Video: Lee and Cruz Floor Speeches On CRomnibus: ‘The People Have Spoken’

The overriding theme: The people sent a message a month ago. What the hell are we doing?

Senator Mike Lee of Utah said sadly, “we don’t have the luxury of blaming this latest failure on the outgoing Senate majority. No. This one’s on us. Americans just last month thought they went to the polls and voted for change to stop this kind of thing. Unread, 1000+ page bills filled written in secret, filled with hidden favors for special interests, while funding the lawlessness of an out-of-control president. Americans looking for that change won’t find it in this bill. Rather, they’ll find what the discarded revolutionaries of Animal Farm found at the end of George Orwell’s classic. The creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig and from pig to man again, but already it was too hard to tell which was which.”

Cruz: “the dispute over executive amnesty is not between the President Obama and Republicans in Congress. It is a dispute between President Obama and the American people. In this last election, President Obama said something that was absolutely correct. He said he policies were on the ballot all across this country. The president was right. This election was a referendum on amnesty. The people have spoken loudly.”

MORE via RollCall:

 Things publicly fell apart after, in the intertwined debate on the $1.1 trillion spending bill and other end-of-session business, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, sought to raise a constitutional point of order to knock down the language providing stopgap funding for the Homeland Security Department. That was the one of the 12 annual spending bills left by the wayside in the “cromnibus” package.

The procedural situation wasn’t right for offering such a motion, and Cruz told CQ Roll Call he would try again on Sunday, using a method that’s designed to have a simple majority vote threshold that Cruz says could succeed if Democrats “vote their conscience.”

Unless senators agree to allow a short-term spending bill to pass by unanimous consent, the government would shutdown after midnight Saturday night.

Cruz was joined by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, who blocked a request by Reid to vote Monday at 5 p.m. on the cromnibus funding the government, after Reid refused to allow a vote on an amendment defunding Obama’s temporary executive amnesty. After commotion on the floor, Reid announced that the Senate will convene at noon Saturday, with votes throughout the day and maybe into Sunday morning.

“It’s inconvenient for a lot of people, but I’m sorry, that’s … we’re the Senate and we have to rearrange our schedules for the weekend,” Reid said.

In a floor speech, Cruz said conservatives should “trust but verify” their own leaders when it comes to responding to Obama on immigration.

In a speech that had something for every variety of critic of the more than $1 trillion fiscal 2015 spending package, Cruz criticized a variety of provisions, including one favorable to Blue Cross Blue Shield. He made use of the metaphor of the “Peanuts” character Lucy in pulling the football away from poor Charlie Brown. In this case, he was criticizing Republican leadership for promises delayed.

“I take them at their word,” the conservative firebrand said in his floor speech. “But I would note that a whole lot of citizens across this country feel a little bit like Charlie Brown with Lucy and the football, when fight after fight, leadership in Congress says we’ll fight next time. Not this time … the wise thing to do is to fight in a month, fight in two months, fight in three months. Not now.”

“There comes a point where Charlie Brown has kicked the football and fallen on his rear end one two many times,” Cruz said. “So, when our leaders in both chambers say as a commitment we will fight and we will stop President Obama’s illegal amnesty, I take them at their word. But, I am confident the American people will hold them to their word.”

Via The Right Scoop: 

Ted Cruz took to Facebook to explain his actions:

While the Senate considers the CRomnibus spending bill, all we’ve done was simply request to hold a vote on a measure to stop President Obama’s amnesty. Instead, Majority Leader Harry Reid is holding a series of votes today for the sheer purpose of blocking that vote on Obama’s amnesty.

Harry Reid’s last act as Majority Leader is to, once again, act as an enabler for President Obama, by blocking this vote on the President’s amnesty. He is going to an embarrassing length to tie up the floor to obstruct debate and a vote on this issue because he knows amnesty is unpopular with the American people, and he doesn’t want the Democrats on the record as supporting it.

No one wants a government shutdown. We are only seeking a vote. As soon as the Majority Leader allows a vote on a measure to stop President Obama’s amnesty, we can and should move forward on this bill to fund the government. If he does not, then we will continue to insist upon regular order and use every tool at our disposal to ensure there is a vote.



#MillionVetMarch: Fed Up Vets – Remove Barrycades – Head For #SpiteHouse – Video – Live Streaming Coverage

Live streaming video by Ustream


Pic Via Independent Journal

There is a lot of chatter on twitter and elsewhere this morning that the MSM is ignoring the massive Million Man March, this morning in Washington DC, but Fox News was there covering the demonstration for Fox and Friends – calling it a “big story out of DC, this morning.”

Weasel Zippers has live-streaming video, here.

This soggy demonstration started off in the hundreds, but now as of late morning had reached the thousands, and the protesters are now headed with their barrycades to the White House.

Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were in attendance…

The Truckers are there, too:

Vets carrying the barrycades to the White House:


Twitchy: ‘It belongs to the people!’ Sarah Palin and Sens. Cruz, Lee address Million Vets March [pics]

Twitchy: #1MVetMarch: Barrycades down! Spite House barricades no match for Million Vets March [photos]

Tea Party Command Center: Photos from the Million Vet March

Washington Times: UPDATED: “Million” vets are in DC to demand their monuments be opened


Live updates to follow…

At the White House, demonstrators chanted, “we the people” and “our house!”

Vets with bullhorns taunt Obama: “The world doesn’t like you! Even Putin doesn’t like you!”


Friday Free-For All: Convoy of Truckers, Vietnam Vets Head For DC – Shutdown Theater Flops – The Threat We Face


Convoy of trucks headed south toward DC in Pennsylvania

Mediaite: Trucker Tells Megyn Kelly D.C. Trucker Protest is America’s ‘Egypt Moment’:

10/10/13 – On Thursday night, Megyn Kelly spoke to two people outraged over the government shutdown: a trucker organizing a protest, and a man who actually spent his time mowing the grass outside the Lincoln Memorial. Ernest Lee is one of the many truckers backing the Ride for the Constitution protest to “get the attention of our unrepresenting representatives” by “causing the world’s biggest traffic jam” in DC. Lee said, “This is an Egypt moment for the entire country to say ‘We have had enough.'”

truckers 2

Via Truckers for the Constitution FB page.

The link, Ride for the seems to be down. 

The Daily Mail featured Chris Cox in a sympathetic piece: ‘Our veterans deserve a clean lawn’: Shutdown-busting gardener tells how he was ordered off Lincoln Memorial by ‘bully robocops’

A kind-hearted South Carolina volunteer who has mowed lawns, cleared a fallen tree and emptied ‘hundreds of trash cans’ up and down the National Mall since the federal government partially shut down told MailOnline that an aggressive, ‘bully’ of a U.S. Park Police officer who ‘looked like Robocop’ today ordered him to leave the Lincoln Memorial.

Chris Cox, the one-man landscaping crew, calls himself the Memorial Militia. He said he has been on a mission to spruce up the lawns, trees and trash bins near America’s grandest memorials before the weekend, because a ‘Million Vet March’ event is expected to bring scores of retired servicemen and women to the nation’s capital.


Via the Truckers Ride for the Constitution FB page.


Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment: Constitution Convoy Rally Denver:

Men, women, and children gather on a Denver I25 Overpass 10/9/13 in support of the truckers on their way to DC. Obama has told truck drivers and Americans alike, “It’s MY WAY or the HIGHWAY!” Well the people on this bridge and the truckers heading to DC choose THE HIGHWAY! Support their strike, buy nothing Oct. 11-13. Follow them at

TPN: Million Vet March on D.C. also in many States:


The main Million Vet March will be in Washington this Sunday at 9 am, Oct. 13th. But I want readers here to know that if they can’t get to D.C., there will be various rallies of veterans and their supporters in many states. You can find these events at

Views From Liberty Hollow: Defiance to Tyranny:

It appears that military veterans have had enough of the present administration, and intend to visit the WW2 memorial on the national Mall at 9:00 AM this coming Sunday October 13th.

See links here and here.I have never been to the World War 2 memorial, but I have decided that this Sunday will be the day, and I intend to see that memorial along with anybody else that wants to see it. Especially any veteran and most especially any WW2 veteran, regardless of what any shit-eating toady or jackbooted thug thinks about it, and regardless of what tyrannical diktat is excreted by those illegitimately exercising authority.  If you are within driving distance of the District of Criminals, AKA Mordor-on-the-Potomac, I encourage you to come and educate a few clueless polishitians about what trying to govern without consent or legitimacy means.

Gateway Pundit: Jay Carney: Tea Party Wants Obama to Resign to End Shutdown (Video)


President Obama’s meeting with certain House Republicans, Carney said, would not be a negotiation: “he’s not going to pay ransom to the Tea Party so that the government opens or the government doesn’t default.”

The Guardian Media Blog: Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the ‘pathetic’ American media:

This is a fascinating interview that a lot of people missed because of all of the shutdown drama. Hersh is an “investigative journalist who has been the nemesis of US presidents since the 1960s and who was once described by the Republican party as ‘the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist'”.

He is angry about the timidity of journalists in America, their failure to challenge the White House and be an unpopular messenger of truth.

Don’t even get him started on the New York Times which, he says, spends “so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would” – or the death of Osama bin Laden. “Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true,” he says of the dramatic US Navy Seals raid in 2011 [see footnote].

Hersh is writing a book about national security and has devoted a chapter to the bin Laden killing. He says a recent report put out by an “independent” Pakistani commission about life in the Abottabad compound in which Bin Laden was holed up would not stand up to scrutiny. “The Pakistanis put out a report, don’t get me going on it. Let’s put it this way, it was done with considerable American input. It’s a bullshit report,” he says hinting of revelations to come in his book.

The Obama administration lies systematically, he claims, yet none of the leviathans of American media, the TV networks or big print titles, challenge him.

“It’s pathetic, they are more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama],” he declares in an interview with the Guardian.

“It used to be when you were in a situation when something very dramatic happened, the president and the minions around the president had control of the narrative, you would pretty much know they would do the best they could to tell the story straight. Now that doesn’t happen any more. Now they take advantage of something like that and they work out how to re-elect the president.

The Footnote:

Hersh has pointed out that he was in no way suggesting that Osama bin Laden was not killed in Pakistan, as reported, upon the president’s authority: he was saying that it was in the aftermath that the lying began. Finally, the interview took place in the month of July, 2013.

Can’t wait for the book to come out….

David Horowitz, FrontPageMag: The Threat We Face:

People on the left may be delusional but they are not stupid. They know what they can say and get away with, and what they can’t. Barack Obama is a born and bred member of the left and not coincidentally is the most brazen and compulsive liar ever to occupy the American White House. What other politician could have successfully explained away the fact that two of his closest political confidantes over a twenty-year period were an anti-American racist, Jeremiah Wright and an anti-American terrorist William Ayers?

There is a marked difference between the radicals of the Sixties and the radical movement Obama is part of. In the Sixties, as radicals we said what we thought and blurted out what we wanted. We wanted a revolution, and we wanted it now. It was actually very decent of us to warn others as to what we intended. But because we blurted out our goal, we didn’t get very far. Americans were onto us. Those who remained on the left when the Sixties were over, learned from their experience. They learned to lie. The strategy of the lie is progressives’ new gospel. It is what the progressive bible — Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals — is all about. Alinsky is the acknowledged political mentor to Obama and Hillary, to the service and teacher unions, and to the progressive rank and file. Alinsky understood the mistake Sixties’ radicals had made. His message to this generation is easily summed up: Don’t telegraph your goals; infiltrate their institutions and subvert them; moral principles are disposable fictions; the end justifies the means; and never forget that your political goal is always power.

An SDS radical wrote in the Sixties: “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” The Alinsky version is this: The issue is never the issue; the issue is always power: How to wring power out of the democratic process, how turn the process into an instrument of progressive control. How to use it to fundamentally transform the United States of America — which is exactly what Barack Obama warned he would do on the eve of his election.

The chosen legislative instrument to begin this transformation was Obamacare. It was presented as an act of charity, a plan to cover the uninsured. That was the “issue” as they presented it. But the actual goal of Obamacare’s socialist sponsors was a “single payer system” – government healthcare — which would put the state in control of the lives of every American, man, woman and child. That is the reason that none of the promises made about Obamacare was true, beginning with his campaign lie that Obamacare government health care was not a program he would support. Obamacare will not cover 30 million uninsured Americans, as Obama and the Democrats said it would; Obamacare will not lower costs, as they promised it would; Obamacare will deprive many Americans of their doctors and healthcare plans, as they assured everyone it would not; Obamacare is a new tax, as they swore it wouldn’t be. All these promises Obama and the Democrats made were false because they were only a camouflage for their real goal actual goal, which was universal control.

Hugh Hewitt: The Article II President Doesn’t Dictate To The Article I House Who Goes Where:

RealClearPolitics has an article headlined “White House Bristles As Boehner Trims GOP Invite List.”

The president wanted a nice setting in which to chide or worse the GOP conference.  He has puled that trick before, and the Speaker isn’t falling for it again.  Good.

Let’s hope the Speaker doesn’t fall for the “short term” debt ceiling hike or CR either –the one my pals at the Washington Examiner, David Drucker and Byron York, are reporting would be 6 to 8 weeks long.  That would be a disaster for the GOP –a momentum ending, deflating knock-down of the resolve of the House GOP to stand behind the Speaker and force some compromise on the “I won’t negotitate president.”

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew spent the Sunday shows imitating Susan Rice and furiously peddling nonsense talking points, only this year it was “October 17th is doomsday” and last year it was “a video caused Benghazi.”  The false immediacy of the October 17th deadline should be punctured and another lesson taught the public about the president’s men (and women) and their credibility.

The Daily Caller: Obama equivocates on Boehner debt-ceiling pact:

White House spokesman Jay Carney dismissed the GOP’s latest proposal to end the budget impasse, but he didn’t completely reject the olive branch.

The proposal suggested by House Speaker John Boehner would raise the government’s credit-card limit to allow continued deficit spending for an additional six weeks.

But the proposal would not include a 2014 budget, which is stalled because Obama and his Senate allies want extra taxes and spending, and also oppose any GOP budget that includes popular reforms of the Obamacare takeover of the nation’s health-care sector.


UPDATE: A statement issued by the White House Thursday evening seems contradict the New York Times’ initial report that Obama rejected the GOP’s short-term debt limit plan. The White House says “no specific determination was made” during the meeting.

Either way, the two sides still have been unable to reach an agreement.

Read the entire statement below:

“The President had a good meeting with members of the House Republican Leadership this evening; the meeting lasted approximately an hour and a half.  The President, along with the Vice President, Treasury Secretary Lew, Denis McDonough and Rob Nabors listened to the Republicans present their proposal.  After a discussion about potential paths forward, no specific determination was made.  The President looks forward to making continued progress with members on both sides of the aisle.  The President’s goal remains to ensure we pay the bills we’ve incurred, reopen the government and get back to the business of growing the economy, creating jobs and strengthening the middle class.”

National Review: Krauthammer’s Take: Talks Could Be a Trap for GOP:

“Boehner has his offer, he goes in to see the president. You would expect that you would then have [a] six week extension and discuss all of these issues,” Krauthammer said onSpecial Report. “What seems to have happened is there are now demands from the president on the reopening of the government, which was not what they had said earlier in the week.”

SHTF: Obamus Caesar: “No Limits On the Power of the President if He Calls for a National Catastrophe”:

The important thing to understand is that President Barack Obama relishes the power. This is evidenced by his desperate need to monitor and command drone strikes from the White House himself. He likes the thrill of being the decision maker and holding the lives of others in his hands.

He has already passed scores of executive orders, including restrictions on firearms accessories and ammunition, as well as provisions that would allow the U.S. government to take over all domestic resources, including the labor force, should a national catastrophe be declared.

Make no mistake. They want total control.

And they will let no crisis go to waste. For them, the debt ceiling negotiations reaching  a stalemate may well be the outcome they are looking for, because it will justify the administration’s invocation of Executive Order and rule by decree.

The debt ceiling debate will likely have a resolution, just as it has twice in as many years under the Obama administration, but if it doesn’t you can fully expect the Executive Branch to take whatever action they deem necessary to “protect” the American people.

Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry pressed White House Press Secretary Jay Carney over the suspension of military death benefits in response to the government shutdown.

Carney hedged when Henry pressed about when the president was informed that benefits weren’t being paid to the families of fallen soldiers, saying simply, “When the president found out, he was disturbed.”

Carney added that Obama asked lawyers and the OMB to take action.

Carney later accused Henry of “trying to make a partisan issue out of it,” to which Henry responded, “Nice try, except you won’t tell us a simple fact of when the president learned.”

Now that we’re a little more than a week on from the government shutdown’s start, Americans are a beginning to feel the effects of not having a bureaucratic nightmare breathing down their necks as they make all of their major life decisions. Can the governent breathe down our necks while the website that powers the government’s own health care plan is still non-functional? Unfortunately, it can.

In order to visit a national park or memorial, you have to declare a First Amendment purpose.  If you have a complaint about a violation of your civil liberties, there’s no hotline to call. And if you picked this week to open your craft brewery, you’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer. But with 86% of the government still functioning, you can tell that these agencies were selected for closure to maximize your pain. But what about the things the government does that you’re not missing? What activities that have been designated “non-essential” really aren’t essential? Well, a lot. But here are ten things the government is currently not doing that you probably didn’t need them to do in the first place:

 Check out these anarchists wandering around this grassy field in front of the Washington Monument.



Could this be the end of Monument Syndrome? Across the country, ordinary Americans are rising up in revolt against the old Washington tactic of closing public parks and memorials during selective government “shutdowns” to score political points. Tax-paying tourists are tossing off theorange traffic cones and “Barrycades.” Enough is enough.

The movement started with waves of World War II veterans who flew to D.C. last week as part of the Honor Flight Network. (The nonprofit group brings our surviving heroes to visit the memorials that honor their service and sacrifice.) The vets and volunteers breached the fences last week, exposing the tone-deaf tactics of President Obama’s Spite House. Honor Flight visits continue this week, and more vets vowed to defy the cynical closures.

They are not alone. At Gettysburg National Military Park, tourists broke through barriers and posed for pictures on the battlefields with notes reading, “Catch us if you can.” One visitor reported that motorists formed impromptu caravans as rangers chased them. “Strength in numbers,” they tweeted.

At Mount Rushmore and in the Badlands of South Dakota, families barreled over hazard cones. Their photos went viral on Facebook. In Wisconsin, GOP Gov. Scott Walker defied the National Park Service and opened state parks that Obama-crats wanted closed because they receive some federal dollars. At the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Missouri, a group of 20 protesters defied threats of arrest to enter the park.

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer believes that during the partial government shutdown, the bureaucracy in Washington demonstrated its willingness to punish citizens when it does not get its way.

“I think there are two issues here,” Krauthammer said on Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel. “One, was it a political act? I tend to think that some of these interpretations, clearly, people seem to be always erring on the side of being rough and tough and irrational like the cordoning off of the World War II Memorial, which is open-air, and where it takes more park rangers to cordon it off than it would to accompany the aging veterans on to the site. I think there’s an element — and we saw it in the sequestration. This isn’t the first time.”

A huge bureaucracy will bully the public into funding it, Krauthammer said.

 The administration is using anything it doesn’t like as a way to punish the American people,” he continued. “But there’s a larger issue here. And that is, as the state becomes larger and larger, the bureaucracy becomes stronger and more arrogant and independent. It believes in it so, and after all, it regulates. That’s what it does. And it becomes punitive, in the sense it says, ‘Listen, you want to hold up the government. We’re going to show you who’s in charge. We’re going to shut down all the monuments, you know. And if we don’t get a blank check, we’re going to do xy and z.”

West Wing Reports :

President has signed bill restoring “death gratuities” and related survivor benefits for families of deceased military service members

Terry Jeffrey, Town Hall:  Obama Administration Prohibits Kennedy Family from Practicing Catholicism:

The Obama administration has prohibited the Kennedy family from practicing its Catholicism, and the Kennedys now intend to ask the Supreme Court to restore their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion. Their case could become one of the most consequential in our nation’s history. The issue: Will the most fundamental liberty of all — freedom of conscience — survive in post-Obama America?

John Kennedy serves as president of Autocam and Autocam Medical, Michigan-based companies that produce automobile components and medical devices. He and his family own the companies, which employ 661 people in the United States.

The Kennedys strive to live all parts of their lives — including their business lives — in keeping with their Catholic faith.

IBD: Obama To Catholic Troops During Shutdown: No Mass!

The Shutdown: Federal closure threatens to bar priests not on active duty from conducting services on military installations or from ministering on base, and they risk being arrested if they attempt to do so.

The latest Obama shutdown shame is the news that, until it’s over, none of the families of those killed in Afghanistan can expect to receive the $100,000 death gratuity promised to reach them within 24 to 36 hours.

Grieving families also cannot expect the military to cover all the usual costs of family travel to meet their loved ones at Dover Air Force Base where they return home for burial in American-flag-draped coffins.

Catholic soldiers killed in battle might not even have a priest available to give the last rites of their church as even the religious freedoms they fought to protect are sacrificed by a petulant president who has the power to set priorities with the stroke of an executive order pen but refuses to do so.

As the Daily Caller reports, the Rev. Ray Leonard, a Catholic priest who serves a Georgia military base, was not allowed to celebrate Mass at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay this weekend. “Shutdown: No Catholic service till further notice,” a sign posted on the chapel door said.

Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a Republican, released the details of Leonard’s experience after meeting with the priest on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Obama does another solid for his MB buddies…

The Muslim Brotherhood, despite being closely linked to terrorist groups, was never denied any heavy weapons. Kerry rejected any thoughtof refusing Morsi, who prayed for the destruction of Israel, his F-16s.

But the Egyptian military is getting more aid cuts, because it won’t restore the Church-burning MuslimBrotherhood to power.

The crackdown on the Brotherhood showed no signs of abating on Wednesday, as prosecutors said Mr. Morsi, Egypt’s first-ever freely elected president, would face trial on Nov. 4 for inciting his followers to kill protesters against his rule late last year.

The announcement of the aid censure marks a new low point in the already frosty relationship between the U.S. and Egypt, once one of America’s closest security partners in the Middle East.

We’ve long suspected that the NSA, the world’s premiere spy agency, was pretty good at breaking into computers. But now, thanks to an article by security expert Bruce Schneier—who is working with the Guardian to go through the Snowden documents—we have a much more detailed view of how the NSA uses exploits in order to infect the computers of targeted users. The template for attacking people with malware used by the NSA is in widespread use by criminals and fraudsters, as well as foreign intelligence agencies, so it’s important to understand and defend against this threat to avoid being a victim to the plethora of attackers out there.


It is very likely every mother’s worst nightmare. To wake up in the middle of the night, having heard a noise just outside the safety of the walls of your home and knowing that you are likely all of the protection you and your children have. A call to the police may work, but how long might it take for them to respond? Five minutes, ten? Even less may be just too long.

That is the nightmare that Toledo, Ohio mom, Betty Collins has had to live through not once… but twice in the last four months.

Four months ago it was a home invader who met Ms. Collins as he tried to kick in the front door of her home. At about five in the morning, 31-year old Kyle Caldwell began kicking at the front door of Ms. Collins home in an attempt to break in. Betty, who was already awake and wary thanks to a call from her boyfriend about a suspicious man down the block, was waiting with her .357 Magnum at the ready. After a few unsuccessful kicks, Betty yelled for the attacker to leave because she had a gun and it was loaded. He didn’t heed her advice. Finally, Ms. Collins opened the door herself and the intruder found himself inches from the barrel of the loaded .357.

The Freedomworks Defund ObamaCare Activist and Blogger Summit (Video)


Freedomworks’ Dean Clancy explains the path to health care reform.

This past weekend I had the privilege to attend a  FreedomWorks confab with other bloggers and activists at its D.C. office to discuss tactics and messaging in the fight to defund/delay/repeal ObamaCare.

Poll after poll after poll shows that Americans do not like and do not want ObamaCare. They don’t like the individual mandate and they don’t trust the government – especially the IRS enforcement arm of it.

But as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has stated: “On Jan. 1, the exchanges kick in and the subsidies kick in.  Once those kick in, it’s going to prove almost impossible to undo Obamacare. The administration’s plan is very simple: Get enough people addicted to the sugar that Obamacare remains a permanent feature of our society.

We need to use every constitutional resource at our disposal to prevent that from happening.

Defund ObamaCare proponents have no interest in shutting down the government. They are demanding an ObamaCare shutdown, We can fund the government without ObamaCare. The ball is in the Democrats’ court to see if they think preserving Obama’s legacy is worth shutting the government down.


Freedomworks’ Josh Withrow

Here are some frequently asked questions about defunding ObamaCare, answered by Freedomworks’ Josh Withrow.

Q: Since much of ObamaCare’s funding is on autopilot, will defunding it actually stop it from taking effect?

A: As FreedomWorks has explained at length elsewhere, the Karl Rove / Mitch McConnell argument that “A shutdown won’t actually stop ObamaCare” is incorrect and misleading. While much of ObamaCare is indeed “permanent law,” the Congressional Research Service hasconfirmed that federal agencies like HHS and the IRS still require annually appropriated funds to be able to spend “permanent law” funds, and therefore defunding ObamaCare would in fact shut down ObamaCare. Defunding ObamaCare would also stop the ObamaCare taxes from being collected, for the same reason it would stop ObamaCare’s “permanent law” funding.

To be clear, defunders are insisting the CR include the language from the Cruz-Graves bills, which ould bring ObamaCare implementation and enforcement to a complete and permanent halt. Incidentally, ObamaCare’s main auto-pilot spending — the exchange premium subsidies and Medicaid expansion funding — aren’t scheduled to begin until January 1st. The CR fight will take place prior to that time, in September and October. So a budget standoff can result in defunding.

Q: Since there weren’t enough votes to repeal ObamaCare, what makes you think we can find the votes to defund or delay?

A: It’s true that Democrats have been unwilling to vote for repeal. But in July 22 House Democrats supported a one-year delay of the employer and individual mandates, despite frantic pressure from their party leaders to vote “no.” This shows we can attract Democratic votes with the right message. Recent polling suggests a majority of Americans, regardless of party, support a delay of ObamaCare, either because they oppose it, or because they support it but want to “fix” it. Delay is thus the policy and political sweet spot. But the only way to achieve delay is to maximize leverage via a united push, and the best “opening bid” is to insist on complete defunding.

Q: Why are you insisting upon “defund” even though it’s unpopular?

A: It’s true that “delay” polls better than “defund.” But it’s not true that “defund” is “unpopular.” The contention that it is, is based on misleading poll wording. For example, a poll by Karl Rove’s group tries to stack the deck by making it sound like “defund” means stopping “health care reform.” A more accurate poll question in the above-mentioned Basswood poll finds the idea of defunding Obamacare is broadly supported. Independents in the survey strongly supported defunding Obamacare by a margin of 57 percent to 34 percent. Only 20 percent of those polled supported going forward with Obamacare unchanged.

Q: Doesn’t pushing for defund make it harder to achieve a delay?

A: On the contrary, as we’ve already explained, pushing for defunding makes it more likely we will achieve a delay. But Republicans must unite for this strategy to work. If you start a negotiation with the bare minimum that you’re willing to accept (delay), you will inevitably fail to receive even that.

Q: Aren’t piecemeal attacks more likely to work than a frontal assault?

A: Piecemeal attacks — such as repealing the IPAB (“death panels”), the medical device tax, or even the Medicaid expansion – are a time-wasting distraction from the larger problem of stopping the government takeover of our health care. Even Democrats have already been willing to strip away several portions of the law (1099 reporting, the CLASS Act), but none of these small victories matter if the mandates and subsidies that are the heart of ObamaCare are allowed to kick in.

Q: Can an appropriations bill actually be used to block mandatory (autopilot) spending?

A: Sure it can – Congress does it all the time. When Congress alters the spending in an auto-pilot program such as food stamps or Medicare, it is scored by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) as CHanges in Mandatory Program Spending (CHiMPS).

US Senate candidate from Maryland, Dan Bongino addressed the activists and bloggers during their lunch break on Saturday.

More videos soon to come.

Video: Tea Party Threatens To Rename ObamaCare to BoehnerCare – Protests in Front Of Boehner’s Office

The group Faith2Action held a rally with several hundred people in front of House Speaker Boehner’s office in Ohio, Tuesday, their message to  Boehner being – support the defund ObamaCare effort, or they’ll rename the Affordable Care Act BoehnerCare.

Miami County News reported:

Faith2Action, led by its president Janet Porter and supporters in the Tea Party, Pro-Family and Christian leadership movements, say Boehner, who is the Speaker of the House, needs to push to stop the Affordable Care Act.
“If the Speaker doesn’t use the power of the purse to stop Obamacare it will forever be known as ‘Boehnercare,'” Porter said in a press release issued Monday.


“The Speaker needs to listen to his base instead of liberal Democrats and the media who will never support him,” added Lori Viars, vice president of Warren County Right to Life. “Congress controls the purse strings, and Republicans control Congress. Speaker Boehner has the power to stop Obamacare; we are calling on him to use it.”

Janet Porter was a guest on Greta Van Sustern’s Fox show, “On the Record”:

The left-wing group, ProgressOhio had reportedly tried to organize a counter-protest in front of Boehner’s office at the same time in support of the Affordable Care Act,  but ended up holding a lightly attended “press conference” instead.

ProgressOhio gathered today alongside activists and community organizers to ask the Heritage Foundation why they continue to stand against health care for children, the elimination of pre-exisiting conditions, and reproductive services for women.

progress ohio

Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment Launches On Facebook

Yesterday I was wondering why  Republicans continue to allow this Scandal Plagued President to get away with so much corrupt, unethical, destructive, vindictive, dishonest and in some cases criminal malfeasance. (See Doug Ross for Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts for the gory details.)

Looks like some United States Citizens are taking matters into their own hands:


Via White House Dossier:

A new activist group is attempting to launch summertime demonstrations across the country demanding that Congress act to impeach the president. The protests will feature groups of anti-Obama activists hanging banners across overpasses above the busiest highways they can find.

The newly formed Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment – inspired by a June 8 Tea Party protest that snarled traffic in Carlsbad, California – plans to begin protests July 4, according to a report by Organizers hope to organize wave of protests across the nation, dubbed “The Patriot Wave,” in the hope that it will catch the attention of Congress.

Here’s the Facebook page. There are 2,795 likes so far and there are local chapters in all 50 states.