One thought on “dsc00545

  1. The Gov’t is not out of control!!! It IS in control. Ve LOVE
    Da Gov’t, und VE LOVE Da Fuerer BIMO (Barok Insane
    Mahamud Obombo). VAT CHU TINK? Ve Stupig?
    in 1774 thr Continental Congress by ONE vote America’s
    officialwould be German. (Look it up if you don’r believe.)
    Wake up America and read “Mein Kamph.”
    Every Socialist/Nazi has. KNOW YOUR ENEMY. 1st rule in COMBAT.This is NO war on Poverty, it’s a WAR on PROSPERITY, Survival and against GOD. God bless and HELP
    the United States of America. YOU still remember USA?
    A Proud to the DEATH 72 yr. old American Navy VETERAN.
    who still OWNS the BIGGEST weapon of SELF-DEFENSE.
    P.S. WATCH, LISTEN, and THINK a lot then do something about it. Don’t fall for this SCAM and CRAP.


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