite of their reality is a terrible irony. The “Affordable Care Act,” provides neither care, nor is it affordable. Even progressives have exposed every promise about it made by Mr. Obama as a lie. Silva’s “Strong Schools, Strong Communities” initiative is no different.

Silva’s ‘Strong Schools’ initiative was at the forefront of the crusade for racial ‘equity’—a top priority of the Barack Obama administration’s Department of Education. Equity in this context does not mean fairness, but racial statistical parity in school discipline rates, regardless of students’ actual conduct.

Equity proponents claim that teachers’ racial biases are the primary cause of the discipline gap. Silva maintains that ‘defiance, disrespect and disruption’ are ‘subjective’ student behaviors, which teachers perceive and punish in discriminatory ways.

Silva is not alone in perpetrating such destructive nonsense. The Obama Administration has been relentless in its attempts to impose the same kind of racist destruction on schools and children.

[In 2014,] Education Secretary Arne Duncan made clear that his department considered racial differences in discipline rates ‘simply unacceptable’ and a violation of ‘the principle of equity.’ ‘It is adult behavior that needs to change.

Powered by that kind of defective, racist reasoning, the pattern developing across the nation is easily recognizable:

Silva’s campaign to eliminate racial disparities had two components. First, she retained a ‘diversity’ consultant called the Pacific Educational Group [PEG]—at a cost of at least $2 million to date—to compel teachers to confront their ‘white privilege’ and develop ‘a true appreciation’ of their students’ cultural ‘differences.

Ah! And would this be an ancient, unique and valuable culture characterized by wearing baseball caps sideways or backwards, the crotch of one’s pants around one’s ankles, heavy drug use, unrestrained violence against members of the same culture (and others), and absolute defiance of authority and the law?

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Professor Glenn ReynoldsAKA Instapundit in USA Today with Dear attorneys general: conspiring against free speech is a crime submitted by Stately McDaniel Manor.

In it, Professor Reynolds notes a disturbing trend among various ‘progressive’ attorneys general to conspire – there is no other word for it – to use taxpayer funded resources to unconstitutionally prosecute thought crimes and political stances they disagree with. Fascism is alive and well in its original home on the Left.

Here are this week’s full results. The Right Planet was unable to vote and one member submitted only a first choice in each category, but neither was subject to the usual 2/3 penalty for not voting :

Council Winners










Non-Council Winners




  • Third place with 1 1/3 votes Heather MacDonald/City JournalWhen Pieties Collidesubmitted by Bookworm Room




  • Fifth place *t* with 2/3 votesElliot A. Cohen/The American InterestThe Westerplatte Moment submitted by The Razor






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The Coming Implosion of the Democratic Party

Guest post by “Reeko”:

The biggest ka-boom you will hear this year is not going to be the giant belch from the collective mouths of the political potentates at this year’s much anticipated, gut-wrenching, arm twisting, free-for-all donnybrook this July at the GOP convention in Cleveland. No, that political pyrotechnic display will be, in my humble opinion, lame in comparison to the giant histrionics of mass dementia that is about to happen in our national body politic. What could top the record media event of the year so far you ask? This: that the DNC will cease to exist as we know it.

You read that right, the Democratic Party will soon be over. And as with any never-ending frat house party that went way too long, the aftermath will be a throbbing headache of epic proportions. Let the hangover remedies begin. But the victory laps that we conservatives should be running at such a fortuitous occasion as the demise of the Democrats as a political party, will be muted. One would think that conservatives would give shouts of hallelujah with joyous rapture not seen since the “I Like Ike” days of 1952, which oh by-the-way, electorally clobbered the Dems 442 to 89, and which ended one of the longest reigns of a Democrat-controlled federal government in our modern history. No, most of us will not gloat. Much.

The main reason the Democrats will come undone is summed up in one name: Clinton. Bill and Hillary killed the Democratic Party. Sure, there will be plenty of blame to go around, but make no mistake about it, the current Whitehouse office holder had nothing to do with the shenanigans of the Clinton machine. In fact, there is plenty of evidence both casual and confirmed to indicate that the two families, both the Obamas and the Clintons, quite literally loathe each other. More importantly, the friction that fuels that mutual hatred extends to each one’s loyal ideologues and sycophants. It is my belief that, the growing phenomenon of a Bernie Sanders faction slicing and dicing the Democratic Party to pieces by giving its true progressive ideological adherents their just desserts in the form of a doddering old Jewish socialismo, was no accident. Somebody is goading them on… and whoever it is, they hate Hillary Clinton.

I personally have been saying for many years that Hillary will never be the DNC presidential nominee. It was more than a hunch. There are way too many folks who despise her, and have done so as far back as Little Rock. However, the media and even the GOP elites are so wedded to the idea of another Clinton in an election that their eager coronation of her as the nominee is starting to sour in their minds also. An indicted nominee would not be good, but whether there is or there isn’t legal actions against her doesn’t matter anymore. The damage is done, and the inevitability of her nomination is now tainted. Aw, too bad.

If I may make one more prediction… it would be that in order for the Clintonistas to save face, whenever they see the numbers and realize that there would be open rebellion if they try to steal the delegates from Bernie, no matter if there is or isn’t an indictment, she will be allowed to bow out with “honor” if she does it for the right reason. And yes, I put the word “honor” in sneer quotes just because it is a Clinton and neither one of them would even know what the word meant. However, if hubby Bill suddenly had some type of medical reason to need his loving and adoring little wifey home to take care of him, now then, who could possibly blame the darling stay-at-home granma giving up a huge political prize to take care of an ailing but adorable granpa? Its all about optics… well, that and keeping the true believers in the new Democrat-Socialist Party USA, or whatever the hell they will call themselves. The “Not Republican Party” appears to be already taken. Just ask any Libertarian.

Reeko Forsazh

(Cue Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”)


Nice Deb here:

For the record, I have been saying since at least 2008 that the Democrat party should rebrand itself as Social Dems, or Democrat Socialists because that’s what they were/are, even though the American people weren’t ready to hear it. Now, with the overwhelming (and frankly disturbing) popularity of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, it’s clear that a large chunk of the U.S. populous is ready and willing to embrace full-blown socialism.

If Bernie (or another surprise candidate) wins in November, (I agree it won’t be Hillary) conservatives should expect open persecution and prosecution, as we have already seen with the IRS targeting scandal, the anti-Walker witch hunts in Wisconsin, “bake the cake or else” fascism, and now the new climate change denier inquisition led by  New York Attorney General Eric “Torquemada” Schneiderman.

Commies are and always have been power-mad totalitarian freaks bent on forcing their will on others. We will be in the wilderness for a long time if socialism is allowed to win in 2016.

WFB Supercut: Obama Tangos While Brussels Burns

A man so profoundly wrong for the times, he leads people to run into the arms of another man who is also profoundly wrong for the times.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Via Washington Free Beacon: 


Charles Krauthammer comments on Obama’s bad vacation optics and more at the  The Washington Post:

The split screen told the story: on one side, images of the terror bombing in Brussels; on the other, Barack Obama doing the wave with Raúl Castro at a baseball game in Havana. On one side, the real world of rising global terrorism. On the other, the Obama fantasy world in which romancing a geopolitically insignificant Cuba — without an ounce of democracy or human rights yielded in return — is considered a seminal achievement of American diplomacy…When Brussels intervened, some argued that Obama should have cut short his trip and come back home. I disagree. You don’t let three suicide bombers control the itinerary of the American president. Moreover, Obama’s next stop, Argentina, is actually important and had just elected a friendly government that broke from its long and corrupt Peronist past. Nonetheless, Obama could have done without the baseball. What kind of message does it send to be yukking it up with Raúl even as Belgian authorities are picking body parts off the floor of the Brussels airport? Obama came into office believing that we had vastly exaggerated the threat of terrorism and allowed it to pervert both our values and our foreign policy. He declared a unilateral end to the global war on terror and has downplayed the threat ever since…

In the face of [world events], Obama remains inert, unmoved, displaying a neglect and insouciance that borders on denial.His nonreaction to the Belgian massacre — his 34-minute speech in Havana devoted 51 seconds to Brussels — left the world as stunned as it was after the Paris massacre, when Obama did nothing. Worse, at his now notorious November news conference in Turkey, his only show of passion regarding Paris was to berate Islamophobes…Whatever the reason, he seems genuinely unmoved by a menace the rest of the world views, correctly, with horror and increasing apprehension. He’s been in office seven years, yet seems utterly fixed on his campaign promises and pre-presidential obsessions: shutting down Gitmo, rapprochement with Iran, engagement with tyrants (hence Havana), making the oceans recede (hence the Paris climate trip). Next we’ll see yet another useless Washington “summit” on yet another Obama idee fixe : eliminating nuclear materials. With the world on fire, the American president goes on ideological holiday.

Thomas Lifson, the American Thinker: 15 times Obama talked down America on his trip to Cuba and Argentina:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who actually thinks America is a good country, with a noble history of creating a nation depending on the consent of the governed, freeing its slaves at great cost in blood and treasure, twice saving Europe from tyranny, rebuilding and democratizing its vanquished enemies, and providing a cornucopia of invention and culture to all humanity?