Help Resourceful Earth Fight Big Green In The War Against Mining

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The War Against Mining:

The environmentalists are using their copper based electric cars, cell phones and computers to shut down copper mining in the United States. As we’ve mentioned before 97% of the copper we use is coming from China while the United States sits on what is arguably the largest ore deposit in the world – 80.6 billion pounds of copper and 107.4 million ounces of gold as well as other rare metals.

No wonder there’s been such a significant uptick in thief of copper wiring in the United States.

We are ALL paying for the hypocrisy of the Big Green movement. The environmentalists NEED the copper for the alternative energy tools that would facilitate the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and still they stand in the way of mining it. However, China doesn’t have any such compunctions and oddly that seems alright with environmentalists. That makes me wonder if it really is about the environment as much as it is about changing the pockets that the cash flows into.

Join us in our fight in the War Against Mining!

Union Of Patriots Leader Describes How USDA “Proration” Gives Preferential Treatment To Illegal Immigrants

Dale Chaffee, AKA, Fair Tax Geezer, of the Union of Patriots gave a talk on what he characterized “the most bizarre activities of the government he’d ever heard of”, a practice he called, “downright evil”, at the Kansas City4th of July Tea Party.

Last Fall, a former union member named Lana spoke with him about a program called proration, designed by the  USDA SRS (Social Rehabilitative Services). The proration program appropriates funds to both regular citizens and illegals, but it reportedly  gives preferential treatment to illegal immigrants. Nationwide, this amounts to untold millions of dollars a day of your tax dollars:

As Chaffee mentioned in his speech, SRS proration was ended in Kansas effective July 1, 2011.

KMUW, Witchita Public Radio reported:

Kansas Secretary of Social and Rehabilitation Services Rob Siedlecki has announced that starting July 1 the practice of proration within the welfare office will cease as a policy in Kansas.

Members of the political group, Union of Patriots applauded the effort Wednesday saying the state could save half a million dollars per day. Union of Patriots co-founder, Dale Geezer, says there’s been scant attention given to the fact that the practice of proration will end.

He says proration is a policy designed by the USDA of evaluating eligibility within the welfare system. Geezer claims the result of proration has provided undocumented immigrants preferential treatment over what he calls legitimate citizens in Kansas.

“Today, if you are a family of four with two illegal parents and two children born here and you make $2,790 dollars, you get food stamps and sundry, other welfare benefits,” said Geezer. “However, if you happen to be a legitimate citizen and all four members of the family happen to be born here and natural citizens and you make $2,790 dollars a month, you are ineligible for any benefits. This is an absolute unadulterated outrage. It ceases in Kansas July 1.”

Union of Patriots are working on Missouri, now. Hopefully more states will soon follow suit.

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Video: Thaddeus McCotter Formally Announces His Candidacy For The Republican Nomination

Thaddeus McCotter announced his intentions to run for President of the United States on July 2, 2011 in Whitmore Lake, Michigan at the WAAM Freedom Festival, a perfect setting for the “rocker” candidate:

As always, McCotter spoke to the assembled crowd extemporaneously and with conviction, without the need of notes or  teleprompter.
Here are some memorable quotes from Rep. McCotter’s address tonight:

Through your hard work and through your principled determination to bequeth to your children a better America, we will restructure the government.

The United States will remain a beacon of liberty.

Our security is from strength not appeasement or surrender

Our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector.

While it is a hard road ahead, we will have better days and we will start now.

What we need in Wahington is someone who knows the future is not big government…it is self government.

Today I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.

McCotter’s website is  McCotter Rocks, and his  new campaign website is up; McCotter, 2012.

Among his  five principles is,  “Our liberty is from God not the government” , and “Our security is from strength nor surrender, and “Our truths are self evident, not relative.”

Gotta love it!

Here’s Greg Gutfeld giving McCotter a free plug in his Red Eye Gregalogue, last April:

I’m with Gutfeld. (I need a campaign button for my shorty robe, too.)


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Video: Sign The Pledge Petition

The petition comes via The Media Research Center:

Someone at NBC decided it would be a good idea to remove the words “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during one of their broadcasts. Citizens Against Religious Bigotry want to make sure this never happens again.

Were they following Obama’s lead? There will be more of this to come unless Americans stand up, and strongly object.

Hat tip: Brian B.

It looks like now that they think they’ve won the battle to corrupt the meaning of marriage, they’re working on the pledge. Conservatives must continue to stand athwart the left’s incessant cultural Marxism, and yell, “STOP!!!”

You can sign the Pledge Petition, here.


Just One More Situation Room Photoshop…

The Atlantic calls it “The Situation Room meme”:

… it was only a matter of time before the photoshoppers went to work on the iconic image, using it as grist for the always-grinding humor mill of the Internet. Already, Keanu Reeves, the grumpy flower girl, a velociraptor, and the shocked cat have been edited into the photo. The Situation Room has been colonized. It is part of our world. Take a look for yourself.

Click here for slide show.

This one’s called “every meme ever”:

Except it’s NOT every meme ever. They left one crucial meme out, and as usual, it’s up to Nice Deb to fill the void:

How can you do an  “every meme ever” photoshop without the scene stealing squirrel, for crying out loud?

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