Trump Mocks Michelle Fields At Janesville Townhall, Taking Her Words Out of Context

It’s been said that fact-checking Donald Trump is a pointless exercise because 76% of what he says is pure B.S. and most of his followers don’t care, but I’m going to go ahead and make the effort here because this is more than the usual B.S., exaggerations, and braggadocio he’s known for. His lies have become increasingly blatant, nasty and desperate, and he needs to be called out for them.

Trump decided to mock former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields at a town hall in Wisconsin, Tuesday, in a manner that would make an “anti-social 16 year old who needs to be bailed out of jail every couple of weeks” proud.

The Donald was obviously peeved that his thuggish campaign manager Corey Lewindowski was charged with misdemeanor assault this morning, after thuggishly manhandling former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields earlier this month. Especially since his campaign denied it happened, and worked so hard to smear her as a delusional attention whore trying to sell a book..

The only thing a thuggish campaign like that can do when all of its lies have been exposed, is double down and lie some more — and that’s what they’ve been doing all day — in the most clownish and pathetic way imaginable. Seriously.

At the town hall in Wisconsin, Trump took out a piece of paper and read quotes from Fields’ March 10 column in which she described in her own words what happened,  “before she knew she was on tape,” according to Trump. (Although it is Trump and Lewandowski who initially reacted as though they didn’t know they were on tape.)

“‘I was jolted backwards.'” Trump said dramatically. “Was she jolted backwards?” Trump asked his loyal supporters plaintively.

He continued mocking Fields, “someone grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down.” (Brief pause here before the big finish): “Campaign managers aren’t supposed to forcefully throw reporters to the ground!”  He added innocently, “Except, she never went to the ground! She never even…flinched!” He then went on to say that based on her facial expression, obviously nothing happened.

Here are the same paragraphs from Michelle Fields’s actual statement at Breitbart:

Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken. 

Notice the lie of omission?  Trump purposefully left out that last part of the paragraph because he wanted his audience to believe that she was claiming to have been thrown to the ground. A lot of Trumpers continue to spread that lie.

The Washington Post’s Ben Terris immediately remarked that it was Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who aggressively tried to pull me to the ground. I quickly turned around and saw Lewandowski and Trump exiting the building together. No apology. No explanation for why he did this.  

Even if Trump was done taking questions, Lewandowski would be out of line.

Trump reads this next portion as if Fields was describing what  happened to her — not describing a hypothetical:

Campaign managers aren’t supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground, no matter the circumstance.

Notice how he left two key words out? Listen to the tape. Trump said, “Campaign managers aren’t supposed to forcefully throw reporters to the ground!” As if that’s what she was claiming Lewandowski did.

Then he went after the strawman:  “Except, she never went to the ground! She never even…flinched!”

But according to eyewitness Ben Terris of the Washington Post, immediately afterward she said “I’m just a little spooked,” with a tear streaming down her face. “No one has grabbed me like that before.” There is audio that corroborates this.  And now of course the overhead surveillance video:

This is an open and shut case, prosecutors tell Politico:

The strength of the allegations against Corey Lewandowski revolve around multiple factors that most simple battery cases don’t have: video, audio and eye-witness evidence that indicates he grabbed reporter Michelle Fields by the arm and yanked her out of Trump’s way without her permission.

The wording of Florida statute, 784.03 (1) (a) (1), cited by the Jupiter police officer who charged Lewandowski on Tuesday, is also broad and clear when it comes to the charge: “The offense of battery occurs when a person… Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other.”

For veteran defense attorney Elizabeth L. Parker, the letter of the law and the wealth of evidence against Lewandowski make this a tough case for him to defend if prosecutors decide to pursue it.

“You have the most corroborating evidence I’ve seen in a battery case in a long time,” said Parker, who supervised battery cases from 2003-2011 as a prosecutor in Palm Beach County, where the incident occurred.

“It’s not often you get a crime caught on tape. Most battery cases are he-said, she-said. And the police come and the police make a determination. And prosecutors look to see if there’s any corroborating evidence. Are there any injuries? Any independent witnesses? – things like that,” Parker said. “And here we have all of that…. Again, it’s very rare, and it’s a very prosecutable case.”

The whole thing could have been settled quickly and easily with an apology, but instead the campaign chose to smear Michelle Fields forcing her to press charges in order to clear her name. Sad!


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No, That Slowed Down Video Does Not Debunk Michelle Fields’ Story, it Corroborates it

A video has appeared online in recent days that purports to demolish former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields’ version of what happened to her during the media scrum after GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s press conference, last Tuesday night. It does nothing of the sort. If anything, it corroborates her story, which has always been that she “was jolted backwards” by Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, after she asked the candidate a question.

Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken.

Here’s the video that supposedly debunks Fields’ story (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.)

Trump supporters have stopped at nothing in recent days to try to discredit Fields, parroting the Trump campaign’s nasty smears about her previous reporting, including “debunking” her assertion that she’d been roughed up by the NYPD during an Occupy rally some years ago. Fields’s account was backed up by both photographic and video evidence, which you can see here.

Lewandowski also publicly accused Fields of being an attention-seeker “who once claimed Allen West groped her but later went silent.”

This was in reference to a story by Charles C. Johnson that contains this statement:

Fields declined to be interviewed on record but three different sources at PJ Media confirmed this story. (Update: Fields repeatedly and emphatically refused comment on the record and asked that I change her earlier confirmation which I have now done.)

That story actually implies that Fields is the opposite of an attention seeker.

The video above that Trump supporters are claiming proves Fields is a liar,  was slowed down to the point that it actually minimizes what happened. The same footage sped up to real time,  gives you a better perspective:

Fields claimed that someone grabbed her tightly, yanking her back, and that she momentarily lost her balance. The sped up video corroborates this. It does nothing to prove that she’s lying. Again, she never said she was actually thrown to the ground. The video is another piece of evidence that Fields was a victim of a minor assault — like the student journalist at Mizzou was a victim of 3rd degree assault at the hands of Professor Click during a protest, last fall.

But many Trump supporters have latched on to what Washington Post reporter Ben Terris is heard saying in reaction to the incident in the audiotape that emerged shortly after the incident:

Terris exclaimed —  “wow, he just like threw you down” —  an expression said in the heat of the moment. It was not how he went on to describe the incident in his piece for WaPo, later that week. Yet Trump supporters are actually arguing that Terris meant “throw down” *literally* and have come up with a bizarre conspiracy theory to explain why.  According to the theory, Fields and Terris concocted the controversy themselves so he could write about it later in his Washington Post hit piece on Trump. The two journalists were apparently play-acting their reactions to the altercation. Also Fields is a social justice warrior who is writing a book — which according to the conspiracy theorists — somehow plays into this.

Of course, there is a fatal flaw in this reasoning: If in fact this was all part of a pre-planned plot, wouldn’t Lewandowski have had to have been in on it? Otherwise, how would Terris and Fields know that Lewandowski would step toward them, reach out, and appear to grab Fields’ arm?

Fields it is important to note, was a pro-Trump conservative who was employed by the notoriously pro-Trump until very recently. She and former editor-at-large Ben Shapiro tendered their resignations, Sunday night. Monday two more Breibart employees bailed, bringing the total number of staffers who have bolted from the organization to six.

Fields has filed a police complaint, although she initially didn’t want to, preferring a simple apology instead. Instead of apologizing however, the Trump campaign accused her of lying and went on the attack.

It’s disgusting and outrageous and it appears that they have a lot of low-watt enablers out there helping them.