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Council News:

Ch-ch-ch-Changes: Council Members Gay Patriot and The Independent Sentinel have departed the Council due to the need to concentrate on other pursuits, although they will still remain members of the WoW community. We’ve greatly enjoyed having them as part of our group and wish them well in their future endeavors.

But hey, just looky what we have here!

This week marks the stellar debut of Liberty’s Spirit and Nice Deb, two awesome writers we’ve been fans of for some time. They’re definitely going to add something special to the Council mix… check out their submissions this week and see if you don’t agree.

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Video: Three Fox News Reporters Spied on by DOJ

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse – more shock and awfulness.

Via Drudge:

Via Twitchy: 

 When will it end? On top of the AP phone records scandal, it is now being reported that Fox News’ James Rosen was targeted and spied on by Obama’s Department of Justice. Glenn Greenwald, no fan of Fox News nor conservatives, slammed the Obama administration for the criminalizing of journalism. He also slammed Obama cheerleading progressives who think it’s hunky-dory. Because, Fox News.

Ace reacts:

This is bad. Megyn Kelly just reported that Rosen was named as a criminal co-conspirator because when you so name a reporter, the rules say that you do not have to inform the target, and he is not entitled to have his side of things heard by the court.

This allegation makes it an ex parte hearing with only the government and, most likely, one of its favorite judges, in the room.

This is scary.

What scares me is what Obama will do in reaction to investigations to what he’s already done.

More from Twitchy: 

Frightening: Content from DOJ’s warrant application to spy on James Rosen [pics]

Greenwald blasts Obama admin thug tactics against FNC’s Rosen; Slams Obama cheering progs


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Your Sunday Hymn: Easter Alleluia

Here’s a  lovely setting of the Easter Alleluia from the opening service of Musica Sacra a Roma 2011.

Ansan City Choir from Korea sings Easter Alleluia by Aurelio Porfiri.
Conductor: Shin-Hwa Park

Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter Vigil Hymn: Go Down Moses

The Easter Vigil liturgy is considered by many to be the most beautiful liturgy in the Roman Catholic Church.

1) Service of Light The atmosphere in the church is different: the holy water fonts are drained, all the lights are out, the tabernacle is empty. The service begins outside the church. A new fire is lit and blessed.

Pope Francis blessed fire and candle at Easter Vigil:

2) Liturgy of the Word

During the Easter vigil, nine readings, seven Old Testament and two New Testament, are provided. Not all are required to be read due to time constraints, but at least three Old Testament readings must be read, including Exodus 14. These readings help us meditate on the wonderful works of God for his people since the beginning of time. The readings are 1) the story of creation, Gen 1:1-2; 2; 2) Abraham and Isaac, Gen 22:1-18; 3) Crossing of the Red Sea, Exodus 14:15–15:1; 4) Isaiah 54:5-14; 5) Isaiah 55:1-11; 6) Baruch 3:9-15.32–4:4; 7) Ezekiel 36:16-17.18-28; 8) Romans 6:3-11; and 9) Gospel reading Mark 16:1-7. The Gloria is sung before the reading of the Epistle of the Romans, and the Alleluia is sung before the Gospel.

Go Down Moses is often sung after the Exodus reading as a psalm. Here’s Louie Armstrong’s version of this popular hymn:

3) Liturgy of Baptism

During this time the Easter water is blessed, new members are brought into the Church through baptism, and the faithful are blessed with water and renew their baptismal promises.


Pope Francis baptizes new believers at Easter Vigil:

4) Liturgy of Eucharist

So resumes the Mass, with the special prayers inserted during the Eucharist Prayer. The whole church is called to join at the sacrificial table that Christ prepared for us through his death and resurrection.


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Hump Day Link-Around: 10th Anniversary of the Start of Iraq War Edition

Via The Washington Free Beacon: 8 Stories of Heroism from the Iraq War:


Early in the Iraq war, on April 7, 2003, ground forces ran into trouble on the North Baghdad Bridge. Enemy fighters had blocked the site, with allies advancing. A-10 fighter pilot and then-Capt. Kim Campbell was called in to provide air support. Campbell, call sign “Killer Chick,” deployed explosive rockets and scored a direct hit. But returning from that weapons pass, her A-10 sustained heavy damage. The jet rolled left, pointed toward the ground. Nothing Campbell did worked. She had lost all the jet’s hydraulics. At that point, Campbell flipped the jet into manual reversion—still with no steering, no brakes—regained control, flew the jet more than a 100 miles back to Kuwait, and became one of just a handful of people to land an A-10 manually. Lt. Col. Campbell was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for her efforts.

Continue reading all of the stories, here.

John Nolte asks at The Conversation: Why Aren’t the Bushies Out Defending the Iraq War?:

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the media would use the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War as an opportunity to try and cement the dishonest failure-narrative they crafted in 2004 to hand the presidency over to John F’n Kerry.

So why aren’t Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, et al. out in force pushing back?

Fox New Insider: 10th Anniversary of Iraq War Marked by Bombings, Making It the Deadliest Day This Year:

Insurgents in Iraq left a bloody anniversary message on the day that marks the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war. Today was the deadliest day in Iraq this year. Almost two dozen bombings left at least 65 people dead and more than 200 wounded.

10 years ago tonight at 10:16 p.m. ET, President George W. Bush addressed the nation from the Oval Office. 1.5 million American troops have served in the war, 4,488 service members were killed, 32,221 service members were wounded, and more than 1,000 Iraqis died.

It has been over a year since U.S. troops left Iraq, but the country remains a bloody battlefield. Bret Baier reported that the death toll from today’s apparently coordinated bombings could still rise.

Weasel Zippers: What Sequester? Feds To Continue Funding Study On “Duck Penis Length”…

( – The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $384,949 grant to Yale University for a study on “Sexual Conflict, Social Behavior and the Evolution of Waterfowl Genitalia”, according to the website.


Thank God this important work is still being done.

The Other McCain: S.C. Primary: Will Tea Party Rally Behind Curtis Bostic Against Mark Sanford?

Dana Loesch this morning expressed disappointment that disgraced former Gov. Mark Sanford finished first in the South Carolina GOP congressional special-election primary. But it’s a runoff state, and Sanford only got 37 percent of the vote, while former Charleston City Councilman Curtis Bostic was second with 13 percent in the 16-candidate field. There are only two weeks until the April 1 runoff and, as National Review‘s Jim Geraghty notes, the Republican establishment seems to be lining up behind Sanford, so . . .

What about Curtis Bostic? His campaign page is — a basic Tea Party theme — and it seems entirely possible that the grassroots, tired of the corrupt GOP establishment’s old-boy style of politics, could rally behind Bostic.

Ace of Spades HQ: Kermit Gosnell: This Prosecution for a Dozen Murders is Nothing More Than a “Lynching”:

Moton sobbed as she recalled taking a cellphone photograph of one baby because he was bigger than any she had seen aborted before. She measured the fetus at nearly 30 weeks, and thought he could have survived, given his size and pinkish color. Gosnell later joked that the baby was so big he could have walked to the bus stop, she said.

He’s talking about killing babies the way hunters might talk about their biggest deer.

Another Gruesome Tale:He gave a fifteen year old a forcible abortion against her will.

The teen’s grandmother had brought her to the clinic. But she didn’t want the abortion herself. That didn’t faze Gosnell, who strapped her to the operating table.

Etc. Ace says the media is reluctant to cover the Gosnell story because it’s so grim and it puts abortion in such a negative light.  Another possible reason – - Gosnell is being tried for murdering babies born as the result of botched abortions – the type of babies Obama fought so hard to keep the state from protecting when he was a State Senator in Illinois.

The Conversation: Does Ted Cruz Really Oppose Multiple Sclerosis resolution?

As we know from past experience, those who earn that top spot don’t even have to do anything particularly  controversial for the media to go on the attack. The mere act of eating, drinking, breathing, or looking over bills before they pass them, is enough to inspire a blizzard of media attacks.

Consider these recent headlines from Wonkette, Raw Story, Daily Kos, and others in the left-wing fever swamps:

“Hero Senator Ted Cruz Will Death Panel Everyone With M.S.”

Ted Cruz: Multiple sclerosis commemoration is part of a Democratic plot to ‘malign’ me

Ted Cruz objects to Multiple Sclerosis resolution

Crazy Ted Cruz Opposes Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week …

Crazy Tea Party Guy Ted Cruz Opposes Honoring Multiple Sclerosis …

There’s much more, but you get the idea. What on earth are they talking about?

Michael Bates from Batesline looked into it:

Politico, at least, posted Cruz’s side of the story, albeit under the false and misleading headline, “Cruz opposes MS resolution.”

“The Senator, like many of his colleagues, will not grant consent to call up and pass a resolution or bill at the last minute without time for review,” spokesman Sean Rushton said in a statement. “The Texans who sent him to Washington expect nothing less.”After the story was posted about Cruz’s opposition to the resolution, his office pushed back harder.

“Senator Cruz does not oppose the substance of the MS resolution, and he never did,” his spokesman said. “Unfortunately, the sponsors of this resolution circulated their request for unanimous consent less than 48 hours before they wanted it passed. A member of Sen. Cruz’s staff–who herself suffers from MS–asked for time to review the language, and to perhaps suggest revisions to the language, as is typical. It appears that Senate Democratic staff, instead of working to ensure unanimous consent, instead decided to leak this story to try to malign Senator Cruz.”

Matthew Boyle, Big Government: House GOP Not Backing Off Fast & Furious Lawsuit Despite Media Claims:

House Republicans are standing strong in their pursuit of Operation Fast and Furious documents, The Hill’s Jordy Yager reports, undercutting a narrative the Department of Justice has tried to seep into the media.

President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege over the documents minutes before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform voted Attorney General Eric Holder into both civil and criminal contempt of Congress last summer. The full House followed up voting on a bipartisan basis to hold Holder in contempt shortly thereafter, spurning the current lawsuit against the administration for the documents. The DOJ has declined to pursue criminal charges against Holder.

“A fight over President Obama’s use of executive privilege on the documents that led to Attorney General Eric Holder’s contempt charges is increasingly likely to be decided in court,” Yager wrote on Tuesday. “The way the court decides could drastically limit congressional subpoena powers — or curb the extent to which the president can claim executive privilege.”

Quin Hillyer, The American Spectator: The Labor Nominee’s Other Lies:

Thomas Perez is a multiple prevaricator.

When the Inspector General of the Department of Justice (henceforth DoJ) last week issued a report blistering DoJ’s Civil Rights Division, much attention focused on the IG’s recognition that division chief Perez, under oath, had “not reflect[ed] the entire story regarding the involvement of political appointees” in the now-infamous 2009 decision to dismiss voter-intimidation cases against several New Black Panthers in Philadelphia.

While this aspect of Perez’s dishonesty deserves all the attention it can garner (also deserving attention is the extreme dubiousness of the IG’s assertion that Perez’s lies about political-appointee interference were not “intentional”), it is far from the only example, from that very same testimony, of Perez pushing stories that were flagrantly false.

Perez came awfully close to perjury, and some might argue that he committed it, when discussing the far more important, broader issue that was the main focus of the IG report. (It boggles belief, by the way, that the IG never even discussed this untruth, considering that it so directly involved the larger substance of his report.) That broader issue was the question, fairly definitively answered in the affirmative by the IG, of whether the Civil Rights Division is a hotbed of hostility against the very idea of race-neutral enforcement of civil rights and voting rights laws.

Michelle Malkin: Penny Pritzker: A Chicago Fat Cat for Commerce Secretary?

Will President Obama really nominate billionaire Chicago gal pal Penny Pritzker to head his Commerce Department? “It’s a done deal,” according to a White House source close to the Chicago Sun Times. As further confirmation, Pritzker resigned abruptly from the Windy City’s school board late last week. The crony fix seems to be in.

Taxpayers, beware. Pritzker is a deep-pocketed doyenne with a family history of dodging taxes — or siphoning them away from the public for her own family’s gargantuan private gain. If you want to see how she’ll oversee a $10 billion government agency, look at her own wealth redistribution record.

Most notoriously, Pritzker headed up subprime lender Superior Bank. Even after it went under in 2001 and left 1,400 mostly poor and minority customers destitute, Pritzker was pushing to expand its toxic subprime loan business. As I’ve reported previously, Pritzker and her family escaped accountability by forking over a discounted $460 million settlement over 15 years after the bank collapsed.

Glenn Beck: Stopping The UN Gun Treaty:

Monday Morning Catch-Up: Is the Media Starting to Turn on Obama?


DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN and PATRICK H. CADDELL, The Politico: Obama’s Real Agenda:

“Federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go,” President Obama said last week, flanked by uniformed firefighters and law-enforcement officers. “Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids.” He went on: “Border Patrol agents will see their hours reduced. FBI agents will be furloughed.”

Scared yet? In his Saturday radio address, the president made clear who was at fault for this impending Armageddon: “Are Republicans in Congress really willing to let these cuts fall on our kids’ schools and mental health care just to protect tax loopholes for corporate jet owners? Are they really willing to slash military health care and the Border Patrol just because they refuse to eliminate tax breaks for big oil companies?”

The president is obviously going all-out — but not to avoid the $85 billion in spending cuts, known as the sequester, set to kick in on Friday. Obama doesn’t want to make a deal with Republicans. His fear-mongering is part of a concerted plan that extends far beyond the sequester crisis: to obliterate the Republican Party as a viable force in American political life.

His self-righteous rhetoric obscures a bitter truth: Obama is not trying to unite the country. He’s waging a class-based battle for political gain. His goal is to win back the House for Democrats in 2014, giving him a united Congress for his last two years in office and allowing him to pursue the most expansive government in American history.

Obama’s DHS did end up releasing illegal alien prisoners – some of them dangerous criminals so they could scare the American people and blame Republicans. At what point are his supporters going to wake up and realize the danger this president is to our country? What is it going to take?
It will take an unbiased media honestly reporting all of the unflattering news out there about this president without fear of reprisals.

In the wake of last week’s brouhaha between journalistic legend Bob Woodward and the Obama White House, other reporters have come forward to talk about their own experiences with the controlling and sometimes abusive administration.

Maureen Callahan of The New York Post talked to a number of reporters – some on the record – and some off,  and they had interesting stories to tell.

“I had a young reporter asking tough, important questions of an Obama Cabinet secretary,” says one DC veteran. “She was doing her job, and they were trying to bully her. In an e-mail, they called her the vilest names — bitch, c–t, a–hole.” He complained and was told the matter would be investigated: “They were hemming and hawing, saying, ‘We’ll look into it.’ Nothing happened.”

The DC veteran ended up doing the same thing Ron Fournier finally did to stop the abusive emails and telephone calls he was receiving from his WH contact -  he threatened to put it on the record.

He wound up confronting the author of the e-mail directly. “I said, ‘From now on, every e-mail you send this reporter will be on the record, and you will be speaking on behalf of the president of the United States.’ That shut it down.”

And yet:

AoSHQ: In Case You Weren’t Sure, Obama’s Lying About the Sequester and Intends to Keep On Lying For Years to Come:

Remember? A “balanced approach” of $3 in cuts to $1 in tax hikes? Well, Obama got his $1 in tax hikes; so we’re to have the $3 in cuts now, right?

But Obama won’t specify his preferred cuts because he actually prefers no cuts.

So he got elected by running on a campaign lie.

Anyone in the media care about this, a president simply lying about every single one of his beliefs for political purposes, such that hardly a single one of his statements corresponds with any sort of recognizable reality?

The question is rhetorical. The answer is “No.”

And yet

WHD: Will Big-Drama Obama Backfire?:

With all the nonsense that came out of the White House about the sequester, it could be that President Obama’s credibility has taken a serious hit. Perhaps it’s not just the Republicans who are going to get blamed here.

And yet:

The American Thinker: Obama’s abusive slurs get a pass while Boehner faces media inquisition over ‘ass’ comment:

The headline on Politico blares: “Boehner on ‘ass’ comment: ‘I speak English’”

A national kerfuffle has erupted over his salty language — and the Speaker of the House isn’t sorry for telling the Senate to “get off their ass.”

“Asked on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ if his colorful remark represented ‘appropriate’ language for a House Speaker, the Ohio Republican said his aim was to be clear. ‘Listen, I speak English,’ he said in an interview aired Sunday. ‘The fact is, the House has done its work. We have this sequester because the president demanded it and because Senate Democrats have refused to act.’”

While Boehner is criticized for using a word deemed inappropriate for the Speaker of the House, Barack Obama used the exact same word regarding responsibility for the Gulf Oil spill.

Barack Obama in response to the Gulf Oil Spill wants to know “whose ass to kick”

Yeah – just between you and me….most of the “journolists” who make up the Democrat media complex have sold their souls to the progressive’Socialist agenda, and there’s nothing their Pied Piper and his attack dog minions can do to detract them when the “transformation” they’ve waited for their entire lives is so close….

The vast majority of those who make up the hive mind that is the MSM won’t be turning on their Messiah any time soon.


Crossroads GPS: Organizing for Acce$$:

Infomercial for President Obama’s new nonprofit, “Organizing for Acce$$”

Speaking of Organizing for Action, (Obama’s campaign arm)….remember how they were caught using spambots (phoney sockpuppet twitter accounts) to show fake support for Obama’s anti-gun agenda on Twitter a couple weeks ago? Yeah – would you believe that MSNBC (Obama’s media arm) has been caught doing the very same thing?! I know! Shocking, huh? In other news, MSNBC recently hired David Axelrod, dubbed the  “master of astroturfing”. Oh, did I mention that Axelrod also serves as a consultant for OFA? Hmmmmmm!

Another shocker:

Weasel Zippers: Poll: Only 6% Of Americans Find MSM “Very Trustworthy,” 41% Say Media More Liberal Than They Are…

But sadly —

Sit down for this shocking statistic… 75% of Democrats trust the media.

Via IBD:

It may be hard for many educated voters to believe, but fully six out of every 100 Americans still find the news media Very Trustworthy.

That compares with a proportion twice as large (12%) who find the country’s professional deliverers of news Not At All Trustworthy.

That’s why the Little Dictator was able to get reelected. That’s why Republican candidates need to find ways to go over their heads so the truth can reach the people. America didn’t think Fast and Furious or Benghazi were stories because the MSM told them they weren’t. They trusted them.


Tony Katz: Actor Joseph C. Phillips: Teacher Threatened My Son, Questioned His Mental State Over Photo Of BB Gun:

In California, gun hysteria has reached such fanatical heights that teachers now feel empowered to confiscate student property, disregard their privacy, question their mental state and threaten police action – in front of other students. All have happened to the son of actor and entrepreneur Joseph C. Phillips, at El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, CA.

Phillips, best known for his role as Lt. Martin Kendall on The Cosby Show, lives with his wife and three sons in the San Fernando Valley. In addition to being a regular fill-in host for Larry Elder on KABC radio in Los Angeles, he owns Daddy J’s Wingshack, where his 15-year-old son works and earned the money for an Airsoft bb gun. Last week his son brought a digital camera to school to show his friends a picture of the Airsoft.

On my radio show Saturday, Phillips explained that as his son was showing off the single photo, his Social Studies teacher, a Mr. James DeLarme, walked by. As his son described the incident, DeLarme “snatched” the camera out of his hand and asked him about the photo. When his son explained that it was a picture of an Airsoft bb gun, DeLarme declared the police would have to be notified and promptly left the room to confer with another teacher. The two teachers scrolled through all the photos on the camera, finally handing it back to the boy. Then, in front of all the students, DeLarme asked him, “Do you have any animosity towards your classmates?” and “Are you angry at anyone at school?”


David Harsanyi,  Human Events: The Disasters Unleashed by Obama’s Reelection:

Progressives are in power, and Obama has treated the political arena as a massive socialist revival meeting. Obama spent four years preaching his own brand of progressive morality: everyone “must” sacrifice. Obama challenged Americans “to find meaning in some- thing greater than themselves,” and by that “something greater,” he meant government. Every initiative he proposes, every law he signs, is an expansion of the state.

The American political conversation is not what it used to be. We’re no longer debating policy, no longer talking about whether government should be merely huge or whether it should be ginormous. We’re not really wrangling over what levels of debt or spending are acceptable. We are in a clash for the soul of our country.

And we’re losing.

Here are the facts. Obama won reelection convincingly in 2012. There was no theoretical hope-peddling this time around. There was no mystery about what Obama stood for. He had a record of com- prehensive economic failure, of divisiveness, of attacks on freedom of religion. He had a record of relentless class warfare, cronyism, incompetence, and stagnation. There were many broken promises. This time around, Barack Obama wasn’t bashful about plying the most explicitly left-wing agenda in presidential history—more government, more taxes, more dependency, more bailouts, more regulations—and he won easily. He promised government-run health care, more crony “investments” in proven economic losers, more interference in markets, more coercion, and more redistribution—yet he cruised to victory. He promised these things as the economy sputtered and his foreign policy crumbled.

Conservatives lost, and the prospects are grim.

If you’re a conservative, you might be shocked by the statist slogans tossed around at the Democratic National Convention about government being “the only thing that we all belong to.” You might be completely scandalized to hear an American president utter the words “you didn’t build that,” and to argue that private businesses owe their success to a beneficent government. You might think these statist sentiments are outrageous. But your neighbors? Not so much. We talk about liberty, but many Americans are far less worried about preserving individual freedom and far more attracted to politicians who make promises about what government can do for them.


Hot Air: Menendez sponsored bill to benefit big donor:

The more the media looks into the ties between Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and his big donor and private-jet provider Salomon Melgen, the more potential corruption floats to the surface. Today, the Associated Press discovers that Melgen turns out to be one of the big investors in a company that would have benefited from Menendez’ sponsorship of legislation to provide federal subsidies to natural-gas conversions for automobiles (via JWF):

Sen. Robert Menendez sponsored legislation with incentives for natural gas vehicle conversions that would benefit the biggest political donor to his re-election, the same eye doctor whose private jet Menendez used for two personal trips to the Dominican Republic, an Associated Press investigation found. …


New Zeal: Prepping Idaho: Zombie Apocalypse – UFO Alien Invasion Excercises Conducted by FEMA:

I just want to know if Idaho has lost her ever-freaking mind. I would laugh at this except I know it is not a joke and in reality what they are practicing for is societal collapse and civil unrest. Gee, I wonder whose bright idea this was? Surely it has the approval of Governor Otter who seems to have shifted to the dark side. He is signing Idaho up (along with the majority of Republicans in this state I might add) to accept Obama’s health care exchange and in return, Idaho gets millions. I am sure Otter’s 30 [million] pieces of silver seem a great boon to him; to the patriots of Idaho, it is more like treason. Once the state door is open to these Progressive vampires, they go all out. The latest invited in is evidently FEMA.

Yes folks, FEMA will hold a Zombie Apocalypse/Alien Invasion drill in Moscow, Idaho on April 27th, from 9 am to 5 pm with 100 goons and/or dupes participating. This is a full-scale exercise. Guess what? I may go see this for myself. Moscow is full of good people. I almost moved there. I know they don’t condone this farce of a pretense. I wonder why they picked Moscow? There’s a university there, but it is a small town. Boise would have been the logical choice, but I don’t think logic has anything to do with this.

There are 2 scenarios: mass casualty and a rope rescue. All Latah Co first responders and nearby counties will be participating. CERT will be assisting in the EOC and other duties as deemed necessary.

Mass casualties? From what? A blizzard? Flooding? Neither of those are likely at all. More likely, mass casualties from civil unrest and the Obama administration clamping down hard on the area. I find this very disturbing. Maybe there’s a “logic” to it after all: Moscow is a small town, off the beaten path, with a pool of willing, uh, “participants” to recruit for such an exercise. Doing this in a larger venue might attract press, remote small-town Idaho, not so much.

Video: Earning It – No Budget No Pay Passes in House

The House passed No Budget, No Pay legislation with bi-partisan support, Wednesday. The bill will require the House and Senate each to pass a budget, and members’ pay will be withheld if they fail – a measure unfortunately deemed necessary because the Democrat controlled Senate has refused to pass a budget for the past four years while the debt sky-rocketed.

John Boehner explained the bill on the House floor:

Moe Lane reported:

….the House GOP forced enough Democrats to vote for it to allow for, simultaneously: the coveted ‘bipartisan’ label; AND to allow the hardline House Republican deficit hawks the luxury of voting their conscience on a ‘clean’ debt ceiling raise, no matter how high. The Democrats really, really wanted to make this a party-line vote, but when push came to shove they didn’t quite dare to try to force their marginal-district House Members into line. In other words: tactically speaking, the GOP won this one, fair and square.Incidentally, this morning I was in on a conference call with Policy Committee Chair James Lankford of Oklahoma regarding this bill. His major points, from my perspective:

House Republicans produced a new video “Earning It” about the Senate Democrats failure to do their jobs and pass a budget:

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Video: Judge Jeanine Pirro Tackles the Latest BenghaziGate news

Judge Jeanine is back on the Benghazi murder case, zeroing in on Susan Rice who she sees as someone hiding behind her race and gender.

“Ambassador Rice, YOU dug your heels in right after the President of Libya said there was no doubt that the attack was pre-planned, and even the talking points said that al Qaeda was involved. We just want to know now, who took out the words, al Qaeda, and why did you agree to go on television, when admittedly, you knew nothing about Benghazi? Might it have been to mislead the American people in the run up to the election, and even worse, when the administration admitted it was a pre-planned attack, you never came out and said, ‘You know, I was wrong’ – you WAIT until after the election.”

She also interviewed Edith Barkley, sister and daughter of two of the victims of the 1998 Embassy bombing in Kenya.

Video via Massteaparty

Linked by Doug Ross, and iOWNTHEWORLD, thanks!

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Your Sunday Hymn: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Saturday Movie matinee: High on a Mountaintop

Via iOWNTHEWORLD: High On a Mountaintop, Tribute to the Heroes of Benghazi by Chris Cassone:

The protest song of the year:

Tribute to the heroes of the Benghazi attack on our embassy: Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens…and a rebuke of the treason that let them die. All proceeds (that’s ALL…except the Bandcamp 15%) will go to the SEAL NSW Family Foundation.
Downloads at

Bill Whittle’s Advice to Conservatives

Bill Whittle; conservatives need to stand up and proudly proclaim their conservativeness. Unabashedly affirm capitalism & conservatism is the only solution. Don’t shy away from being proud of earning money, being successful. Also, aggressively defend all American citizens, servicemen, American installations around the world.

ET Williams, Whatever Happened to Common Sense? Revealing Obama’s Racist Supporters:

Via The American Thinker: A Tribute to Communism:

After many disturbing attempts in history, it seems the ideology of communism still has legions of fans and supporters.
Warning: Graphic images.

#My2K: President Obama Taxing The Rich Won’t Work:

PJTV: Rotten Tomatoes Weekend Roundup, Thanksgiving Edition: What Movies Stink and What Movies Soar?

Sandra Fluke Person of the Year?!

And now for some culture, people:

Mr. Darcy’s Proposal – Pride and Prejudice (BBC, 1995)


Lyrics to High on a Mountaintop:

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Report: ATF Officials Involved with Fast and Furious Fired or Demoted – Some Criminal Charges Reportedly Pending


Via Sipsey Street Irregulars, 8/05/11: “Bloody Bill Newell”: “We do not walk guns. We do, however, commit perjury whenever we can get away with it.”

Earlier this week, David Codrea of Gun Rights Examiner reported that the the public interest law firm, ACLJ had filed a brief on the Holder case as GOP and Justice “negotiated”.

An amicus brief, submitted last week and filed yesterday in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Circuit by the American Center for Law and Justice, argues “that the court has proper jurisdiction” in a lawsuit filed by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to compel Attorney General Eric Holder to turn over subpoenaed documents, and that a move by the Justice Department to dismiss the case on those grounds should not keep it from moving forward.

The brief, submitted last Wednesday by Jay Sekulow, ACLJ’s chief counsel, states “At stake here is Congress’s constitutional authority to investigate an egregious federal program in which the Department of Justice intentionally permitted guns to be illegally obtained and sold to Mexican drug cartels (Operation Fast and Furious), and then obstructed Congress’s efforts to obtain key information about the Operation.

According to reports,  Republicans and Justice have been in negotiations to settle the suit.

“While far from certain, a settlement would bring a quiet end to a political furor that stirred the passions of gun owners, ended some Justice Department careers and led Republicans to find U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt,” Reuters reported today.

Today, in a post election, Friday night news leak, Katie Pavlich, author of Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up, reported at Townhall that according to sources, security clearances have been revoked, and criminal charges are pending for several key ATF Fast and Furious officials.

Washington D.C. – According to credible ATF sources, officials heavily involved in Operation Fast and Furious and named as partially responsible for the program’s failure by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the House Oversight Committee have been stripped of their government security clearances while some have been fired, demoted, and transferred. Criminal charges are also reportedly pending.

Former ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division Bill Newell, former ATF Special Agent in Charge of Operations in the West Bill McMahon and former Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division George Gillett have been fired while former Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jim Needles and Field Supervisor David Voth have been demoted. Hope McAllister, the lead case agent for Fast and Furious, has been put on leave and transferred out of Phoenix according to reports. McMahon and ATF came under heavy fire just a few months ago after it was revealed McMahon had been receiving ATF paid leave while pulling a six figure salary from J.P. Morgan, the same bank that owns the bureau’s credit cards.

Was this part of a deal that was brokered between Holder and House Republicans? Does this mean the subpoenaed documents will remain under lock and key, and Holder skates?

Not good enough.

Point/Counterpoint: Does Obama want to Go Over the Fiscal Cliff?

White House Dossiers’ Keith Koffler doesn’t think the President wants to ruin his legacy by going off the fiscal cliff and presiding over two terms of a bad economy. He says, like Charles Krauthammer and others have also said, the Republicans Have a Lot of Leverage.

I don’t think President Obama wants to go down as the worst president in history, do you?

Well, that’s what going over the fiscal cliff will make him. And that’s why the Republicans have a lot a leverage.

The massive spending cuts and tax increases set to kick in January 2 will cause a second recession, from which we may not emerge for many months. The economy may not really get going for years. Obama will have presided over two terms of economic disaster. It will ruin his legacy, and sow the seeds for a major Republican revival.

Republican revival? But the Republicans are going to get blamed, you say.

They will, in the short run. But in the end, it will be the president who failed to somehow make a deal. Presidents are ultimately responsible for their presidencies. The good ones tame their enemies, pick off some of them and make them allies, and get a good result. The bad ones go over fiscal cliffs.The history books will say that Obama had to deal with a recalcitrant Congress. That will be the second thing school kids learn. But the first thing they will learn is that Obama sucked.

I still believe, despite the results of the 2012 election, that voters in the end blame those in power for wielding power ineffectively. Get out the vote operations and a charismatic candidate can only buy you so much time against reality.

The massive spending cuts will also eviscerate the U.S. military, resulting in bolder actions by our enemies that will make Obama seem weak and pitiful. Not only will the president’s economic record implode, but his foreign policy will be hamstrung. After all, we get stuff done in the world, ultimately, because people are afraid of us. Or they respect us, which is the same thing.

On the other hand,Rush Limbaugh has been arguing that Obama has no problem at all going over the fiscal cliff. He made the point that Beltway politicians and pundits are looking at this like Obama is a conventional politician, but he isn’t. He’s a deeply ideological Marxist who is looking to fundamentally transform the nation into a Socialist Utopia.

See, I talked to Senator McConnell today about this whole legacy business about the inside the Beltway groupthink that Obama cares about a legacy in the same way that inside the Beltway people think that all presidents care about a legacy.  I don’t think he does, but they all do.  They think that, “Oh, yeah, he doesn’t want a recession in a second term. He doesn’t want massive new unemployment in a second term.”  Really?  Well, you look at this abomination that he proposed, he wants to go over the cliff.  He wants to go over the cliff.  He desperately wants a second term legacy, but I don’t think people inside the Beltway have the guts to face what kind he really wants.  I don’t think they’re facing up to it yet.

He runs here on a so-called balanced approach. His so-called spending cuts are one-fourth the size of his tax increases, $400 billion, but the spending cuts — and this is par for the course — don’t come until ten or 20 years down the road, which means they don’t come.  Even those future cuts are now off the table.  Geithner did not mention any cuts yesterday.  This is strictly $1.6 trillion in new taxes, no debt limit ever. Well, we set it whenever we want it, and whatever we want to raise it, we do it.  He does not have the votes for it.  He’s out campaigning for it even as we speak.  Now, as I say, if we ever needed any proof what I’ve been saying for the last couple days is true, we got it yesterday with this ridiculous opening bid.  Santa Claus wants to take his sleigh over the fiscal cliff. There’s no question about it now.  None.  Whatsoever.

(playing of song)

RUSH: And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, jolly old St. Obama in his sleigh taking us over the cliff, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, whatever you have it.


RUSH: Obama’s at a Tinkertoy factory, The Rodon Group, in Hatfield. And we’ve got a little excerpt. Now, you know, he sent Geithner up yesterday to present the deal, $1.6 trillion in new taxes on everybody. By the way, “Liberal Democrats…” This is “Liberal Democrats: Higher Rates for the Wealthy ‘Just the Beginning.’” They want to raise taxes on everybody. So Obama sends Geithner up to demand a massive debt limit increase (it’s up to them how big and when), no spending cuts, and yet in spite of that he’s out campaigning for tax increases. Listen to this. It’s what he told the people at the Tinkertoy factory just moments ago…

OBAMA: The story of generations starting businesses — hiring folks; making sure that if you work hard, you can get ahead — that’s what America’s all about. And that’s at the heart of the plan that I’ve been talking about all year. I wanna reward manufacturers like this one and small businesses that create jobs here in the United States, not overseas.

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

RUSH: Folks, that’s just flat-out BS. I mean, there’s not one aspect of this cliff deal that he’s proposed — there’s not one aspect of any deal that he’s proposed — that is going to reward hard work. He’s gonna punish it with high taxes. He’s not doing anything to create jobs. This is all just amazing. It’s just totally untrue.

Yep, lest we forget – in front of another campaign audience, he said, “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.”

For the record, I’m with Rush on this. I  think he, and fellow Democratic Socialists (can we please call them what they are?!) want to go over the cliff.

Some of them are even honest enough to say so.


Washington Examiner: Obama: GOP holding middle class ‘hostage’:

President Obama took to the road Friday to sell his plan to avoid a looming series of tax increases and spending cuts, using a campaign-style event to accuse Republicans of holding the middle class “hostage” during deadlocked negotiations.

“It’s unacceptable for a handful of Republicans in Congress to hold middle-class tax cuts hostage,” Obama said at a toy manufacturing plant in a suburb of Philadelphia. “Let’s give families all across American the sense of security they deserve this holiday season.”

Obama’s running around telling people that Republicans (hello? the party of low taxes) want to raise taxes on the middle class, while he’s the one who just offered Republicans a ludicrous deal he knows they can’t accept. He and his morally bankrupt fellow travelers actually want to go off the fiscal cliff and are setting the narrative up so Republicans get blamed for it.

What assholes.

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Friday Free-For All: The Ticking Time Bomb (Video)

The Foundry: Morning Bell: 6 Fixes to America’s Fiscal Crisis:

In a new paper, Heritage’s J. D. Foster, Norman B. Ture Senior Fellow in the Economics of Fiscal Policy and Alison Acosta Fraser, director of the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, point out that

Obama’s tax hikes would reduce the rise in federal debt over the next 10 years by 15 percent. The President is silent about the other 85 percent. The numbers confirm that President Obama’s tax hike demands are at best tangential to attaining a balanced budget.

The real issue is federal spending, and Foster and Fraser describe the bottom line this way:

When this year’s kindergarteners enter college, just 13 years away, spending on these two programs [Social Security and Medicare] plus Medicaid and interest on the debt will devour all tax revenue.

To make meaningful changes to the nation’s unsustainable budget policies, Foster and Fraser lay out four “simple, commonsense, and thoroughly vetted solutions” that already enjoy broad support across the political spectrum:

1. Raise the Social Security eligibility age to match increases in longevity. People are living longer, and entitlement programs need to be updated to reflect that fact.According to the Social Security actuaries, continuing to increase the eligibility age to 69 by the year 2034 and allowing it to rise more slowly thereafter to reflect gains in longevity could go a long way toward reducing Social Security’s funding shortfall. While this would not reduce today’s budget deficit, it would strengthen Social Security’s finances and put it on a path toward sticking around in the future.

2. Correct the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in Social Security. The annual COLA benefit adjustment is determined today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index (CPI). However, the CPI, an antiquated measure, generally overstates inflation, meaning that benefits are increased a bit too much each year to offset inflation. Again, according to the Social Security actuaries, using a more modern inflation measure would substantially reduce Social Security’s shortfall over time.

Keep reading…


Weasel Zippers: Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell: Geithner “Ought To Be Embarrassed” For Presenting Obama’s Joke Of A Fiscal Cliff Plan…

In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, McConnell elaborated, calling Geithner’s water-carrying “a serious blow to his credibility.” He said the treasury secretary “ought to be embarrassed.”

Keep reading…


Hot Air: Ramirez on compromise


WFB: Boehner Responds to WH’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal:


Obama  waxing creepy at a never-ending campaign stop in Hatfield, PA, via Weasel Zippers: Obama: I’m Keeping A “Naughty And Nice List” In Congress…

We knew he was keeping an enemies list – glad he now admits it so openly. Reward your friends and punish your enemies. – That’s the Chicago way.


Speaking of Chicago….

Andrew Malcolm of IBD: A sordid tale of Chicago politics that reveals how Obama got his start:

Yesterday Mel Reynolds announced his candidacy for the House seat representing Illinois’ 2d Congressional District, which includes the city’s South Side and — oh, look! — Obama’s Hyde Park house. So, he’ll be eligible to vote in the February Democrat primary and the meaningless April special election.

That special election became necessary after the sudden resignation last week of the district’s easy Nov. 6 election winner, eight-term member Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jackson Jr. has been absent from his House duties most of this year during treatment for depression and bipolar disorder. His situation was complicated by revelations that federal authorities are probing allegations of his misuse of campaign funds, not a rare occurrence in Chicago politics.

That resignation and special election is an interesting coincidence because Jackson Jr. was also initially elected in a special election, in December 1995. That followed the sudden resignation of the district’s House incumbent after his conviction on 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography.

That new convicted felon was Mel Reynolds.

Reynolds had been elected to the House in 1992 succeeding Democrat Gus Savage, who’d been condemned by the House Ethics Committees over allegations of sexual misconduct with a Peace Corps volunteer during an official visit to Zaire.

During the 1994 House campaign, Reynolds was indicted for sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse. The married congressman had developed an attraction to a 16-year-old female constituent, who became a campaign volunteer and candidate mistress. At one point the teenager confided her underage relationship with Reynolds to a neighbor. The neighbor was a police officer.

CNS News: Gun Store Owner Who Banned Obama Supporters Says ‘Business Is Booming’:

Last week, the owner of an Arizona gun shop made national headlines after it was reported that he had posted a sign and taken out a full page ad in a local newspaper that banned Obama supporters from entering his store.

not welcome

One week later, Cope Reynolds is cashing in on the attention.

Mr. Reynolds, owner of Southwest Shooting Authority says “business is booming” after his sign and newspaper ad caught the attention of various media outlets.  The sign read: “If you voted for Barack Obama, your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority. You have proven you’re not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

Reynolds says he has been inundated with hundreds of calls and emails from media types and supporters.  When asked about business, he replied, “I’ve been busier than a cat covering up poop on a marble floor.”


David Catron, The American Spectator: Could Obamacare Go the Way of McCain-Feingold?

…the opponents of McCain-Feingold launched a series of legal attacks that met with little success until 2007, when the Court ruled in FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life. In that decision, the justices ruled unconstitutional the law’s proscription against campaign ads mentioning candidates by name within a certain period prior to an election. Then, in 2008, the Court voided another crucial provision in Davis v. FEC. Finally, in early 2010, the Court delivered the coup de gras with its landmark ruling in Citizens United v. FEC.

Are the legal foes of Obamacare as numerous and determined as those of McCain-Feingold? The answer to that question is an unequivocal YES. Their numbers are greater, they are far better financed and they are demonstrably more dedicated to the cause. In fact, the dragon’s teeth sown by the Court’s misguided June ruling produced a spate of fresh troops to reinforce those already on the legal battlefield. There are now at least forty legal challenges to the law pending in federal courts involving its various provisions as well as its implementation.


Jack Cashill: My post-election anti-punditry:

There is every reason to be concerned, but it is no time to be stupid. Allow me to offer some anti-punditry of my own and puncture some of the post-election pufferies that have been floated by our betters.

This was an easy election to win. We blew it. Fifty-three percent of the people who voted approved of Obama’s job performance. They approved because of a major media that have grown hopelessly complicit and corrupt. A Republican with Obama’s record would not have been re-nominated.

But the major media are dying. They are dying slowly, but the online news services – Google, Yahoo, AOL – are even more corrupt and less accountable than the major media, and their headlines are seen, at least, by the young and ignorant.

It is time for Republicans to rethink their policies. Why Republicans? Despite a sycophantic media, Obama improved on his 2008 percentage of the vote in only one state – Alaska – and that’s because Sarah Palin was not on the ticket. Some 7 million fewer people voted for Obama in 2012 than 2008. This is highly unusual. Two-term presidents from FDR to the present have improved their vote totals in a second campaign.

But what about the other elections? If you look at a county-by-county map, the country looks awfully red. Republicans held the House and hold 30 governorships. More to the point, the red states are performing much better than the blue ones. This will become too obvious to ignore in the next few years, especially as California collapses in a sea of red ink.

Keep reading, here.


Michelle Malkin: Junk science job-killer Salazar strikes again, shuts down oyster company:

The Interior Department is on a roll — a steamroll over American jobs at the expense of common sense, sound science, and integrity in government. Earlier this week, I called attention to the 9.6 million acre land grab masquerading as a northern spotted owl rescue that will cost thousands of timber-related jobs, while subsidizing the shooting of a different species of owl to save the other.

Yesterday, loathsome cowboy/Interior Secretary Ken Salazar administered another blow to the economy. He announced he would not renew the lease of a popular family oyster farm at Point Reyes National Seashore in California that has been in business for four generations. The move ushers in the end of more than a century of shellfish production.


WFB: Susan Rice’s Enrichment Program:

U.N. ambassador has investments in companies doing business with Iran, disclosure forms show

The portfolio of embattled United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice includes investments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in several energy companies known for doing business with Iran, according to financial disclosure forms.

Rice, a possible nominee to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she steps down, has come under criticism for promulgating erroneous information about the September 11, 2012, attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans.

Rice has the highest net worth of executive branch members, with a fortune estimated between $24 to $44 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. A Free Beacon analysis of Rice’s portfolio shows thousands of dollars invested in at least three separate companies cited by lawmakers on Capitol Hill for doing business in Iran’s oil and gas sector.

Speaking of Suzy Q Rice, did you know that she considers herself an active member of Obama’s “decision making team?” Oh yes….

Via The Daily Caller: In interview, Susan Rice explains role in WH decision-making; ‘People know not to mess with me’

In the 2012 book interview, Rice described her role as an active member of the president’s decision-making team.

“One of the most important ways I make a difference is being part of making the decisions that determine how we approach key issues or challenges in the world, getting to execute them, and doing it in a way that tries to build consensus rather than creating confrontation,” Rice told fellow Rhodes Scholar and long-time friend Bonnie St. John in “How Great Women Lead: A Mother-Daughter Adventure Into the Lives of Women Shaping the World.”

“Here at the UN I have some freedom to figure out how I’m going to do things, not just take orders. I participate in the decisions about what we’re going to do. That’s one of the really gratifying things about this job.”

…Unless she’s participating in a cover-up for the Regime. Then she just blindly follows orders.
Jack Cashill, The American Thinker: Benghazi ‘Narrative’ Reads Like TWA 800′s

Although the word was not used back then, the Clinton White House, with the help of a complicit media, rewrote the event’s “narrative” to assure re-election.  Again, as with Benghazi, that narrative was clumsily improvised almost on a daily basis.  Knowing the media had his back, Clinton responded much as Obama did: deny, obfuscate, and kick the investigatory can down the road until after the election.

One central figure appeared in each drama: Hillary Clinton.  She stood by Obama’s side in the Rose Garden on September 12 as he spun reality into confection.  She, Bill, and Sandy Berger holed themselves up in the White House family quarters, assessing their narrative options throughout that long night of July 17, 1996.

On that fateful night, FAA air traffic controllers saw an unknown object “merge” with the doomed 747 seconds before it exploded, and they rushed the tape to the White House.  Hundreds of people saw what the controllers did from the ground.  FBI witness No. 73, an aviation buff, watched a “red streak” with a “light gray smoke trail” move up toward the airliner and then go “past the right side and above the aircraft before arcking [sic] back down toward the aircrafts [sic] right wing.”  She even reported the actual breakup sequence before the authorities figured it out on their own.

High-school principal Joseph Delgado told the FBI that he had seen an object like “a firework” ascend “fairly quick,” then “slow” and “wiggle,” then “speed up” and get “lost.”  Then he saw a second object that “glimmered” in the sky, higher than the first, then a red dot move up to that object, then a puff of smoke, then another puff, then a “firebox.”  He drew a precise image of the same for the FBI.

Krauthammer to Republicans: “Walk Away” From Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Deal (Video)

Walking away seems like the only reasonable response to Obama’s Fiscal Cliff  proposal, other than to “laugh out loud”, as Mitch McConnell did.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, says he “burst into laughter” Thursday when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner outlined the administration proposal for averting the fiscal cliff. He wasn’t trying to embarrass Geithner, McConnell says, only responding candidly to his one-sided plan, explicit on tax increases, vague on spending cuts…

Geithner suggested $1.6 trillion in tax increases, McConnell says, but showed “minimal or no interest” in spending cuts. When congressional leaders went to the White House three days after the election, Obama talked of possible curbs on the explosive growth of food stamps and Social Security disability payments. But since Geithner didn’t mention them, those reductions appear to be off the table now, McConnell says.

Charles Krauthammer, on Fox’s Special Report, tonight, called the offer “an insult.”

Democrats, he says, are asking Republicans for “unconditional surrender,” because there are no cuts – and spending increases – in the current deal. Republicans, says Krauthammer, “ought to simply walk away.”

Linked by Legal Insurrection, thanks!

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As Republican leaders Fume About Leaked WH Phone Call, Maybe We Should Move Secret Fiscal Negotiations ‘Out Of The Shadows’ (Video)

Via The Other McCain, Roll Call reported:

Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Republican leaders are fuming after a late night phone call with President Barack Obama was leaked to the press, despite an agreement that it would not be, according to several GOP aides.

Republicans believe the administration leaked details of the 30-minute Wednesday night phone call to Politico, which is causing them to question whether they can trust the White House to keep details private, a sentiment that has caused progress in the negotiations over the “fiscal cliff” to stall.

White House aides, however, denied that the leak came from the administration.

Right…. It was one of the snoopy WH maids who was listening in on the phone call who done leaked it. Or maybe it was one of the Secret Service guys. Or maybe it was Bo the Dog.

Or…. maybe we should apply the by now fairly standard Regime Leak Rule.

As has oft been noted -  the Obama administration has a habit of leaking information that should be kept secret, and keeping secret information that should be made public. Secret phone calls to Republican leaders are no exception to the rule.

Senator Jeff Sessions has an idea whose time has come, I think: Sessions Calls For Moving Secret Fiscal Negotiations ‘Out Of The Shadows’:

“Over the last two years, Congress and the President have held an endless series of secret negotiations. There have been gangs of six and eight, a supercommittee of 12, talks at the Blair House and the White House. But the only thing these secret talks have produced is a government that skips from one crisis to the next…

 That’s why the process needs to be taken out of the shadows… We ought to be engaged. The engagement of the Senate would allow the American people to know what’s happening. They are entitled to that. I believe we can do better. We must do better.”

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

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