Watcher’s Council Nominations – ‘Nothing To Do With Islam’ Edition

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Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

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Our Weasel Of The Week Nominees!!


It’s time once again for the Watcher’s Council’s ‘Weasel Of The Week’ nominations, where we pick our choices to compete for the award of the famed Golden Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or her dastardly deeds during the week. Every Tuesday morning, tune in for the Weasel of the Week nominations!

Here are this weeks’ nominees….

The Donald!!

 Don Surber : Donald Trump (Mustela badhairus) decided that a Silver Star recipient who spent 5 1/2 years as a tortured POW isn’t a hero.This comes from a man who ducked Vietnam. Thank you DT for raising the issue of defending the border, now kindly slither back under the rock you came from. Media Mongrel Andrea Mitchell!

The Noisy Room  :  My nomination this week is Andrea Mitchell.  Andrea Mitchell is an unmitigated media hack. She simply hates the Constitution and abhors the Second Amendment and guns. Naturally, she would spin it that the Chattanooga military massacre has nothing to do with this murdering scum being a radical Islamist. Oh, no… she tried to twist it into Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez being a Southern redneck, gun-toting nut. I’m surprised she didn’t throw in the Confederate flag for good measure. Typical Marxist bull crap. Mitchell’s Progressive, lying tactics are legendary. You know what? This dirt bag’s only known acquaintance with guns was the fact that just weeks before the shooting, he went to a gun range with three other bearded Islamists to practice shooting an AR-15. And I’ll bet it wasn’t for hunting practice, unless of course you count hunting infidels as sport. Which, I’m sure he did.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell went fishing for a better angle Friday when she asked a former classmate of Chattanooga mass murderer Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez whether he enjoyed “hunting” and other “small-town Tennessee activity.”
“Were guns a big part of activities—social or other activities?” Mitchell asked her interviewee abruptly.

“What?” her interviewee responded.
“Did he hunt, did he shoot?” Mitchell prodded. “Was that just part of small-town Tennessee activity?”

“Um, he actually wasn’t one of the guys I heard about going hunting,” Abdulazeez’s classmate responded. “He wasn’t really that kind of guy.”

Mitchell is a vocal opponent of the widespread availability of firearms.

Mitchell blathers on about how painful it must have been for the terrorist’s friends. What about the families and loved ones of the four Marines and the one Navy officer he gunned down? Hmmm? Where’s your crocodile tears for them, Andrea? Who cares what the scum was like in high school or in everyday life. Normal? Really? He was so nice… he murdered a bunch of people and Mitchell can’t wait to blame it on the evil black guns! Even the terrorist’s school chum was taken aback by Mitchell asking about guns and his ‘Tennessee lifestyle.’ How insulting. How condescending. Focusing on the creep’s looks and personality, while the blood of our warriors seeps into the ground crying for justice. It’s grotesque, just like fascist, elitist Andrea Mitchell is. A Southern redneck does not an Islamic Jihadist make and a washed up hack from MSNBC does a lousy job of not only reporting and doing a political spin job, but in feigning humanity. For this and a million other crappy things she has pulled over the years on MSNBC, Mitchell gets my nod as a weasel supreme.
Jihadist Murderer Mohammed Yousuf Abdulaziz

 GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD : Mohammed Yuosef Abdulazziz.
Planned Parenthood’s Head Babykiller And Organ Harvester, Dr. Deborah Nucatola!

 Puma By Design : My nomination for scuzzbucket Weasel of the Week award is Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical research, Planned Parenthood. The thought of aborting innocent babies is horrific enough but to perform such an act in a way that preserves specific body parts for profit is even more unethical. The ability of this woman to discuss the sale of aborted baby body parts and the method of fulfilling the transaction while sipping wine and munching on a salad is evil as is the mindset of those who believe that what they do is for the greater good.

Well, there it is. What a despicable group of  Weasels…ANY OF THEM COULD WIN! Check back Thursday to see which Weasel walks off with the statuette of shame!

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Pentagon: No Guns, No Uniforms, and Closed Blinds At Recruitment Centers

We heard over the weekend that the Pentagon was ordering U.S. Marine Corps recruiters to stop wearing uniforms at work as part of an overall security strategy, post Chattanooga. This on top of the continued directive that no guns be allowed on military bases – a rule that Obama could change at any time at the stroke of his fabled pen. But that’s something a president who actually cares about the troops would do. And we’re talking about lame-duck, mask-slipping, in his most dangerous phase, Obama here. This honey badger really don’t give a sh*t.

Now this via Gateway Pundit: Pentagon Refuses to Arm Military Recruiters – Tells Them to “Close the Blinds”

Military recruiters are being told to “close the blinds” for added safety.

Gretchen Carlson reported:

We have just confirmed here at FOX from the Pentagon, that the head of the US Northern Command has now issued a directive to authorize recruiters not to be able to carry weapons at the centers but he wants them to implement new security measures like “closing the blinds at the office.”

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is moving swiftly on a much more pressing issue:

Transgender Ban to Be Lifted by Pentagon 

Pentagon leaders are finalizing plans aimed at lifting the ban on transgender individuals in the military, with the goal of formally ending one of the last gender- or sexuality-based barriers to military service, senior U.S. officials told The Associated Press.

An announcement is expected this week, and the services would have six months to assess the impact of the change and work out the details, the officials said Monday. Military chiefs wanted time to methodically work through the legal, medical and administrative issues and develop training to ease any transition, and senior leaders believed six months would be sufficient.

By golly, that’s just awesome.

Obama will be speaking at the 116th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars at David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA at 11:20, Tuesday morning.

Think about it: The Commander in Chief is fresh off his heinous nuclear deal with Iran that no one with a brain likes.

Will he address our new duck-and-hide posture for fighting terrorism on the home front and wax eloquent on our exciting, soon-to-be tranny forces?

Standard boilerplate for Obama speeches in front of military audiences now includes fervent warnings about (what the Regime considers to be ) the most dire national security threat facing the nation  – global warming. {{{dramatic chipmunk}}}

He’ll also talk about our amazing, outstanding successes fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  In case you hadn’t heard – we are seriously kicking butt over there.

Obama’s speech will be a lame rewrite of past VFW speeches – and his speechwriters won’t even bother to update the applause lines so they make sense in 2015. You watch.

Stay tuned –  I fully expect the reception to be exceedingly cool. And that at least will be good for a laugh.

Video: Pissed-off Marine Vet Rips Obama’s Handling of Chattanooga Attack

The terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee was the main focus on Fox News’ Justice with Jeanine Pirro, Saturday night.

Pirro had on Marine Corps veteran Nick Powers to respond to the president’s handling of the slaughter of 5 military servicemen at the Marine Recruitment office, and the Marine didn’t hold back.

He blasted Obama for not ordering the flags to be flown at half mast, calling it “absurd” and noting that the president had flown the flag at half mast for a non citizen – Nelson Mandela.

Pirro asked him how he thought Marines across the country were taking the news out of Chattanooga.

“We’re pretty much all in unison,” Powers answered. “We’re pissed.”

The war vet said that everything Obama’s been doing been doing has been “absolutely absurd and goes against everything this country should be doing.”

Powers also expressed his disgust that the Marine Corps had just issued a new rule barring recruiters from wearing their uniforms.

“Who’s winning this war?” Powers asked incredulously. “Marines are trained to fight and kill…”

You can read Powers’ open letter to Obama with his top 10 failures, here.

Here are the opening paragraphs:

Dear Mr. Obama,

I wanted to reach out to you as a veteran and as an American and say thank you for everything you have done for our once great country. Your speech yesterday about the #4Marines, my brothers, who were killed by another Muslim extremist piece of garbage is just so awesome, just like all of your speeches. I love how you refuse to say the word terrorist, its amazing to me how far out of the way you go to avoid that naughty word. I really hope that one of these days reality slaps you in the face harder than it has ever slapped anyone. Four of my brothers were killed by a coward who used religion as his motive because he was stupid enough to believe the mindless rabble that ISIS and other ridiculously moronic terrorist groups preach to the world. These #4Marines have died because of you Obama, no one else, just you. You are supposed to be the President of the United States of America, the greatest country in the world, yet you act like a pathetic excuse of a man, not a leader. You cower to the Democratic agenda, you allow thousands of people to be killed in the name of Allah citing peace is the only way to deal with terrorists. You hire complete idiots that spout out that we need to be sympathetic towards our enemies, seriously? The only peace these animals believe in is the downtime while they are swapping mags in their rifles before they can start firing again. Are you trying to throw the world into WWIII? This threat needs to be dealt with swiftly, violently and until there is not one last breath on this planet speaking the extremist garbage anymore.

I am sick to my stomach yet again, seems to be par for the course with your administration Obama. I will call the spade the spade, my four brothers who were murdered yesterday will not be forgotten, it’s a shame that we live in a country where you can carry a weapon to fight and defend yourself in other countries, yet federal laws prohibit you from being armed in gun free zones. Your deaths will not be for nothing, your sacrifice, because of this idiot follower of Islam, has and will continue to create thousand of new Marines. You see Mr. Obama, no matter how hard you try to tear apart our country, there will still be millions of patriotic Americans like myself. You will never be able to get rid of that, ever! I joined because of 9/11, and likewise, thousands more will join because of this terrorist attack on US soil against the four United States Marines. Feel free to avoid the word terrorist Obama, you continue to look like a jackass.

I think it’s safe to say that Nick Powers is not a fan of the Obamessiah.

Saturday Movie Matinee: Democrats, Media Rip Nuke Deal

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Fox News: Megyn Kelly and Dana Loesch DESTROY Democrat DEFENDING Planned Parenthood’s Baby Organ Harvesting:

Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts… and history repeats itself:

Fox News: America The Vulnerable – Terror Analyst Warn For Years – Ralph Peters & Tony Shaffer:

“I have no doubt that this (Chattanooga) will be traced to Islamic State.”

Blaze TV: Brad Thor And Political Correctness:

PJTV Trifecta: Can We Call Hillary out for Being Wealthy?:

WFB: Bernie ‘Bane’ Sanders Doesn’t Like Billionaires | SUPERcuts! #217:

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Colin Flaherty: Black on white crime at lemonade stand in Rancho Cucamonga:

The Council Has Spoken! Our Watcher’s Council Results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“I saw that the Aztecs were eating human meat, just like we take cows from the butcher’s shops, and they have in all towns thick wooden jail-houses, like cages, and in them they put many Indian men, women and boys to fatten, and being fattened they sacrificed and ate them.” – Bernal Díaz, a member of Cortez’s party in “The Conquest of New Spain” (written by 1568, published 1632)

“When I was in Holland, the idea was, all cultures are equal and all are to be preserved. My idea was, no, all humans are equal, but not all cultures are equal.” – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“We’re going to take over all the political institutions of California. California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. If they [Anglos] don’t like Mexicans, they ought to go back to Europe.” – Mario Obledo, former California secretary of health and welfare, 1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and co-founder of Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) interviewed on radio station KIEV, Los Angeles, June 17, 1998.

“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.” – Muhammed Ali

This week’s winning essay,The Right Planet’s MTV Shames White People for ‘What They’ve Done in America’ is about MTV’s latest venture – the public racial shaming of white people on national television for profit and entertainment.And The Right Planet’s Brent Parrish had a few straight to the heart things to say about that. Here’s a slice:

Gay journalist and illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas has produced a documentary for MTV called White People. Apparently the whole purpose of the documentary is to perpetuate the “white privilege” meme by gathering up some Caucasian youths in order to make them feel “uncomfortable” about their whiteness.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

Discomfort has a name, and it’s MTV’s “White People.”

The network is serious about its newest documentary from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who won the prize for covering the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. “White People” tackles the hot topic conversation of white privilege head-on in a special presentation borne out of MTV’s Emmy-winning Look Different campaign.

The doc premieres on July 22 on MTV and follows five young white people from around the country, exploring their notions of racial identity in modern America.

Ah yes, let the Great Shaming continue!

Jose Vargas was born in the Philippines and came to the United States when he was twelve. According to a 2011 NYT article penned by Vargas, his mother sent him to live with his grandparents in the U.S. without obtaining authorization for him to stay in the country permanently. No word yet on when Vargas will shame his fellow “brown people” back in the Philippines over the fact they were “named as one of the most racist countries in the world” … not to mention their treatment of undocumented “yellow people.”

But I digress.

You know, as a white person, my idea of “white privilege” would go a little something like this … Let’s say I illegally entered Mexico and managed to land a job with the Mexican equivalent of Viacom (the corporation that produces MTV). And let’s say I produced a documentary titled Brown People that was funded by “brown people.” And let’s say the whole point of my documentary was to make “brown people” feel uncomfortable about what they have done in Mexico, as “brown people.” (You know, the Aztecs, Mayans, human sacrifices, drug cartels, narco-terror wars, and all that.) Of course, I’d also remind the “brown people” of how La Raza-ist (i.e. racist) they are if they expressed any displeasure over the fact that I had illegally emigrated to their country in order to make them feel uncomfortable about their “brown privilege.”

Now, if I could pull that off … that’s what I would call “white privilege.”

If we are forever going to be aggrieved by things that no one alive today had anything to do with (i.e. slavery), or assign collective guilt to an entire race of people over the actions of certain members from that race, then the hostility, resentment and rage will never end. But, sadly, there are those who benefit and enrich themselves by creating and fomenting permanent division (i.e. Marxist-Leninists et al).

More at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was the inimitable Mark Steyn with The Stupidity of Sophisticates submitted by The Noisy Room. and does Mark Steyn take them apart! A must read.

Here are this week’s full results. The Right Planet, VA Right, Bookworm Room and GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD were unable to vote this week, but none were subject to the usual 2/3 vote penalty for not voting :

Council Winners

Sixth place with 1/3 voteAsk MarionProgressive Planned Parenthood Roots and Continued Shame

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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